Monday, February 28, 2011

OLTL—Aubrey, Blair, Brody

Since I still have not had time to write the daily blog, I am offering a summary of what is happening with our favorite characters in Llanview. They will be listed in alphabetical order and I will add a few at a time.

Aubrey does her best sales job on Joey and convinces him to get married.  The next morning, she wakes up and finds a note from him.  He has gone to tell his father the “good” news.  She freaks out, of course, and calls Cutter.  She tells Cutter she thinks she has something that Clint wants, and heads over to the mansion.

Clint is not happy to see her.  She offers to help him with his legal problems if he doesn’t show Joey the flash drive.  They haggle back and forth, but she convinces him that “my good friend Rama” will convince Vimal not to testify against Clint.  He is interested, and agrees to wait and see.

Blair is planning to perform at Capricorn on Valentine’s night, but her piano player is a no show—Mystery Man to the rescue. Tomas finds out from Roxy that Blair will be singing at Capricorn, so he drops in. As luck would have it [I mean, as the writers scripted it], Tomas is an excellent pianist; so, he accompanies Blair that evening. Ahh… [He is still as boring as ever.]  A day or two later, she runs into him again, this time at the Buenos Dias Cafe.  He tells her he is returning to Paris that day.  He gives her a chance to say something to him about not leaving, but she lets him go.

Brody goes back to Llanfair to check on Ryder and hoping Jessica has come back there also.  When he enters the nursery, Robert Ford is holding Ryder.  There are angry words, and Brody forces Ford to leave.

By the next morning, it is apparent, Jessica is not coming home.  Roxy enters her hair salon and the place is completely trashed.  I still haven’t figured out why Jessica was there; but since she stole the cash from the register, she was probably trying to make it look like a robbery, but she left a clue on the mirror.  Written in red lipstick:  “I’m Back!”  When Roxy can’t find John McBain, she rushes over to Llanfair looking for Brody.

Brody goes to Foxy Roxy’s and when he sees the lipstick message, he realizes what is going on with Jessica.  He goes back to Llanfair and tells Viki.  Now, she is worried sick about what havoc Tess might be wreaking for Jessica.  Brody immediately issues an official APB.  He soon finds out, Ford booked tickets to Las Vegas, so he hops on the next flight.
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

OLTL and Blue Jeans Doctors Blog — 2-27-2011

I'm either having writer's block or I'm rebelling against routine; or maybe I just need more sleep.  I'm so swamped with personal responsibilities, I haven't been able to focus on this blog.  I try to include photos when I have time, because it makes the story much more interesting; but it is also a lot of work and takes a lot of time, which I don't have much of at the moment.  Please, bear with me, I'll be back soon...
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

OLTL—Mon–2/14—She's back!!

Aubrey does her best sales job on Joey and convinces him to get married.  Kelly is sick over what she is hearing.  (But if Joey is that big of a sucker—Kelly should be glad she isn't going to be stuck with him.  He's being an absolute jerk.

Rex and Gigi are at Rodi's looking for Charlie.  They have already found out from the bartender that Charlie ordered a Vodka.  Viki comes into the bar, for the same reason and they tell her what the bartender said.  Of course, she is very worried now.

Chuckles shows up at Echo's room at the MinuteMan.  He is staggering and in pain, but as it turns out, he didn't really have a drink at Rodi's after all.  He ordered the drink, but just took a whiff of it, put it down and then left.  He is staggering from grief over losing Rex as his son and Shane as his grandson.

Viki keeps calling Charlie, but he won't answer his phone.  He doesn't want to talk to her right now.  Charlie blames everything on Viki and Dorian.  He says the whole time he was trying to build a relationship with Rex and Shane, they were just waiting and watching "for you to screw up."  Echo says, maybe they are right about her.  If she hadn't come to town looking for her son, none of this would have happened.

Charlie won't hear of it. He is glad she came back to town and is back in his life.  Then he kisses her!!  Echo tries to pull away and says that should not have happened.  But Charlie pulls her to him, kisses her again and lays her down on the bed.

John, Natalie, Brody and Jessica are altogether in one room now, and everyone knows everything except for one thing.  John is forcing Natalie to tell Brody what it is.  She again struggles to speak, but John says, if SHE doesn't tell him, HE will.  She just can't do it.  Finally he says, "Liam is not my son, he's Brody's.

Jessica thinks she misunderstood.  She looks at Natalie for clarification; but she has to tell her, "It's true.  Brody is the father of my baby."  Jessica is about to lose her mind, for real.  Natalie keeps insisting, "I did this for us." Jessica screams at her, "Natalie, tell the truth.  You didn't do this for us.  You didn't do this for Brody or the babies; and you sure as hell didn't do it for John.  You did this for yourself—you lying selfish whore."

