Friday, December 31, 2010

OLTL—Wed.–12/29—Everyone is pulling strings

Langston chooses Starr over Ford, so she won't be alone on New Year's Eve.  Ford doesn't want James to be alone, so he invites him to hang at Capricorn.  But James is glum because of Nate.  Ford tells James, "Look at it this way—thanks to our little brother, we're looking at a new year without our old man."

Téa "pulls a few strings" and is able to get Dani into the jail to spend New Year's Eve with Nate.  Nate is not happy because he wants Dani to be out having fun at the Angel Square party, but she insists she wants to be there with him.

Langston convinces Starr they should go to the jail to see Nate.  When they arrive, they say Dorian pulled a few strings for them.  The Ford brothers have the same idea about visiting Nate.  I guess, since they are family, they are allowed in to see him; so, they are all there together.  It's a mini celebration—NOT.

When Aubrey and Joey arrive at Capricorn, Kelly is reading the french magazine that Christian left behind at the gym.  He only bought the magazine because Layla told him there was coverage of her fashion show in Milan; but unfortunately, there was also a photo of her and her boss looking more than cozy, and Christian was extremely upset.

Aubrey had tried to purchase all the copies of the magazine from the hotel gift shop because of the photo of her and a mystery man; but she was told by the shop clerk, that one other copy was sold earlier that day.  She nearly has a heart attack when she realizes that Kelly has the missing copy.  Aubrey feigns stomach flu or some sudden illness and insists she wants to go home and be alone and just read a trashy magazine.  She absconds with Kelly's magazine and takes a cab home.

Natalie and Jessica are at Llanfair getting ready for the wedding ceremony. Marty is lurking outside the garden doors watching them.

Brody and John are at the courthouse, but John just can't seem to be happy about everything that is about to happen.  He tells Brody he can't help but feel like something is going to happen to screw everything up.

Marty has a drink at Capricorn, and then while Blair is singing, she leaves in a hurry.

John and Natalie are standing before the judge holding hands, smiling at each other and glowing; while the judge says idealistic things about marriage.  They say their vows to each other and John gets a tear in his eye.

When Aubrey returns to her suite, there is a knock at the door.  She opens it to find her mystery man.  She is stunned to see him, but thrilled.  She jumps into his arms and they fall onto the sofa.  She later tells him, he is to go back to Paris and wait for her, but he says he is not going anywhere.

Dani can't leave Nate alone on New Year's Eve, so she goes back to the jail.

Just as the judge is about to pronounce the marriage of John and Natalie, Marty bursts into the room and says, "Stop this wedding."

Dun, dun, da....
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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Marty Saybrooke overhears John and Natalie talking about getting married and the wheels start turning again.  She needs to make a decision about what to do with the information she has on Natalie's DNA test results.  On his way out of the hospital, John sees Marty and stops to tell her his news.  She says she has some news too, but then says something about Cole doing a lot better and momentarily chickens out of any big reveal.

Aubrey goes to the hotel magazine shop and inquires about a french magazine, which she buys.  She quickly leafs through it, and sees something to which she reacts, "OMG, I cannot let Joey see this."  She sees a photo of herself being kissed by another man (probably the mysterious caller).

Clint stops by to see Viki hoping to convince her to join his efforts to get Aubrey out of Joey's life.  She says absolutely not and to let it run its course.  If two people are really in love, then no one can come between them.

Kelly is still at the gym when Joey arrives and he offers to spot her while they work out.  They have a few moments together that may have ignited some old sparks for Joey.  It seemed obvious he was feeling something, but quickly got away from her and made an excuse about it being later than he thought.

Bo asks Nora to forgive him.  Nora asks Bo, how long did it take for him to forgive her because of Sam Rappaport, and she answers the question for him:  "Ten years, Bo.  It took you ten years."

Nora asks Bo to leave.  He heads for the Palace Hotel where he runs into Clint.  Clint wants to know WHY he would tell Nora, but Bo tells him Matthew blurted it out, which made Nora even madder since he didn't fess up in the first place, so she booted him out.  Clint insists that Bo should be with family and stay at the mansion with him.

Natalie saw John talking to Marty before he left and confronts her about their conversation.  Marty says she didn't say anything to John about Brody's baby, just as Jessica walks up.  Now she wants to know what is going on, but Natalie says everything is fine and leaves.  Jessica thanks Marty for being so gracious in regard to Natalie and John and casually mentions they are planning a civil service for later that day.  Marty hides her real feelings about the news, realizing that now, she has to work fast.  Jessica tells Marty if there is ever anything that she wants to talk about, to just let her know.  Marty says to herself, "I just might take you up on that."  She seems please that she has now finalized her plan and it has something to do with Natalie, John, Brody and Jessica all being together at the civil ceremony at the same time.

Dun, dun, da....

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OLTL—Monday–12/27—"Eating pie crust gives you cankles."

The pregnant twins and Brody are practicing their breathing while waiting for John to arrive for Lamaze class.  That went fairly smoothly, though it was dull as dirt for the viewers, I think.  Even John couldn't get into it and had to be brought back to reality by Dr. Wright.  After class, John tells Natalie he wants to get married that day, and finally convinces her.  She asks Jessica to be her maid of honor and John asks Brody to be that best man.  The two guys rush off to see if they can get a marriage license before the office closes for the day.

Destiny comes to the park to meet Darren and runs into Clint.  She tells Mr. B, she is convinced Nate is not a cold-blooded killer.  She thinks Matthew is more of a concern right now.  Clint says, "How so?"  She doesn't tell him the real reason Matthew is upset, but just that she worries about him.

Darren arranges to have Destiny's "father" meet her at the park, but she is not at all pleased.  Things don't go that well and then Destiny takes it out on Darren.  He decides that maybe they should just break up, since, whenever she has a problem, she always turns to Matthew anyway.

Inez walks through the park and sees Clint waiting for her.  Long story short, he tells her that if she tells Bo the truth—that they didn't really sleep together—he will see to it that Nate goes to prison.

Joey wants to stay in bed and Aubrey wants to take a break and get out of the hotel.  He suggests they go visit his family, but Aubrey is reluctant.  She is not convinced that his family really likes her.  There is a knock on the door and it is Viki.  She actually has come by to invite Aubrey to stay at Llanfair instead of having to stay at the Palace because she wants to get to know her.  Viki wants to arrange a dinner party that night, until she is reminded it is New Year's Eve and they already have plans.  But Aubrey asks Viki to stay and spend some time with Joey while she gets ready to go the gym.

When she goes into the bedroom, Aubrey gets another mysterious phone call and says,"I told you not to call me.  I told you I would take care of it.  Okay, don't call me again."

Kelly is trying to get Rex to speed up his investigation of Aubrey, but Rex doesn't want to pursue the case.  He says he saw Joey and Aubrey together and they really looked like they are in love.  Kelly finally convinces Rex to break into Aubrey's hotel room and give it the Balsam once over.  And if he doesn't find anything—she will let it go and she will also let Joey go.  Rex breaks into Aubrey's room as soon as she leaves.

Nora returns home with Bo and Matthew and is very happy to be there.  It turns out, she has a hunch about the car that ran them off the road.  She vaguely remembers seeing a glow inside the car and speculates the driver was talking on their cell phone.  Matthew starts putting the pieces together and realizes he is the one who ran Rex and Nora off the road.  Bo is saying the police have actually been able to identify a car by the skid marks of its tires.  Matthew starts making insinuating remarks about how the Llanview police probably won't be able to figure anything out anyway, since they didn't even know that the district attorney had been kidnapped.

Bo keeps giving Matthew funny looks and Nora decides to go take a bath.  Matthew keeps antagonizing until Bo finally gets up and tells him he is not going to put up with his attitude.  Matthew tells Bo that he knows about Inez and he is fed up and doesn't think Bo even deserves to call himself a Buchanan.

