Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas Passed

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Clinton Compound

Remember when I said there was a rumor that Bill and Hillary Clinton were planning to buy Chelsea and her family a house in Chappaqua, NY, where they also live? Well, apparently it was more than a rumor and the sale went through in September.

They bought a three-bedroom house with a pool and a newly renovated kitchen with luxury appliances, right next door to their house. The two properties adjoin each other.

Hillary said it will be perfect as a "guest" house, for when Chelsea decides to spend the night. It has been on the market for a while, and the price was reduced; so, at $1.16 million, it is a bargain. The Secret Service has already cordoned off the cul-de-sac and restricted traffic. The press used to be able to set up camp across the street, but not anymore.

This partial interview was taken from The American Mirror,
August 12, 2016:

Hillary Clinton doesn’t miss an opportunity to ridicule Donald Trump’s illegal immigration solution of a wall on the southern border — but that’s exactly what she’s deployed to keep undesirables away from her.

“First of all, as I understand him, he’s talking about a very tall wall, a beautiful tall wall, the most beautiful tall wall, better than the Great Wall of China, that would run the entire border,” Clinton riffed in March.

“He would somehow magically get the Mexican government to pay for it. It’s just fantasy.”

A series of photos reveal a massive barrier running the entire border of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s estate in Chappaqua, New York — undoubtedly intended to keep the unwashed masses away from the political elites. But only an eye-level view can show you the real size.

These security gates are approximately 10 feet tall.

Since the Clinton Foundation is running low on money, they need to spend it while they still have it.

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Monday, December 26, 2016

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

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Friday, December 23, 2016

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Thursday, December 22, 2016

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City sidewalk, busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style.
In the air there's
A feeling of Christmas.

Children laughing, people passing,
Meeting smile after smile,
And on every street corner you'll hear:

Silver bells, silver bells,
It's Christmas time in the city.
Ring-a-ling, hear them ring,
Soon it will be Christmas day.

City street lights,
Even stop lights,
Blink a bright red and green,
As the shoppers rush home
With their treasures.

Hear the snow crunch,
See the kids bunch,
This is Santa's big scene,
And above all this bustle you'll hear:

Silver bells, silver bells,
It's Christmas time in the city.
Ring-a-ling, hear them ring,
Soon it will be Christmas day.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Happy First Day of Winter!

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Rocky Balboa is Back in the Ring

The Daily Mail has learned that President-elect Donald Trump is set to select actor Sylvester Stallone for Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts.

The NEA was formed in 1965, as an independent federal agency that funds, promotes, and supports everything from museums and opera to folk music, dance and design. Its current head, the artist and philanthropist Jane Chu, heads a 14-member board with an annual budget of approximately $146,200,000. Stallone, age 70 is best known for his roles as John Rambo and Rocky Balboa. His last major contribution to the arts was the 2015 Rocky spin-off, Creed that grossed $174 million at the box office.

The actor backed John McCain’s presidential run in 2008, but he is not a registered Republican. He did, however, describe Trump as “bigger than life” in a recent interview, but stopped short of endorsing his presidency. “I love Donald Trump,” he told Variety Magazine. “He’s a great Dickensian character. You know what I mean? There are certain people like Arnold [Schwarzenegger] and Babe Ruth, that are bigger than life. But I don’t know how that translates to running the world.” Stallone and Trump have a friendship that goes back more than 30 years.

Stallone also hinted at a career in politics in the same interview, saying he was interested in following in the footsteps of Hollywood star-turned politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger. “I said to my wife, ‘What do you think?’ Stallone recalled. “She said, ‘Are you crazy?'"

While Trump has not formally offered Stallone the job, the iconic actor is reportedly “positively disposed to the idea,” according to the Daily Mail.

It has been widely assumed that a Trump presidency would be hostile to the arts. But Mr. Trump feels this sort of A-list appointment is precisely what the industry needs. The president-elect sees Hollywood icon Stallone as the perfect choice to make art great again.

If Stallone is formally offered the job, his appointment will have to be approved by Congress.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Her Royal Highness, Omarosa

Omarosa Manigault (pronounced: Oh-Ma-Row-Sah), was a contestant on Season One of The Apprentice; and as of Thursday, has officially joined the Trump transition team.

Manigault will be working on the transition executive committee, with Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, Peter Thiel (who has become Mr. Trump's go-to man when it comes to technology) and several other loyalists.

During the presidential campaign, Omarosa, who is usually introduced by her first name, held the position of Director of African-American Outreach; and for the past six months, has served as a board member on the National Diversity Coalition for Team Trump.