Dani goes to talk to Nate and she wants to tell Ford what she found out from Todd—that Ford is the father of Jessica's baby.  Nate isn't convinced they should tell him, but eventually she persuades him.  When they do tell him, and he almost has a heart attack.  He gets dressed and leaves in a hurry.  He goes to Llanfair (and somehow gets into the nursery to see his son).  Brody arrives home shortly thereafter, and when he goes into the nursery, he finds Ford holding Ryder.

Back at the church, Aubrey and Joey get married, with Cutter as their witness.  Kelly declined the offer to join them.  While Joey is talking to the priest, Cutter gives Aubrey a big kiss "to celebrate" and they both say, we did it, we did it.  [What a dastardly duo!]

Jessica breaks into Foxy Roxy's.  [I don't know why.]  When she sits down in the chair and looks in the mirror, she sees Tess!

Dun, dun, da....
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

OLTL—Fri–2/11—A blast from the past–1995

Friday's encore episode continues to fuel speculation that Roger Howarth may be coming back to the story in some capacity.  Personally, if he has to come back, I'm hoping he is Todd Manning's long-lost twin—that maybe Todd's mother gave Todd to the Mannings and the other twin to another couple.  If they replace Trevor St. John, that would be a huge disappointment for some of us, unless it is something he really wants; then, what can you do but accept it.

If it's only about the money—OLTL should cough it up, because I love his acting style.  He is smart and naturally funny and his timing is always right on.  I was never that enamoured with Howarth.  To me he was always one dimensional—angry most of the time.  He showed some emotion with his niece and nephew (Tina's children), but could barely muster any affection toward his adult co-actors.  He left OLTL, at least once, maybe twice, and in his last contract with them, (I read) he specifically demanded NO LOVE SCENES.  He eventually warmed up to Blair, but even their bedroom scenes were awkward.  Anyway....

Everyone looked so young and beautiful in the episode.  Bo was particularly handsome and thinner.  LOL.  Viki looked a lot younger, but Dorian has really held a tight grip on her good looks.  Alex was considerably younger and thinner.  And good 'ol Asa—what a treat to see him again.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OLTL—Thurs–2/10—"JUST SAY IT."

OLTL is on fire!!

Kelly, Joey, Aubrey and Cutter are still at the church.  Aubrey tries to comfort Joey over what his sisters' wedding and what Clint did.  Kelly has the flash drive and the note that Clint gave her and she is waiting for the right moment to show it to Joey.  When Joey suggests to Aubrey they leave, Kelly says, "Joey, wait."  She tells him about the drive and wants him to see it.  Apparently, Cutter has a plan because he offers to get his laptop from the car.  Aubrey starts freaking out, but he reassures her everything is okay.  As it turns out, he switches the flash drive with one he has already prepared.  Everyone gathers around the laptop to view the video.

After they all see the video, Joey lays into Kelly about everything that he thinks she has done:  Secretly taping Aubrey, saying all kinds of things to him in the storeroom, etc., etc.......  In the meantime, Cutter explains to Aubrey how he switched the flash drives.  She thinks he is a genius.  Cutter reminds her that Clint has seen the real video, so he knows everything.  They are going to have to work fast!  She rushes into the room where Joey and Kelly are still arguing and tells Joey she has a great idea.  She wants them to get married right away!

Todd takes his family to the Buenos Dias Cafe.  While they are there, he gets a phone call from one of his reporters who relays everything that happened at the wedding.  He tells Téa and Dani about Clint and the paternity tests, and that now, they have found out Charlie Banks is not Rex's father and Brody Lovett is not the father of Jessica's baby; Robert Ford is.  Todd thinks it is hilarious, but Téa reminds him, Jessica IS his niece.  Oh yeah, that's right.  Now, Dani knows the truth and she wants to tell Nate, so she leaves.

Todd gets a "mysterious" phone call and tells Tea he wants to get out of Llanview.  He is going to fuel of the jet and they are going to fly to New York City.

Natalie tries to explain to John what really happened with her and Brody.  Brody tells his side of the story to Jessica.  He is trying to convince Jessica that everything is going to be okay.  She is in agony thinking about him sleeping with her sister!!  She feels sick.

John wants to know how Marty fits into all this.  She explains that Marty knew Natalie had a paternity test, and using confidential information from Brody's counseling session, she put two and tow together.  He listens to everything she says, but he knows there is more to the story that she hasn't told him yet.  He tells her to just say the words.

She keeps shaking her head, but the words won't come out.

He gives her a chance, but he finally yells at her, "JUST SAY IT."  Natalie tells him:  "You're not the father of my baby—Brody is!"