Nora hears them arguing and comes back into the room to intervene.  She tries to get Matthew to apologize, but he says Bo needs to go first.  He feels Mom has a right to know.  Nora wants to know what does she deserve to know?  Matthew:  "That Dad cheated on you, with his assistant."  Then he grabs his jacket and leaves.  Matthew finds Destiny at the park and they commiserate.  She puts her head on his shoulder.

Nora wants to know "Where is this coming from?"  Why is he saying all of these incredibly hurtful things.  "Why would Matthew say you are sleeping with Inez?"  Bo:  "It wasn't a lie.  Matthew didn't make it up; it's true."

Dun, dun, da....
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Monday, December 27, 2010

OLTL—Wednesday–12/22—Christmas in Llanview

Mayor Dorian Lord lights Llanview's official Christmas tree in Angel Square.  Starr takes Hope to see the tree and she runs into James.

Bobby and James had been eating pizza for Christmas at their apartment, but James was depressed about Nate being arrested.  Bobby suggests they get out of the apartment.  James asked Bobby, "Do you think Nate really killed Dad?"  Bobby doesn't know for sure, only that the police found the gun in his apartment.

Viki and Echo are struggling to have a "family" Christmas together.  Echo wants to help Viki in the kitchen, but they disagree on how to roast the turkey.  After a tug of war, they eventually manages to flip the turkey onto the floor.  Nice.....

Rex and Gigi make plans to take Shane to see "Grandma and Grandpa."   Everyone is starting to gather at Llanfair for Christmas dinner.  Bree twirls in her ballerina costume, and John arrives with a surprise for Natalie.  He gives Natalie his mother's diamond ring and she says "yes."  They announce their engagement to the whole family, and it is a warm and deeply emotional time for everyone.

Dorian calls Echo to come over to do a photo shoot and offers to pay her $10,000.  Echo is reluctant to leave her family, but eventually agrees to come over when Dorian says it will only take an hour.  Clint shows up, just as she is leaving, and makes his usual rude comments to her.  She says it is evil what he is doing to Charlie.

Viki and Charlie are finally alone in the kitchen, and Viki is happy as punch to be rid of Echo.  She tells Charlie it is turning out to be a very merry christmas after all.

In the living room, Joey mentions his engagement to Aubrey, and Clint acts like he still disapproves, and is somewhat rude to Aubrey.  Later, he sees her in the kitchen, acts friendly and says, Merry Christmas.  It seemed very suspicious—as though they might have already known each other, and that something is up with them.

When Echo arrives at La Boulaie, Dorian takes her up to the roof and explains her idea for the photo shoot.  She is going to put on a Santa hat and jacket and stand in front of the skyline of Llanview.  Echo agrees it is a good idea.  Dorian excuses herself for a few minutes, but Echo soon realizes she is locked out of the house and stuck on the roof in the freezing cold, shivering.  She finally puts on the Santa hat and jacket and leans over the chimney to try to get warm.

The Cramer women are in the living room in front of the fireplace discussing Joey and Aubrey.  Kelly tells Blair there is something weird about Aubrey.  Blair asks, "Like what?"  Kelly says Jessica told her Aubrey got a phone call last night that seemed a little sketchy and she got another one today.

Jack had been taunting poor Sam all evening about there not being any Santa Claus.  Sam discovers Eli's box under the tree and wants to know what it is. Jack tells him their mother doesn't want to open it, but he they should open it for her.  They go out to the backyard and that is when Sam sees Echo in the Santa costume on the roof.  The boys rush up to the roof, just as Echo falls into the chimney when she leans over too far.  She gets stuck and is wiggling to free herself.  Jack knows that Dorian lit the fireplace, so they rush down to the living room and put out the fire just as Echo comes tumbling down covered in soot.

HO, HO, HO...
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

OLTL—Tuesday–12/21—A scary clown ornament with a past.

Natalie begs Marty, "Please, please, please."  Marty finally says she won't tell John the truth about Natalie's baby.

Brody and John McBain go to Inez and Nate's to question Nate with a search warrant.  Nate admits he DID go the motel.  Then Brody finds a gun "hidden" in the bookcase.  John doesn't have any choice but to handcuff Nate and take him in for questioning. [Clint had plenty of opportunity to hide the gun in the apartment.]

Dorian makes a beautiful tree with silver and white decorations.  Viki brings gifts for the children and she tells Dorian about Echo's latest ploy to get close to Charlie—the AA meetings.

Jessica meets Aubrey.  Joey and Jessica open their mother's box of Christmas ornaments and Joey mentions, she has saved every ornament they have ever hung on the tree.  Jessica shows Aubrey an ornament that came from Kelly to Joey—a scary looking clown.  Aubrey says it should definitely go on the tree, but while she is holding it, she "accidentally" drops it and breaks it.  Natalie comes home shortly after that and meets Aubrey.

Jessica goes to see Kelly and tells her Aubrey dropped and broke the ornament she gave Joey.  "By accident?"  "So she said."  Kelly tells Jessica the story of how she and Joey had gone to the circus and both of them saw the clown ornament and thought it was the ugliest thing they had ever seen.  They both went back separately and bought the clown ornament as a joke gift for the other.  She still has hers.

Jessica goes on to say that Aubrey got a mysterious call from someone who hung up when Joey answered her phone for her.  She later overheard Aubrey making a rather suspicious phone call saying, in essence, don't call me—I'll call you.

Later, we see Marty talking to Cole's photo, saying that she didn't agree she wouldn't tell anybody about Natalie's baby; just that she wouldn't tell John.  She has already decided who she IS going to tell!!

Dun, dun, da....
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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OLTL—Monday–12/20—"Why were you at your father's murder scene?"

"Psycho Marty" is at home wrapping Christmas presents, acting like it is a wonderful life.  She gets a call from Natalie, but she doesn't answer it.  There is a knock at the door and it's Todd.  He asks Marty, "How do you live with yourself."  Todd says he thinks she killed Eddie Ford and framed him for the murder.  She says he is delusional, but he says:  "I know you Marty.  I know how your mind works.  When somebody hurts you, you never let it go."

After Natalie leaves several messages for Marty and she ignores them all, Natalie heads straight for Marty's door.  Marty answers the door and Natalie barges in.  When she sees Todd, she tells him to get out because she needs to talk to Marty alone.  He says, "I was here first."  Marty tells Todd to get out before she calls the police.  After he leaves, Marty asks Natalie, "What do YOU want?"  Natalie tells Marty, John proposed and she said "yes."  She begs her not to tell John that this isn't his baby.

Nate and Inez are at home and he is still pressing her to answer whether she slept with Bo.  She wants to know where he heard something like that.  He said Matthew said they are having an affair.  She reminds Nate that he has had trouble with Matthew before, and she doesn't answer his questions.  Inez knows that Nate didn't come home the night Eddie was killed and she asks him if he went to Eddie's room.

There is a knock at their door and it is James and Starr.  They want to make sure Inez and Nate are alright and also to tell them they had just come from the police station and given a statement.  When they leave, Inez tells Nate, "It wasn't James."  Nate says, "I know."

John McBain is having all of the murder suspects investigated.  He knows Inez had motive and opportunity; and that Robert Ford also had motive, but did he have opportunity?  He is making the rounds, questioning everyone on his list.

Langston knows Ford wasn't in the ER all night because when she returned from picking up some things at his apartment, he wasn't in his room and no one knew where he was.  She tells him, now that the police have eliminated James, they are going to come looking for him, and what was he planning to tell them?  Of course, that is the cue for the knock on the door and it is John McBain.  He wants to know where Ford was all night.  Ford tells John, his dad beat him up and he was in the hospital.  John asks, "Do you have a witness that can corroborate that?"  Langston says she was with him the entire night.

Starr and James return from visiting Inez and Nate and tell Ford and Langston they thought Inez and Nate were acting weird—like they were hiding something.

When McBain goes back to his office, a witness from the night of Eddie's murder comes forward saying he got a pretty good look at someone coming out of "the dead guy's room."  John shows him some photos of his suspects and the witness IDs one of them.