Her responsibilities in her new position have not yet been announced, but she posed in the Trump Tower lobby with NFL greats Jim Brown and Ray Lewis after their meeting with Trump on Tuesday, regarding urban development and job creation issues.

After The Apprentice, Omarosa worked for the Clinton administration, and was eventually fired from four different positions. Much like the personification she displayed on the reality show, she couldn’t get along with anyone.

She may think she is getting another chance to take advantage of a cushy situation, but Ivanka Trump is no fool or pushover. If Omarosa thinks she can out smart Ivanka, she will have a rude awakening. I can hardly wait to see how this turns out.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wacky Jill Stein's Next to the Last Steps

We haven't heard the last of her yet.

Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein appealed a decision by the Philadelphia City Commissioners on Dec. 1, denying her request for an audit. She has continued to push the recount effort, largely because she can raise millions of dollars for the Green Party and herself.

Philadelphia's Common Pleas Court, Judge Abbe Fletman, in a written opinion issued Wednesday, said Stein “is mistaken” in her claim that the state Election Code gives her a right to the audit she requested.

The difference in voting totals is still less than Pennsylvania’s 0.5 percent to trigger for an automatic statewide recount. On Monday, the judge denied Stein’s second request for a forensic audit of voting machines used in the city.

In Philadelphia, a central computer system is used to program cartridges, which are inserted into the voting machines before the election. After the election, those cartridges, are plugged back into the central system to tally the votes. The so-called “closed system,” from the programming of the cartridges, to the machines, to the tabulation of votes, is not connected to the internet or other computers. Deputy City Solicitor Benjamin Field argued Tuesday, “There is no evidence to suggest that Philadelphia’s elections were anything but secure.

Michigan’s recount was halted on Wednesday, after the Michigan Court of Appeals agreed that Stein is not an “aggrieved candidate” and therefore the count must stop. Stein received fewer than 1% of the vote, which made her “statically irrelevant.”

U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith set aside his original ruling that the recount could begin. He stated that, even though Stein raised serious issues about the integrity of Michigan’s electoral system, she offered only “speculative claims” and nothing indicating “actual injury.”

John Bursch, attorney for Michigan’s Republican Attorney General, Bill Schuette, who had challenged Stein’s case for a recount, praised Goldsmith’s decision. “This ruling is a huge victory for Michigan taxpayers and the rule of law,” Bursch reportedly said in a statement.

The recount has been costing the state $12 million, despite any evidence of technical errors or fraud. “This is a victory for the taxpayers and voters of Michigan,” said Ronna Romney McDaniel, chairman of the state Republican Party.

Ms.  McDaniel, who is Mitt Romney's niece; has just been named the next RNC chair to fill the position vacated by Reince Priebus who has been named Trump’s Chief of Staff.

After the Michigan Court’s ruling against continuing the recount, Stein declared: “We are not backing down from this fight ― a fight to protect the hard-fought, hard-won civil and voting rights of all Americans. Our campaign will seek immediate relief in Michigan’s Supreme Court to ensure the recount that is already underway in all Michigan counties continues,” Hayley Horowitz and Jessica Clarke, the Stein campaign’s lead lawyers in Michigan, said in a statement. “With so many irregularities in Michigan ― there is a real possibility the rights of voters in Michigan may have been suppressed during this election.”

Today, December 14, presidential vote recount in Michigan may have turned up massive voter inaccuracies. Now it’s Republican leaders who are demanding an investigation to determine why a third of the city’s voting machines registered more ballots than actual voters, the Detroit News reported. Ruth Johnson, the Republican Secretary of State, is launching an audit.

Republican state Sen. Patrick Colbeck called the probe a good start regarding the suspicious results turned up in Detroit, where Hillary Clinton won with 95 percent of the vote. The Detroit News found voting scanning machines at 248 of the city’s 662 precincts — 37 percent — tabulated more ballots than the number of actual voters counted in the poll books. Wisconsin

The Wisconsin recount ended a day before the Dec. 13 deadline. Stein told newspaper The Detroit Free Press that, so far, the recount appeared to be exposing problems with Michigan's election process, particularly in low income, minority communities.

However, the Wisconsin Elections Commission Chair officially declared Republican President-elect Donald Trump the winner in the state. In fact, his margin over former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton increased by 162 votes. So, thank you, Jill Stein.

Stein’s two and a half-week fundraising drive drew in approximately $7.33 million from 161,300 donors. The campaign claims this is the largest-ever people-powered effort to verify the results of a presidential election in United States’ history.