Charlie and Echo return to Llanfair after they are sure Rex is going to be fine.  She thanks Charlie for offering to stand by her and her first steps toward sobriety.  She gives him a grateful and loving hug, just as Viki is coming down the stairs.  This is the last straw for Viki.  She asks Charlie where he has been and he says "at the hospital."  She doesn't know what he is talking about, since Echo was supposed to tell her and didn't.  When she finds out Rex had been in a bad car accident, she is very upset and then very angry with Echo for making it sound like something else when she ran out of the house saying, "Charlie needs me."

Bo is about to tell Nora about Inez, but starts out by first saying, "I love you, and that's never going to change."  But before he can say anything else, Clint drops in to check on Nora.  He asks a lot of questions about why would Eddie kidnap her and who could be behind this, etc.  Nora says she and Bo disagree, but she is sticking to her theory that it is Inez.  When Nora goes off for some tests, Bo confesses to Clint that he slept with Inez, but he doesn't remember any of it.  Clint convinces Bo NOT to tell Nora.

John McBain comes to visit Nate and Inez.;  When Nate answers the door and John comes inside, he asks Nate, "What were you doing at your father's murder scene?"

Dun, dun, da....
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Monday, December 20, 2010

OLTL—Friday–12/17—"Someone is setting me up."

After praying for Nora's safe return, Bo is relieved to see her stumble out of the woods.  They have an emotional reunion and she tries to explain to him what happened.  The only thing she doesn't remember is, where she was all night.

Clint comes by Inez's apartment to follow up on their agreement.  He reminds her of what she agreed to and tells her why she doesn't have any other choice at this point.  "Inez, nothing is free in this world; I learned that a long time ago, from my father.  So now, if you just follow through with this one last thing, your debt will be paid."

Inez wants to know what will happen if she doesn't keep the secret—that she and Bo did not really have sex.  Clint says he will tell the police that one of her sons was at the murder scene.

James tells Starr he needs to talk to the police, just as John McBain is arriving to talk to Rex.  John asks James to come down to the station to talk and Starr calls Tea.  Tea tells her she will be right there.

Todd admits to Blair and Tea that, "yes" the cuff link found in Eddie Ford's motel is his, but he wasn't anywhere near the crime scene and besides, Eddie was a low-life thug who wasn't worth killing.  After Tea leaves, Todd tells Blair he did threaten Eddie because he said some creepy things to Dani, but he didn't kill him.  All he did was hire Rex to dig up anything he could find to use against Eddie Ford.

Blair wants to know how Todd's cuff link wound up at the motel.  Todd says, "All I know is, I wasn't there.  Someone is setting me up."  "Why? Who would want to see you go down for murder?"  "You want a list?"  "Good point."

John questions James.  James tells John he went to the MinuteMan Motel to kill Eddie but he didn't.  He threaten his father with the gun, but he only shot at the wall and not at Eddie.  John wants to know what happened next.  James says, "Then I left, and that's the last time I saw him."  John said there was no gun at the scene, so, what happened to it?"  Starr interjects: "Isn't it obvious?  Her theory is that someone else came to the room, picked up the gun and shot Eddie; then they took the gun with them.  When Tea returns home, she tells Todd she is pretty sure James is telling the truth.

All of Nate's friends rally around him when they find out about his father. But he says that Eddie was not his father; it was just a matter of bad luck and bad genes.  Matthew walks over to Nate and says, "Sorry about your bad news."  Nate lays into Matthew about what he said about his mother and then Matthew tells Nate it's true.  He knows that his father is sleeping with Nate's mother.  Nate is stunned, but then remembers he DID see Bo with his mother at their apartment in the morning.

Nora tells Bo about what Eddie said and did while he was holding her hostage.  She said she wants to make sure Bo knows what Eddie did so they will be sure to lock him up.  Bo finally tells Nora that Eddie is dead.  She looks at him in disbelief.

Natalie and Rex talk about why she is keeping her engagement a secret and she says because of Marty.  She is afraid the engagement might push her right over the edge.

John sits down at his desk and makes a list of suspects:

Todd Manning
Robert Ford
Inez Salinger
Nate Salinger
James Ford

But he crosses James off the list.

Clint wants to know why Inez is so sure her one of her sons did not kill Eddie and we see a flashback of Inez looking at Bo's gun and holster on the arm of couch.  (As though possibly she might have taken the gun and then returned it.)  When Nate gets home, he finds Clint there.  When Clint leaves, Inez starts to tell Nate about Eddie, but he says he already knows.  He wants to know if it is true that she slept with Commissioner Buchanan.

Bo and Nora continue their conversation about Eddie sending the text messages, etc., by Nora says he was definitely not the brains behind the scheme.  She thinks it has to be Inez since there isn't anyone else who would want to break them up.  Bo says he needs to tell her something.

Dun, dun, da....
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Saturday, December 18, 2010

OLTL—Thurs.–12/16—"We will bring that bitch down!"

Charlie catches Echo taking a sip out of her flask.  He is very disturbed by what he is seeing and suggests that maybe she has a drinking problem.  She says "No, no, I'm not an alcoholic."  But when Charlie offers to help her and to be by her side every step of the way; she agrees to see it through and give it a try.

Dorian and Viki hatch a plan to get Echo out of Llanfair.  Dorian says, "We will bring that bitch down."

Blair, Téa and Todd continue to discuss Todd's involvement with Eddie Ford.  Blair tells Téa, she had the cuff links custom made for Todd and they are one-of-a-kind.  Todd said he forgot about them since he rarely wears them.  [Apparently, someone planted the cuff link at the murder scene to incriminate Todd.  I really doubt if Todd did it.]

Matthew is in school, so he obviously wasn't in the car crash.  He tells Destiny that the reason he said Nate's mother is a whore, is because he saw his dad with Inez at her apartment, kissing.  She is really shocked.  Then Darren tells Nate he is sorry about his dad.  Dani is clueless and Darren says, he thought that they knew—Eddie Ford was murdered!

Rex regains consciousness and is able to tell Bo that Nora was in the car with him when they crashed.  He says he found Nora tied up at the MinuteMan Motel.  She had been kidnapped by Eddie Ford and also, that he was the one who was sending the text messages.  None of this makes any sense to Bo, but he rushes out to the scene of the car crash.

When James tells Starr, "yes" he did go to the motel to see Eddie, she asks him if he killed his father.  He says he went there without a plan.  They continue to discuss exactly what it was that James did at the motel until James tells Starr he needs to talk to the police.  Just then, John McBain shows up and tells James, "This is your lucky day."

Clint drops by Inez's apartment.  She tells him, "yes," she did sleep with Bo.  But when Clint tells her Eddie is dead, she doesn't feel as though he held up his end of the agreement, so why should she have to.  She tells Clint that she lied; that she did not really sleep with Bo and that she is going to tell Bo the truth.  Clint reminds Inez of what is at stake as far as her sons' futures.  He ultimately threatens that if she does not let Bo think they "consummated" their relationship, he will tell the police her son was at the scene of the crime.

Bo looks everywhere, but cannot find Nora.  He prays that she can be found and that she will come back to him.  He promises he will do "anything" in return.  Just then, Nora comes stumbling out of the woods.

Dun, dun, da....
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Friday, December 17, 2010

OLTL—Wed.–12/15—'My new BFF is Joey's EX!"

Audrey is in her suite at the Palace, talking on the phone with her mysterious friend.  "Get this.  The girl I met on the plane—yeah, my new BFF, is Joey's EX!  I know, what are the odds."  She goes on to tell her friend that Kelly is a "crazy chick, right?  But it works for me."  Aubrey then talks to herself while she tries to decide what to wear to meet her future mother-in-law.  In the meantime, Dorian convinces Kelly to tell Joey how she feels about him, so she shows up at Llanfair.

Gigi calls Charlie about Rex and tells him to get to the hospital right away.

Echo is pouring liquor from a flask into her orange juice just before Viki comes downstairs.  Viki confronts Echo about kissing Charlie.  She recaps the scenario for Echo because Echo is feigning memory loss.  Since Echo asked Charlie to keep her little "meltdown" a secret, Viki says it makes her wonder what else she might be lying about.

Echo:  "I'm Sorry I asked Charlie to lie."  Viki:  "Why? Oh—because you got caught?"  Viki explains to Echo, there is only one reason she isn't already living on the curb and it is because Charlie wants to build a relationship with his son and he thinks she needs to be a part of it.  "I'm giving you one more chance.  You can thank me now."

Echo suddenly gets a call from "Chuckles" about Rex.  He tells her to get to the hospital right away and also to let Viki know what happened.  When Viki says, "What happened?" Echo says, "Charlie needs me" and runs out the door.  When she gets to the hospital she acts hysterical, which is odd since she barely knows Rex; but, I'm sure she doesn't want to lose him before she does get a chance to know him.

Shortly after Echo leaves, Viki gets a surprise visit from Aubrey.  She says she wants to thank her for giving them her blessing, especially after everything that happened at the restaurant.  She shares with Viki, that she also feels that Joey can be a bit impulsive, but in a good way.

Bo goes to the office, but is just shuffling around.  He calls Nora's cell and begs her to call him so they can get together and talk.  Then he calls Inez, but gets her voicemail and tells her he needs to talk to her.

John gets a call from Brody about a Eddie Ford.  Then John tells Bo they found Eddie's body at the MinuteMan Motel.  Gigi calls Bo and tells him about Rex, and he says he will be right there.

Todd calls Rex and demands a return phone call.  He wants to know what is happening about Eddie Ford.  Téa overhears his call and wants to know if Todd put a "hit" out on Eddie.  Todd says don't worry, "if I need an attorney, you'll be the first person I call."

Blair is still pondering what to do with the box that was Eli's.  She bursts in to Todd's house with "the box" and gives it to Téa.  She wants her to deal with it, whatever is in it.  Blair is worried there might be something in it that will cause legal problems for her.  Téa says she can't be implicated for anything because Eli is dead.  Blair says she is afraid to open it, but Téa says she thinks she should open it, because she will always wonder....  Finally, Todd says, "I'll open it."

Starr is still trying to get the truth out of James because she knows he isn't telling her what really happened last night.  He has enough with the questions already, and finally says, "OK, fine, so I went over there."  Starr:  Well, what happened?  Did he hit you again, because we can go to the cops."  James:  "NO COPS."

He starts to leave and Starr follows him out into the hall. Just then Bo
shows up and sees James.  He asks him if he has seen Inez.  He hasn't.  Then he also says, "I need to talk to you—it's about your father."  Starr says, "What about him."  Bo:  "He's dead."  Starr turns a whiter shade of pale.  When Bo mentions something about they will know more after their investigation, Starr says, "Investigation?"  Bo says, Mr. Ford was murdered.

Brody, Natalie and John are at the crime scene doing the forensics thing.  John finds a cufflink on the floor and Natalie says she will try to find out whose it is.  John says, "Oh, I know whose it is, I just don't know how it got here."

Viki takes Aubrey into the library, not knowing that Kelly and Joey are
in there.  Kelly got some lemon juice in her eye and Joey is helping her with that, when they come in.  Joey and Kelly look as though they are in a compromising position and everyone is very uncomfortable.  Joey is thrilled to see Aubrey and rushes over to her.  That is when Kelly realizes, Joey is really in love with Aubrey, and she just needs to let him go.  Viki sees Kelly's reaction and tries to talk to her, even saying she won't breathe a word, but Kelly isn't ready to talk.

Bo gets a chance to talk to Rex, and Rex tells him that Nora was in the car with him!

John shows up at Todd's with the cufflink.  It turns out, it is engraved with the initials "T. M."

Dun, dun, da....
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

OLTL—Tuesday–12/14—"I drank all of these?!"

Nothing new today—pretty boring stuff.  For some reason, I wasn't in the mood to hear about Kelly's love life, AGAIN, or to hear the Cramer women commiserate while sitting around in their satin jammies like sorority girls.  B-o-r-i-n-g....  They all need new storylines of their own.

Joey tells Jessica he is engaged.  She is surprised and responds, "To whom?"  He tells her about Aubrey and where they met and Jessica realizes he has only known her a month or so.  She thinks his decision is a bit impulsive.  He suspects his parents coaxed her to take their side, but she says no, she feels the same way.  He mentions that Kelly met Audrey on the plane and liked her right away; and is the only one he knows who is being supportive.  This information also surprises Jessica because she knows how Kelly feels about Joey.  But wait, there's more:  He tells Jessica, Kelly is getting back together with Kevin and they are getting married again; but it is top secret, so she is not to repeat any of what he just said.

Gigi hasn't heard from Rex all night and now is in near panic mode. She rushes over to Llanfair and tells Brody about Rex, and that she can't reach him by phone either.  It is not like him, not to call.  Brody makes some calls and says no one fitting Rex's description was brought into the ER and no one at the police station has heard anything.  Gigi is ready to charge out the door to look for him, when her phone rings and it is Rex.

Rex has just regained consciousness and realizes they must have been in an accident, as his car is down in a wooded area off of the road.  He tells Gigi he crashed his car and is able to give her a few sketchy details about his location, but then he passes out again.

Brody and Gigi eventually find him and call for the EMTs.  Rex is in and out, but tries to say "Nora."  Apparently Nora was thrown from the car.  We haven't seen her at all and also, there was not follow up on whether or not Matthew was actually involved in the accident or what happened to him.

Starr goes to Bobby Ford's room at the hospital looking for James.  Neither Ford nor Langston have seen him, but he shows up a few minutes later.  He says he was at the apartment sleeping, but Langston says she was there earlier and it looked as though he had not been there.  Starr wants to know where James was all night.

Eddie Ford is on the floor of his motel room with a bullet hole in his chest.  Someone walks into the room and stands over his body—it's Nate!  Nate says, "You got what you deserved."  He puts several things into his backpack and then hurries out of the room and runs away from the motel.

Inez comes into her apartment after being out somewhere.  Bo is just waking up in her bed.  He wants to know what happened last night.  The last thing he remembers is drinking a beer.  He asks Inez if they slept together.  She tells him, he had a lot to drink.  They go into the living room and there are empty beer bottles everywhere.  Bo reacts, "I drank all of these?!"  In reality, Inez pored the beer down the sink and placed the empties around the room.  She said she had a couple of beers, but that he drank the rest; probably because he was very upset about Nora.  Bo asks Inez again, "I need to know if we had sex last night."

Just then, there is a knock on the door and it is Nate.  He says he forgot his keys.  When he sees Bo and wants to know why the Commissioner is there.  Inez says she was worried about him not coming home, and that Bo came over so she wouldn't be alone.  She suspects something is up with Nate, but he says everything is fine.  He gets ready for school and then leaves.  Bo is still trying to get Inez to answer his question when she gets a call from Clint.  She doesn't answer the call, but then tells Bo, "yes" they had sex.  Bo apologies to Inez and then leaves.  He is very distraught about "sleeping" with her. She is the only one who knows that he didn't.

Dun, dun, da....
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

OLTL—Monday–12/13—"Just stay away from Eddie."

When John asks Natalie to marry him, she says "What do mean?"  Then, she excuses herself and calls Rex.  Rex was trying to break into Eddie's motel room and got caught by the cleaning lady who is on her way to get the manager.  That's when he gets Natalie's call.  He takes the time to chat with Natalie and offer advice, not knowing tha Eddie is on his way back.

Eddie provoked Bobby who sucker punched Eddie in the jaw.  Eddie sees his chance at a "self defense" call, so he head bumps Ford so hard, Ford passes out on the floor.  Brody pulls him off and everyone rushes to Ford.  He comes around, but they want him to go to the hospital.  James still has the gun that he lifted out of Eddie's gym bag and he actually starts to pull it on him, but Brody gets control of the situation and James changes his mind.