“It was an amazing affirmation of the power of the American people to have a voice in their voting system and demand elections with integrity,” Stein said in a press release. However, the effort failed to bring “election integrity” back to the system. In fact, her initiative, for the most part, has been a colossal failure.

The campaign calculated the total cost of the recount efforts to be over $7.4 million, approximately $3.5 million of which was paid for by Wisconsin state filing fees. “The total was raised to $9.5 million only after the Wisconsin Elections Commission suddenly and unexpectedly increased the fee for the recount by $2.4 million on November 28,” according to the statement.

The campaign expects some costs to be overestimated and to receive funds back from the uncompleted Michigan recount. Any refunded state filing fees will be donated, according to the release.

David Cobb, Stein’s campaign manager, said in the release the campaign has been “fully transparent” about its recount intentions. “It’s regrettable that states, especially Wisconsin, dramatically increased the costs of what should have been a routine democratic process,” Cobb said. “But the people of this country were not deterred. And just as we have for decades, the Green Party will continue to be a voice for all Americans – whether on the streets, in the courthouse or at the ballot box.”

Ilann Maazel, an attorney for Stein’s campaign repeated vague claims made about voting machines being “extremely vulnerable” to hacking and that they could have been manipulated; but nothing could be substantiated. Closing remarks were: “The Court’s decision will deny voters the chance to know the truth about this election.”

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump Tales

It has become a tradition, going back 95 years, for the POTUS to have a dog while in the White House. So, word is, Trump is considering a Labradoodle. I saw the story on one of the Sunday morning shows. They had three different dogs in the studio while they were discussing the breed; and they were adorable. They look a little like a Wheaton Terrier; but since they are a hybrid of a Labrador and a Standard Poodle, there is no predicting how big they will get. They are very friendly and intelligent; and, they don’t shed! The Trumps will be getting a puppy and they already have one picked out.

In other news, Donald Trump said that his daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner are considering a move to Washington, D.C. "They’re both very talented people,” he said. “I would love to be able to have them involved,” Trump said. He commented that whatever Ivanka is involved in—no one can do it better. He also gave very high praise to Jerod, saying “He is a very talented guy.” I’m getting the impression he doesn’t want to do this without them (primarily Ivanka). He said they are considering all of the legal aspects, if there are any. In an interview with Fox News Sunday, Trump said they were “working that out.”

On Monday, Kanye West was invited to Trump Tower and had some one-on-one time with Donald Trump. After their meeting, Trump escorted West to the lobby where they posed for photos and Trump explained that they have been good friends for a long time. He implied that their meeting wasn’t anything more than that.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Man's Best Friend

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s
best friend.

Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Jill Stein's 15 Minutes of Fame

BREAKING NEWS: Jill Stein and Hillary Clinton’s recount effort was ordered to stop in Michigan, and Pennsylvania’s recount will likely not proceed due to a Monday Federal deadline. According to the Court, their distracting and disruptive recount efforts are a fraud, and are wasting millions in taxpayer dollars.

The recount in Wisconsin is more than 70 percent complete, and Clinton has gained just 82 votes on Trump, who won the state by more than 22,000 votes. The Wisconsin Elections Commission reported Wednesday that 34 of 72 counties had completed their work and that the others are on track to finish by next week’s deadline. More than 2.1 million votes out of the nearly 3 million cast have been recounted.

Michigan’s recount was halted on Wednesday, after the Michigan Court of Appeals agreed that Stein is not an “aggrieved candidate” and therefore the count must stop. Stein received fewer than 1% of the vote, which made her statically irrelevant.

After the Court of Appeals decision, U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith set aside his original ruling that the recount could begin. He stated that even though Stein raised serious issues about the integrity of Michigan’s electoral system, she offered only “speculative claims” and nothing indicating “actual injury.”

In the meantime, the recount has been costing the state $12 million, despite any evidence of technical errors or fraud. “This is a victory for the taxpayers and voters of Michigan,” said Ronna Romney McDaniel, chairman of the state Republican Party.

Michigan’s Attorney General Tweeted:
In addition, the recount effort in Pennsylvania is likely to end after a scheduled hearing on Friday. For Clinton and Stein voters, this is the worst possible news:

On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond scheduled a Friday hearing in Philadelphia, based on the request for a recount. The Republican Party and Trump warned that the case threatens Pennsylvania’s ability to certify its election before the Dec. 13 Federal deadline. Stein’s team has not produced any evidence of hacking, but calls Pennsylvania’s election system “a national disgrace.”