Matthew is having a breakdown in the hallway outside Inez's apartment, after seeing Bo kissing Inez.  Then he gets into his car and starts to drive like a maniac.  He calls Dani to tell her to tell Nate that his mother is a "whore and a homewrecker," then he hangs up.

Inez tries to get Bo into bed, but he is still hallucinating that she is Nora.  He goes on and on apologizing for everything and telling her how much he loves her, thinking she is Nora.  Inez listens and feels horrible about the whole situation.

Natalie rejoins John in the library and he wants to know her answer.  She wants to make sure he is not marrying her to "do the right thing" just because she's pregnant.  He tells her he loves her.  He begs her to say yes.  She says "yes."  Then says "hurry up and kiss me."

Rex finally gets into the motel room and finds Nora tied up.  She asks Rex if he is armed, because Eddie has a gun and he is going to be coming back soon.  Rex says no, and they need to get out of there.  They finally get into the car where Nora feels safe.  She tries to explain to Rex the whole scenario about the text messages, etc., but it doesn't make much sense to him.  Rex asks if Eddie attacked Nora.  She says he started to, but he had to leave.  "The only thing that keep him from raping me was because he had an appointment."

Nate wants to know who called Dani.  She says it was Matthew and that he was saying a lot of weird things about Nate's mother.  He can't figure out why Matthew would be attacking his mother.  Dani says it was really weird.  Nate calls Inez to check on her and say he will be late.  He tells her about the fight and she tells him to stay away from Eddie.  When she returns to the living room, she sees Bo's gun and holster and the arm of the sofa.

Eddie gets back to the motel and starts freaking because Nora is gone.  He packs up his clothes to leave, then looks in the gym bag for the gun.  When he can't find it, he says outloud to himself, "Where's the gun?"  Just then, someone behind him says, "Here it is."  It's James.

The rodes are icy and both Rex and Matthew are on a collision course.  Nora yells for Rex to look out and then there is the inevitable crash.

"Several hours later....." we see Eddie lying on the floor of his motel room with a bullet hole in his chest.  He looks pretty dead.  I guess James would be too obvious, and since Inez also had access to a gun, she is another obvious suspect.  Looks like we probably have a murder mystery brewing.

Dun, dun, da....
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

OLTL—Friday–12/10—"If I go down, you're going with me."

Clint is trying to convince Matthew that Bo is having an affair with Inez, but Matthew says, "I don't believe you.  You're lying"  "I wouldn't lie to you Matthew, you're my nephew."  "You're lying to Rex, and he's your son."  "I'm sorry Matthew.  I shouldn't have said anything.  Why don't we just forget about it."  "Forget about it?  You can't just say that my dad is cheating on my mom and expect me to forget about it."

Clint says there is only so much a man can take and hints that Nora is also having an affair.  He reminds Matthew of the fact that Nora cheated on him with Bo while they were still married.  Clint suggests Matthew call Nora and ask her himself.  He dials Nora’s phone and Eddie answers it.  Matthew demands to talk to his mother, but Eddie says, "She's tied up at the moment" and then hangs up.  Now, Matthew is starting to believe it might be true.  He tells Clint he needs to go.  Clint tries to convince him to stay, but he pushes him aside.  Clint says something like, "What about Rex?" and Matthew says, "What about him?" and leaves.

Eddie is getting bored, waiting around the motel room, so, he starts to undress Nora, unbuttoning her blouse; but then her cell phones alerts her of a text message, and Eddie has to see what it says.  Bo says he doesn't want to sleep with Inez, but because of the way she is acting, he doesn't really want to sleep with her either.  Eddie shoots back a text to Bo telling him to go ahead and just get Inez out of his system; and then leaves for the gym and his fight with Bobby.

Marty and Natalie are arguing and Marty calls her a "lying tramp."   Natalie slaps Marty.  Marty starts to slap her back, but Natalie grabs her arm and says, "Slap me once, shame on you.  Slap me twice and I will kick your ass."  [Marty previously slapped Natalie at the police station after blaming Natalie for Cole's arrest.]  Marty says, "John deserves so much more than you; and you, Natalie, deserve to lose everything—just like me."

Natalie reminds Marty she is on probation and it wouldn’t take much for her to lose her license, especially since her uncle is the police commissioner.  She makes sure Marty understands the consequences:  "If I go down, you’re going with me."  Marty tells Natalie to imagine how it feels when she goes to visit Cole and sees him die a little more each day.  Natalie softly says she is sorry about Cole, but, he killed a man.  Marty fires back, "And you don’t think you deserve to be punished?"  Natalie:  "Not by you."

Marty tells Natalie is only a matter of time until she springs the news on John.  It could be at the christening when the whole family is there, or his first birthday, or his first day of school, or ten years from now when Cole gets out of prison, or maybe never.  "But one thing is for sure, you will never know WHEN it will be."  "What if I tell John myself, and tell him that you’ve been torturing me?"  "You’re not going to tell him.  You don’t have the guts."  "We’ll see about that."

John stops by Llanfair to see Natalie and has a chance to chat with Rex about Natalie and the baby, and fatherhood etc.  Rex asks John to keep in mind that Natalie would never hurt anyone on purpose.  She's made mistakes, but she is terrified of failing John.  "Did she tell you that?"  "She didn’t have to; she was raised a Balsam, so it comes with the territory."  [A reader wanted to know why Rex referred to Natalie as a "Balsam."  The answer is:  Because, they were both raised by Roxy and assumed she was their mother.  It all had to do with a complicated plot devised by Mitch Lawrence.  Roxy's husband at the time, was the doctor who delivered Viki's twins, and was working with Mitch.  Mitch gave Natalie to Roxy to raise, and he let his own daughter, Jessica, enjoy the life of luxury with the Buchanans.  Viki did not know she had been impregnated by Mitch or that she had delivered fraternal twins.  The story of why Roxy raised Rex came out recently when we found out Rex was abandoned at Llanview hospital by Echo DiSavoy and that Allison Perkins, pretending to be a nurse, switched the babies when Roxy was giving birth to her own child by Mitch, Schuyler Joplin who is now in prison for kidnapping Gigi and trying to shoot Rex.] Whew—sometimes it doesn't make much sense even after I explain it!

Anyway, Rex mentions he is on his way out to try and find Eddie Ford.  John tips off Rex that Eddie is staying at the MinuteMan Motel, and he happens to know that he is at the gym.  Rex leaves.

When Natalie gets back to Llanfair, John is waiting for her.  She says she has something to tell him, but he says he has something to tell her, and she always gets to go first—and then he gets down on one knee and proposes.

Inez opens a couple of capsules and puts her prescription sedative into Bo's beer.  Bo drinks the beer, yawns and starts to get very sleepy, so he says he needs to get home.  Inez convinces him to stay since he seems too tired to drive.  But soon, he slowly falls asleep.  She stares at him, trying to decide what she should do next.  Then Clint calls to ask if she took care of it yet.  She says not yet, but Bo is there.  Clint says:  Just get it done!

Clint then calls Eddie and is shocked to find out he is “out” and not keeping an eye on Nora.  He tells him to get Nora over to Inez’s apartment asap because something is about to happen and “it is crucial that Nora sees it.”

Inez wakes up Bo, but he is so drugged, he hallucinates that she is Nora when she says, "Bo, I need you to make love to me."  Bo starts kissing Inez.

Rex knocks on the door of Eddie’s motel room and Nora tries to make noise, but the radio is on.

Matthew drives over to Inez’s apartment.  The door is slightly ajar, so he opens it a little further and looks in.  He sees Bo and Inez kissing on the sofa.

Dun, dun, da....
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Sunday, December 12, 2010

OLTL—Thursday–12/9—"Do you want something stronger than coffee? I do."

Clint admits to Matthew he IS Rex Balsam's biological father.  Matthew wants to know why Clint doesn't want to claim Rex as his son.  "Because he is everything you're not.  Part of being a Buchanan means you have to protect the family.  It's done and you're going to have to leave it that way."  Matthew says he can't keep the secret.

Clint knows he must persuade Matthew to see it his way, so he continues:  "Rex doesn't want me to be his father.  He gets along really well with Charlie Banks and Charlie is a good man who lost his son and grieves for him everyday.  Now Charlie has a son again, and everybody wins."

Matthew:  "But they didn't get to decide.  I'm not just talking about Rex and Charlie, but a lot of other people are involved."

"Who?  Who is not better off with things this way."

"Well, for one, Rex would be my cousin and my dad's nephew and I think my dad would like to know that.

"Bo already treats Rex more like a son than......"

"More of a son than me?"

Clint continues to "sell" the Rex/Charlie relationship and makes up a lot of mumbo jumbo about, what if Rex and Bo tried to take over the company, etc.  Matthew stills feels he needs to tell Bo, so Clint pushes further saying there are things Bo doesn't tell Matthew—like, that he has been having an affair with Inez.

Natalie and Rex are still at Llanfair discussing Rex's discovery that Marty had a copy of Natalie's DNA test.  Natalie is convinced that Marty is on the edge of telling John the truth about Brody.  She grabs her coat and says she is going to take care of this.  Rex tries to talk her out of it, but she insists and leaves.

Charlie comes home and is very glad to see Rex.  He explains he had been there talking to Natalie, but Charlie tells him he should consider Llanview his home, too.  Rex says he will still knock.

Inez shows up at Marty's office for an appointment.  Marty realizes Inez isn't getting enough sleep, so she gives her an Rx for something to help her sleep.  Inez talks about having to do something to someone she cares about, but she doesn't want to do it.  She talks about (Clint) the man she was dating and that he is manipulative and very powerful.

Just then, Natalie bursts into Marty's office and Inez's session and says to Marty, "You and me—right now."  She makes Inez leave.  Natalie tells Marty "I know exactly what you are up to, you little bitch."  They get into a huge, huge fight and finally Marty calls Natalie a "lying little tramp" and Natalie slaps her.

Bo is at the gym talking to the Ford brothers about their dad.  Bo doesn't want them to fight, but Ford says it's still on.  Starr announces that Team Ford has a secret weapon.  She brings in Christian, who used to be a professional boxer, to give Bobby a crash course.  After about two minutes, Chris is able to knock Bobby down.  James reacts:  "Well this is never going to work."

Brody finally gets Eddie to come to the door of this motel room.  He tells Brody, his lady friend is a "screamer" and he was trying to cover her enthusiasm with the TV.  Brody can't go into the room without cause, so he has to let him go back into the room.  He does however, call Bo and let him know Eddie is at the MinuteMan Motel.  Bo tells Brody to put on civilian clothes and go to the gym and wait for Eddie to show up.

Nora wants to know what Eddie is planning to do with her.  He sends a text to Bo from Nora.  She wants to know shat she said.  He reads the text to her and she says, "Bo will never sleep with Inez."  He tells her she doesn't know Inez as well as he does, then leers at her and says, "Why should they have all the fun."

Bo goes to check on Inez and update her on the fight, etc.  Inez convinces Bo to stay for awhile.  She offers him a drink and he says he could go for a beer.  She goes into the kitchen to fix the drinks and is still trying to talk herself out of what she is about to try to do; but, she reminds herself that her son's futures are on the line.  Bo receives the text from "Nora" saying, "Have you slept with her yet?"  Inez looks at her bottle of Rx sleeping pills and reads the warning:  Do not take with alcohol.  May cause disorientation or drowsiness.

Dun, dun, da....
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Friday, December 10, 2010

OLTL—Wednesday–12/8—"I burned the only copy."

Inez and Bo are in his office—business as usual.  She asks him if he has heard from Nora, but he says not yet.  He goes on to say that none of her texts are making any sense, especially the one where she says she wants him to sleep with Inez.  Inez feigns sympathy and touches his hand, just as Matthew enters the office and sees them.  He says, "Am I interrupting something?" Inez leaves.

Matthew wants his dad to sign a permission slip for him to get out of his last-period study hall, so he can go into BE earlier.  Bo says he thinks he is spending enough time there already.  Matthew says he will just get his mother to sign it, and by the way, where is she anyway?  Bo says he doesn't know.  He reluctantly tells him they had a fight, but refuses to discuss it with him.  Matthew wants to know why he isn't out looking for her, and what is going on with “Nate’s Mom.”

After Eddie sucker punched James at the gym, Bobby challenges him to a boxing match—with one condition—if he wins, Eddie has to leave town and never come back.  Eddie takes him up on the challenge, but he wants an audience; so he tells Bobby to set it up.  Then, Langston finds out Bobby doesn’t even know how to fight and that he has been bluffing.

James calls Inez to tell her that Eddie is still in town.  Inez tells Bo that Bobby is planning to fight Eddie at the gym and she is very worried.  Bo immediately leaps into action and heads for the gym.  Then she calls Clint and says since he didn’t hold up his end of the deal (getting rid of Eddie), she doesn’t have to sleep with Bo.  Clint says he is not planning to do anything about Eddie until AFTER she sleeps with Bo. She says, "What? That could take months!" Clint says, "Months? Get it done tonight!"

After Inez talks to Clint, she comes out of Bo’s office crying.  John sees her and asks if there is anything he can do to help.  She tells him she has a lot of problems and she needs to talk to someone, professionally.  John tells her he can recommend someone and he gives her Marty Saybrooke's name.

Bo shows up at the gym.  Everyone is still trying to figure out why Eddie doesn’t want to leave Llanview.  Bo says he is going to see if he can find him and maybe persuade him to reconsider boxing with his son.

Joey, Aubrey and Kelly are still at the Palace sharing drinks at a table.  Joey wants to know what it was that Kelly wanted to tell him.  Kelly says she is in love and describes the person, who sounds very much like Joey and also includes the fact that she used to be married to him.  Then Joey says, “Kelly, are you talking about me?”  Kelly says, no, no, no.  She was talking about Kevin.  She tells him they had a chance to spend some time together while she was in London and it felt right to be part of a family again.

Aubrey is relieved that Kelly didn't drop any bombs on Joey.  Joey calls Viki with the news of the engagement, she gives her seal of approval, and Aubrey suggests they go to her room and celebrate.  They say goodbye to Kelly and she goes out to the terrace for some air and a good cry.

Rex stops by Llanfair to talk to Natalie, but Brody answers the door.  He starts to show Brody the results of Natalie’s DNA test, but Gigi rushes up and stops him.  Brody leaves for work.  Rex asks Gigi why he can’t share what he found out about the DNA test, if Marty is making it up.  Then he realizes, uh-oh, is it because Brody is the father of Natalie’s baby?!?!  Gigi just gives him the look—duh.

Natalie comes home to find Gigi and Rex still standing in the foyer, deep in discussion.  Rex tells her what he found out and then Gigi goes to work.  Natalie explains everything to Rex.  He feels SO bad for her.  She wants to know how he found out.  He shows her the copy, and she freaks.  She says, “Where did you get this?  I burned the only copy.”  “Apparently someone else made a copy.”  He doesn't want to tell her where he got the copy, but finally does.  You can imagine the look on her face.....

Nora is still being held captive, but has a light bulb moment.  She gets the TV remote off the bed with her foot, then turns on the TV and turns up the volume as loud as possible, hoping someone will complain and the manager will come to the door.  Instead, the manager calls the police and Eddie comes back before anyone shows up.  Finally though, Brody DOES show up and pounds on the door, saying, "Open the door, it's the police."

Clint returns to his office to find Vimal waiting.  He is NOT pleased to see him.  Clint is thinking out loud about everything that he is involved in and the last thing he needs is Vimal hovering around being a nuisance.  Vimal is still waiting for the promotion he was promised for changing the lab results for Clint's daughter's paternity test and also the test for Rex's paternity.  Clint suggests he forget about the lab tests and the promotion.  He has to wait until everything settles down first.  AND also, if there should happen to be any leak of the information, he will know who to blame!