Also Tuesday, Pennsylvania election officials updated the state’s vote count to show that Trump’s lead over Clinton had shrunk to about 44,000 out of more than 6 million votes cast. That is still shy of Pennsylvania’s 0.5 percent trigger for an automatic statewide recount. The votes in the Electoral College simply weren’t close enough to justify this mass recount.

But Stein has continued to push the effort, largely because she can raise millions of dollars for the Green Party and herself. Stein, who once campaigned against Hillary Clinton, is now becoming a co-conspirator with Clinton, attempting to undermine President-elect Trump before he takes office.

There has been no announcement of any further “next steps.”

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton — Sore Loser

If you didn’t read yesterday’s post, you probably should; because today's post is part-two of the same story.

The Green Party's presidential candidate, Jill Stein has launched a vote recount effort in the swing states of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where Donald Trump had a very slim margin. Last week, a lawyer for the Clinton campaign, said they would be joining the recount effort. They are recruiting volunteers to help with recounts in two states. New signup forms are on the website, asking for volunteers in Michigan and Wisconsin. It reads: “Help with the Michigan recount. Let us know if you want to get involved.” The website doesn’t offer any information about what volunteers would do.

85% of Americans believe this country is more divided than in past years, according to a recent CNN/ORC poll. This is the ultimate sign of a sore loser—and supporting Jill Stein only perpetuates the divide in our country. As usual, this activity does not benefit anyone except the politicians who need attention at any cost.

And, let us not forget about the hypocrisy.

Mr. Trump was asked in an interview before the elections, whether or not he would accept the election results. He jokingly replied, “I will totally accept” the election results “if I win.”

Mrs. Clinton immediately used the tongue-in-cheek statement as an opportunity to attack Trump. At a rally in North Carolina, she said: “To say you won’t respect the results of the election is a direct threat to our democracy. The peaceful transfer of power is one of the things that makes America, America. It is not a joke, and some people are sore losers, and we’ve just got to keep going.”

Mrs. Clinton called the idea of contesting the results, “horrifying.” “That’s not the way our democracy works. We’ve been around 240 years. We’ve had free and fair elections, and we’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election.”

She added, “And let’s be clear about what he’s saying and what he means. He’s denigrating—he’s talking down our democracy. I, for one, am appalled that somebody who is the nominee of one of our major two parties would take that kind of position.” Easy for her to say that then, because she was completely convinced that she was going to win. Now we see what she actually says and does when she doesn’t win.

As I previously reported, she cried uncontrollably until her doctor finally sedated her. It was three days before she could speak in public. I wonder what Bill was doing for those three days!

But, back to Jill Stein.

According to the fundraising page set up by Stein, the filing fee in Wisconsin was originally estimated at $1.1 million; but when the filing deadline approached, the state claimed they had underestimated the fee and it shot up to $3.5 million. Michigan’s fee is $600,000 and Pennsylvania’s $500,000. Attorney fees are expected to be in the multi-millions. The money raised will also pay for the recruitment of recount observers.

The first estimate of what would be needed to finance the recount was approximately $2.5 million. Within no time, donations totaled $4.5 million. It appears the outpouring of financial support was beyond their wildest dreams, and obviously, Wisconsin agreed. When they significantly increased their fee estimate by more than 300%, Stein immediately announced that the recount was now going to cost $7.5 million. According to her recount website, the current estimate has now increased to $9.5 million.  Surprise!

Trump is calling the recount a “sad” waste of time and money. And we all know how much Trump hates to waste time.

I have serious doubts regarding Stein’s reasons for pushing the recount; and apparently I am not the only one who thinks the fund-raising estimates are beyond belief. I ran across an article entitled: The Mysterious Case of Jill Stein's Surging Recount Costs, by Tyler Durden. He said the same things I’ve been saying.

According to Stein’s fundraising page, more than $7 million has been raised for legal and recount costs. Jill Stein has actually raised more money for her recount effort than she did during her failed election attempt.

During an interview on ABC’s The View, Stein made it clear that any money raised will only be used for the recounts. If there are any excess funds, Stein’s press team said that the campaign will consult with the Federal Election Commission guidelines on how best to proceed.

I tried to read the FEC “guidelines,” but there were 24 pages of small print, and my eyes started to glaze over. My instincts tell me, however, that somewhere in all that verbiage there is probably a convenient loophole that could, under certain circumstances, allow them to do whatever they want with the money.