As Vimal leaves, Matthew appears in the doorway.  Clint is momentarily caught off guard, but quickly recovers and goes into "Uncle Clint" mode.  Matthew tells Clint he stopped by his father's office to get the permission slip signed and found out about his parent’s fight.  What he doesn't understand is why Bo is not even looking for her.  Clint plays along.  He also mentions that Bo was getting very friendly with Clint's girlfriend, Nate’s Mom.  Clint tells Matthew that he and Inez broke up, and says, since they work together, it was probably all very innocent.  While Matthew is there, Clint receives the phone call from Inez.  He asks Matthew to bring him a cup of coffee, "and close the door."

When Matthew returns, Clint tells him he has a feeling Nora is going to be coming home very soon and then she can sign his permission slip.  Matthew says, or he could just get Vimal to fake the signature for him.  Clint acts puzzled, but Matthew tells Clint to cut the c***p.  He knows what’s going on with Vimal.  He tells Clint he had a little talk with Vimal and he knows about the fake key card, etc.  Clint wants to know what Matthew is suggesting, so he tells him:

Charlie isn’t Rex’s Dad—YOU ARE!!”

Dun, dun, da....
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

OLTL—Tuesday–12/7—"Our little secret."

For some reason, Starr and Langston are now taking Christian's life drawing class and Langston is getting all worked up over the male model.

James is working out at the gym and Eddie drops by.  Eddie badgers James into a challenge of brawn, and an ugly fight ensues.  Bobby shows up and offers to kick Eddie's b**t.  Nora is still tied to the chair in the seedy motel while Eddie is running around town living his life as normal. What?!?!?

Kelly sits down with Joey and sees the diamond ring.  She is delighted and surprised and asks him if he was planning to propose to her.  He says, "No, no, it's nothing like that—not after all these years."  Kelly:  "But that looks like an engagement ring."  Joey:  "It is, but for someone else."  Kelly:  "I guess I had a momentary flash—but I know that is ridiculous."  Joey:  "Is it that much of a surprise?"  Kelly:  "Yeah—especially after what Kevin said—that you weren't seeing anyone."  Joey:  "I met someone."

He tells Kelly the story of the proposal and says if she had been there as his "wing man" his parents might have been more supportive.  They would then be sipping champagne, and his fiancé would be wearing the ring.  Kelly takes his parent's side, explaining that he hasn't really known this woman very long.  Joey is pretty surprised by her feelings.  Just then, Aubrey comes back into the dining room and everybody finally figures out what is going on.  When Joey realizes that Kelly and Aubrey are practically best friends now, he proposes to her again, and this time she says "yes."  [Did anyone get the feeling it was because now, Aubrey knows that Joey is Kelly's ex-husband and, as Kelly tells it, "the love of my life."  Uh-oh, I smell a new storyline brewing].

Viki and Dorian are on the terrace and Dorian tells Viki what she saw when she followed Charlie and Echo to Llanfair.  Viki doesn't believe Dorian.  She thinks she might be mistaken about what she saw.  "Viki, I know what I saw—your Charlie kissing Echo."  Dorian suggests that Viki subtly ask about what happened when he took Echo home, and if he is the honest, upright guy she thinks he is, he will tell her the truth.

Brody walks in on Echo and Chuckles as they are talking about "our secret."  Echo says she is "blotto" from too many mimosas, and she doesn't want Viki to know.  They manage to get her upstairs and settled in her room.  Brody asks Charlie if he doesn't think that having Echo around is more than a problem for him and Viki.

Rex quickly hides under the table when Marty comes home.  She senses that someone is in the room, but when she turns her back, he finds a near-by hiding place just before she looks under the table.  She leaves the room for a minute, and Rex takes a photo of the DNA test and runs out ASAP.  Marty returns to the living room again and calls out, "Is someone is there?" but Rex is gone.

Ford runs into Aubrey in the bar and it turns out, they have a past—the Venice film festival.  Bobby is shocked she is in Llanview.  She says, "I met someone."  He tries to convince her, he is not the "player" he used to be.  She wants to know, "who is she?"  They chat briefly, but he is late for an appointment.  They hug and she says goodbye.  Dorian sees them hug and demands to know what is going on.

Dun, dun, da....
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OLTL—Monday–12/6—Rex follows Marty home.

We see Marty talking to Cole's picture about the gift she didn't give to John, because of everything he has done to help Cole.  When Marty leaves her house, Rex jimmies the lock and lets himself in.  He searches through her waste basket without finding anything; then notices a photo album on the desk.  When he opens it, he sees Natalie's DNA test results.  As he stares at it in disbelief, Marty returns and starts to open the front door.

Joey brings Aubrey into the Palace dining room and introduces her to his parents, as the woman he plans to marry.  He waits until he has their full attention, gets down on one knee, and proposes to Aubrey in front of them!  Aubrey is taken completely by surprise.  Joey begs her to say yes, but she tells him she can't—she has to say "no."  She excuses herself and leaves the dining room for the bar.  Both Viki and Clint try to get Joey to slow down, especially after they find out he has only know Aubrey a couple of weeks!  He is very disappointed that they are not being more supportive, but he has a track record of failed marriages (Kelly Cramer and Jen Rappaport), so they feel he is not thinking clearly about this kind of commitment.

Dorian rushes back to the Palace to tell Viki she followed Charlie and Echo.  She enters the Palace dining room in the aftermath of Joey's proposal, but insists on talking to Viki alone; so they go out to the terrace.  Clint stays to have a talk with Joey.  He doesn't make much progress trying to talk some sense into him; so, he decides to stop talking and leaves Joey sitting at the table alone.

As usual, Viki is impatient with Dorian's dramatics and tells her to just spill.  Dorian says that when she got to Llanfair, she went around to the garden and watched Echo and Chuckles through the glass doors of the library and then, she saw them kissing!  Viki's face was saying, "WHAT?!?!"

Charlie tells Echo he is happily married and he really loves his wife.  Echo says, "yes, I know you do, but you kissed me back."  He says that he was just caught off guard.  Then she realizes, she might as well just pack and leave.  Charlie begs her to stay.  She is the mother of his son and she has no where to go.  Echo says Viki will throw her out if she finds out she threw herself at her husband.  She begs Charlie not to tell Viki and he agrees.  Echo:  "Are you sure?" Charlie:  "No more talk about moving out."

Nora is still tied to a chair in a seedy motel somewhere, and Eddie Ford is taunting her about Bo and Inez.  She tries to figure out what he is up to by reasoning with him and offering to help.  She realizes Eddie has been texting Bo from her phone.  Eddie reads to her what he sent (written by Clint.  She says Bo will never believe the texts because she would never say anything like that.  Besides, how did he even know that she had been fighting with Bo?  He says, "Oh, I have my ways."  She knows that Eddie would never come up with a plan like this on his own, so she wracks her brain to put the pieces together and figure out who would be so motivated to try to break up her marriage.  Suddenly, she comes up with "INEZ."

Inez is with Bo when he gets the text from Eddie.  He thinks Nora must have lost her mind.  Bo wants to send a text, but Inez tries to talk him out of it.  He sends it anyway and Eddie gets it.  Eddie texts back as Nora and tells Bo she wants him to sleep with Inez.  Bo is dumbfounded by this lunacy.

Aubrey and Kelly share a drink in the bar.  Kelly is still trying to get up her nerve to talk to Joey and Aubrey still doesn't get the connection with Kelly and Joey.  Kelly finally enters the dining room and sees Joey sitting alone.  She still thinks he is there to meet her.  When she approaches the table, she sees he is looking at the diamond he bought for Aubrey.  Kelly lights up like a Christmas tree and sits down, hoping Joey is going to say what she has been hoping to hear.

Dun, dun, da....
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Monday, December 6, 2010

OLTL—Friday–12/3—"Is Echo here?"

Charlie comes into the library from the tool shed and finds Viki at her desk.  He asks her, "Is Echo here?"  Viki is not pleased by that question.  He apologies and tries to cover by asking about her day, but, you probably know how that went.  He explains he was putting together a tool box of old tools that Echo could give to Shane for Christmas, since she is strapped for cash.  Viki says, "Yes, I heard."

Poor Charlie is just trying to please all of the women in his life, enjoy his new fatherhood and grandfatherhood, but not everyone is as enthusiastic about the recent turn of events.  Things smooth over later as he and Viki leave to join Joey for lunch at the Palace.

Inez goes over to see Clint and he continues with the "Nora will not be a problem....." scenario.  Inez:  "Couples have fights all the time.  They've probably made up by now."  Clint:  "No they haven't, and I have a feeling they're not going to get back together anytime soon."  Inez:  "What are you talking about?"  Clint:  I took care of your abusive ex, now you have to pay the price.  Inez: "What have you done to Eddie?"  Clint:  "I found a way to use Eddie's talents to help a lot of people."

As we suspected, Eddie kidnapped Nora.

Rex and Gigi are lunching at the Buenos Dias Café and Gigi comments they could have eaten at Rodi's for free.  Rex tells her to order the most expensive thing on the menu, compliments of Todd Manning.  Todd has just hired Rex to dig up dirt on Marty Saybrooke who is sitting at a near-by table with John McBain.  Marty continues to try to get John to open the "Tiffany's" box, but after Bo gets into a conversation with John about Cole, and what a good friend John has been, she changes her mind.

After John and Marty leave Bo at a table alone, Inez comes into the diner and sits at Bo's table.  She asks if everything is alright.  Just then, Bo gets a text message that appears to come from Nora, but was composed by Clint and sent by Eddie.  It says that Nora is in fact still unable to forgive Bo and doesn't know if she will be able to.  Bo is, of course crushed, but he isn't aware that they message did not come from Nora at all.  He looks at Inez, as though grief stricken!  Clint has obviously set Bo up in hopes he will turn to Inez for "comfort."

Joey arrives early for lunch and sees Dorian in the dining room with Echo.  He approaches their table.  Echo:  "Wait a minute, Joey? Viki's son? YOU'RE the reason I had to move into that tiny room in the back of the house."  Joey:  "And you're the woman who is making my mother miserable."

Kelly and Aubrey run into each other at brunch and are very surprised by another chance meeting.  Neither has a clue about their mutual connection, but are excited that their friendship seems "meant to be."  They go up to Aubrey's suite so Kelly can help her pick out what she should wear to meet her boyfriend's parents.

Viki and Charlie arrive for Joey's lunch and run into Dorian and Echo in the dining room.  Echo is so sloshed, Charlie feels he needs to take her home.  Viki is, again, not pleased, but Charlie does what he feels he needs to do.

Viki has a chance to ask Dorian what in the world she is doing, and Dorian tells her she was just five seconds away from getting Echo to admit that Charlie is not Rex's father and Clint really is.  Viki wants her to leave the situation alone.

Clint arrives for lunch and he and Viki sit down and talk about things from the past.  Joey and Aubrey arrive for lunch and he introduces her to his parents as the woman he plans to marry!  At the same time, Kelly is heading for the dining room, thinking she is having lunch with Joey.  Uh-oh!

When Chuckles gets Echo back to Llanfair, he wants to know WHY Echo is drinking like this and she blurts out it is because of him.  She then tells him he is just such a wonderful man and that she..... and then she kisses him.  He doesn't resist the kiss.  Dorian is outside in the garden observing their kiss through the glass doors.

Dun, dun, da....
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

OLTL—Thursday–12/2—"Nora is not going to be a problem...."

Rex drops by The Sun to see if he can drum up any PI work.  Kelly tells Rex she is sure about Joey now, that he is the love of her life, and they are having lunch today.  She is so anxious about lunch that she leaves early and tells Rex to wait for Todd.  Rex asks Todd about work and he says, "Definitely—dig up some dirt on Marty Saybrooke."  He goes on to say "we have a new pervert in town who likes beating up on his son and he messed with my daughter, Dani."  He asks him to see what he can find out about Eddie Ford.

Inez goes to Ford's apt. to check on things, but the brothers say Eddie was gone when they got up.  James mentions that Bobby got the $50K.  She asks where he got it, but Bobby says it doesn't matter.  The only hitch is that, when they gave it to him, he said he wasn't ready to leave Llanview yet.  Bobby wants to know if Inez knows why that might be.  She recalls her conversation with Clint, but says she doesn't know anything.  She says she is hoping someone may have convinced him to stay out of their lives.

As it turns out, Eddie was invited to the Buchanan Mansion by Clint, who had him picked up by limousine.  Eddie comments, "that was a nice touch."  Clint offers him a drink and adds, "In this house, we only drink bourbon.  Eddie says, "it's early, but why not."  He wants to know why he has been summoned and Clint says, maybe this will help explain things.  He goes over to a briefcase, opens it and pulls out a gun, which he points directly at Eddie.  Clint actually has a proposal for Eddie which also includes a briefcase full of cash when the job is done.  After Eddie agrees to the terms, Clint tells him, he can take the gun with him.  Eddie is thrilled to be doing business with Clint.

Joey talks to Aubrey on the phone about meeting his parents.  She is nervous, but he is excited.  He goes by Clint's to invite him to lunch and walks in on his "meeting" with Eddie Ford.  Clint says he will be at the Palace for lunch.

Nora goes to see Viki about Inez.  They commiserate about the women who are trying to ruin their marriages.  Nora tells Viki, Bo said something to her last night that is unforgivable.  Viki wants to know what it is.  She tells her that in the heat of their argument, Bo referred to her affair with Sam Rappaport and said, "I'm not the one who cheats."

Viki is pretty shocked that Bo is still hanging onto that old resentment, but hopes that Nora can overlook it and not let it become a long, drawn out, issue.  Nora isn't sure what is going to happen next.

Dorian has invited Echo to the Palace Restaurant for brunch and she orders a pitcher of mimosas.  Echo arrives and says she was quite surprised by the invitation, but delighted to say the least.  Dorian tells her she wants to be friends.  They drink up.  Dorian tries to worm information out of Echo about Charlie and Rex and Clint.  Dorian offers to have Echo move in with the Cramer women, but Echo wants to be closer to Rex and Shane.  Echo does finally admit that Clint would probably have done just about anything to prove he is not Rex's father.

Marty calls John about Cole and he pulls a few strings to have Cole moved to a safer wing.  Cole told Starr about the restraining order against Marty, and that he tricked her.  He admits he did, but then goes on and on about Marty's lack of good judgment when it came to Hannah and she is either an idiot or out for revenge.  Starr tells Todd she is going to have the restraining order reversed.  He says she will regret it, "Mark my words."

Marty and John sit down at the Buenos Dias Café and Marty gives John the box, wrapped like it came from Tiffany's.  In it is the copy of Natalie's DNA results naming Brody as her baby's father, instead of John.  John tries to refuse the gift, but Marty insists.  He starts to open it, but Starr comes into the cafe.  John excuses himself to make some phones calls.  Starr tells Marty she did not know anything about the court order and she apologizes.

Marty goes psycho on Starr saying a lot of crazy things about how Cole wouldn't have turned to Hannah if Starr had not been running around with James.  James enters the cafe and asks what is going on.  Marty says, "Oh, speak of the Devil."  James and Starr leave in a hurry.  Now Starr knows her dad might be right.

Inez goes over to Clint's to find out what he has done with Eddie.  Clint says he is making sure he doesn't bother her again.  In return, she needs to follow through with her part of the deal.  Inez says it just isn't going to happen.  No matter what she does, Bo is NOT going to cheat on Nora.  Clint says, "Nora is not going to be a problem."

Next, we see someone come up behind Nora and put a gloved hand over her mouth!

Dun, dun, da....
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