Stein claims that the voting process was hampered by “cyber hacking,” although she has not provided any evidence to back up her claims. A recount would be unlikely to benefit Stein—who did not win a single state in the election. So what is her motivation? She’s getting attention and name recognition. Her efforts could help her build a larger donor list that she could use if she ever decided to run a campaign again. And, no matter how many times they recount the votes, any discrepancies would not give Hillary Clinton enough votes to emerge as the winner.

Two pro-Trump groups went to federal court late Thursday to try and stop the recount. On Friday, U.S. District Judge James Peterson rejected their request for a temporary restraining order to immediately halt the recount, saying there was no harm in allowing it to continue while the Court considers their lawsuit. A hearing on the lawsuit is scheduled for Dec. 9.

It still remains to be seen, how this will all shake out.

As was announced over the weekend, Jill Stein planned a protest/press conference for Monday morning, in front of Trump Tower, to report the progress of the recount.

Stein addressed a small, assembled crowd defending the recount as a “democratic measure” claiming that not all votes may have been counted. She declared, “This is not simply an abstract concern. This is a very real concern, that these votes from the communities of color be respected, and that we affirm that they are not once again being tossed into the dustpan here and disrespected.” (Huh? She is obviously not much of a public speaker.) She slammed Trump and his supporters for trying to interfere with her efforts. When you run out of things to say, try to make Trump look like a racist! We are REALLY tired of that ridiculous rhetoric.

In regard to her fundraising success, she said, “If we raise more than what’s needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote system reform.” Hmmm. If she makes that her new campaign platform, it would seem to me the “excess” could then go directly into her next campaign fund with her platform being “election integrity.” How convenient. The more I hear from Jill Stein, the more it appears that she is slightly "off."

But wait—there’s more. Just when we thought it was safe to go back in the water, a new rabble-rouser has emerged:

U.S. Representative, Democrat from Illinois, Luis Gutierrez, has announced he will protest at Trump’s inauguration. Haven’t heard about it yet? Well, there is still plenty of time to get the protesters hired and organized, so you will.

I’ll be reporting any updates to this story as I get them.
So, stay tuned…

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Post-Election Insanity

I don’t understand all the hysteria. Why are people sobbing and falling on the ground because Hillary Clinton lost the election? Someone said, “Hysteria requires an audience.” Is that why they are doing it—for attention? I wouldn’t have mentioned any of this, because it really is old news, but it isn’t going away. People are still upset. They are desperate for answers as to what they should do next.

And why do those ignorant women on The View think they actually have anything to say? Honestly, it’s embarrassing. The only thing that I hear coming out of their mouths is “I hate men.” They don’t actually say that, but that’s all I hear. Don’t misunderstand me—I don’t watch the show, but I run into small snippets of it on YouTube and I’m always curious. I love it when they interview someone smart, that I respect, because they usually get their butts kicked. Ha-ha.

Sadly, most of the people “talking” don’t know what they are talking about. They have been brain washed by the media into believing a lot of exaggerated untruths. Then to cope with their insecurities about what they know, they have to raise their voice and argue with those people who really do know. From what I can tell, their only goal is to try to intimidate others into believing their point of view instead of persuading their audience with actual, convincing facts.

Here is a perfect example:
Do you recognize this 58-year-old woman? We used to think she was great, but lately, not so much. During a fund-raising concert on Friday, she acted out her frustration over Trump’s win. She said, “It just really makes me feel ashamed, ashamed to be an American, ashamed to be a human being, really.” During a previous concert, she offered sexual favors to anyone who would vote for Hillary. Well, Ms. Madonna—now we’re ashamed of you!

After the presidential election of Donald Trump, some college campuses have flown their flags at half-staff. Some, like New Hampshire College, have just elected to take the flag down completely. Others have held counseling sessions for students, and have allowed them to skip tests and deadlines in order to heal. Are these people adults?

In the weeks following the election, there were riots in Portland, demonstrators taking to the streets of Cleveland, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City, and blocking streets in Washington, D.C., where a 15-year-old boy was beaten for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

Protesters marched, carried signs and blocked the street in front of Trump Tower; while continually chanting “Not my president.” It took three days before they finally got tired, dispersed and went home.

But every day it seems, someone comes up with a new scheme/scam to feed the frustration of the malcontents. The latest instigator has her own cause du jour.

The Green Party’s presidential candidate, Jill Stein has demanded a recount of votes in three swing states, “to ensure that voting machines weren’t hacked” even though there is no evidence that they were. Critics say Stein is simply trying to raise money and her political profile, while building a donor database. In other words, trying to increase her street cred.

You can read the full story in tomorrow’s blog post.
To be continued...

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