Dun, dun, da....
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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Today was another wild ride.  I must be terribly naive, but I didn't see that coming.  It figures nobody can be happy in a daytime drama.  They get a tiny bit of happiness and then the rug is pulled out from under them.  Geez.....

Blair and Tomas are getting to know each other a little bit, but so far, the relationship is pretty boring.  Also, I think, he is MUCH cuter with his glasses ON.  Blair always gets herself into come kind of craziness, especially when she gets involved with a stranger; so, she is being extremely cautious this time and asks Tomas to leave.  He asks her for a hotel recommendation, and she suggests The Angel Square.

Yesterday, Langston went with Starr to Statesville Prison so that Starr could break up with Cole; but after they got there, she started having second thoughts.  Langston tries to reassure her that she is making the right decision and that Cole deserves to know the truth (about Starr moving on).  Starr talks to Cole and then relays what was said when she returns to Langston in the waiting room.  Cole seemed to know what was on her mind, because he knows he so well; and he gave her his blessing.

James isn't sure what is happening with Starr, so when Michelle comes by his apartment, he is glad to see her.  She makes the first move and kisses him.  They make out on the couch for awhile and then move into the bedroom.  Starr goes to James' apartment to tell him about Cole, but she is knocking on the door when he and Michelle are in the bedroom.  She is just leaving when Michelle leaves the apartment, so she ducks around the corner; but she realizes what is going on.  When James sees her come around the corner, she acts like she didn't see anything.  She makes up a reason why she came by and then leaves.  We later learn that Michelle realized that James wasn't really that into it, and she doesn't want to get hurt, so she was the one her stopped things before anything really got started.  Langston and Ford are at La Boulaíe, babysitting Hope while Starr visits James.  Langston is very surprised that he is so into kids.  When Starr gets home, she tells Langston she was too late and James is with Michelle now.

Back at the church, Vimal insists he is going to tell everything he knows before he stops talking.  He reveals that not only did Clint force him to change the paternity of Rex Balsam, but also one of his daughters.  I really thought Jessica was going to faint, but she hung in there.  Finally, he explains that he didn't realize that both of Clint's daughters were having paternity test and since he didn't know which was which—he had to flip a coin.  He apologizes for everything he put everyone through and then tells which identity he changed.

Do you really what to know who it is?  Of course, you do.  I've been holding my breath way too long.  Okay, unfortunately, he changed Jessica's test results!!  That means the Robert Ford is Jessica's baby daddy and Brody really is Natalie's baby daddy.  Poor John, he is going crazy.  Natalie says she needs to talk to John, but he says "Not here."

He gets Natalie out of the room and gives her a chance to tell him the truth, but she just keeps lying to him.  Even when he yells at her, "Stop lying to me," she just can't tell him the truth.  He finally tells her Marty stopped by before the wedding to tell him something about Natalie and Brody, but she still won't budge.

Bo arrests Clint and Vimal.  Just before he leaves the church, Clint gives Kelly the flash drive and tells her, "If you care about Joey, you will make sure he sees this..."  She puts it in her bag without anyone seeing the exchange.

Jessica searches the rectory for Brody.  He is sitting alone crying.  She begs him to please try to remember how they had already talked about this possibility, and how he said he could be a father to the baby, even if it wasn't his.  She blames herself for Brody's hesitation.

He says he is not the man she thinks he is.  He says that he and Natalie had already talked about it and he wanted to tell her before.  Jessica doesn't understand.  She wants to know what he is talking about. 

He finally tells her:  "I slept with Natalie."

John tells Natalie she might as well tell the truth because the lies aren't working anymore. 

She tells him:  "I slept with Brody."  John is in shock.

Dun, dun, da....
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OLTL—Tues–2/8—Wow, Wow and more Wow!!

Today's episode was above and beyond one of the best OLTL I've seen in quite awhile.  Seeing Bo and Clint brawling yesterday was surprising, but today's drama was AWESOME!!!

The wedding ceremony starts and when the priest asks if anyone objects to either of the marriages, Rama stands up and objects.  Joey recognizes her as Aubrey's friend and mentions it to her, so Aubrey gets up and tries to keep Rama from talking by saying this wasn't the time or the place.  But Rama says "This is not about you, Aubrey.  This is about the Buchanan family."

OMG.  Rama stands her ground and insists that Clint forced her husband to break into the genetics lab and tamper with DNA tests.  Brody says that this should be handled through the police department, but John says he wants to hear what she has to say.  She says that Clint Buchanan forced her husband to change the paternity results for Rex Balsam because Clint is actually Rex's father, but he wanted the test to show that Charlie Banks is him father.  Rex actually looks sick when he hears the truth.

Charlie says, that Rex had another test done because he suspected there might have been tampering with the first one, and that the 2nd test confirmed he is Rex's dad.  Rex has to tell Charlie he lied to him and that he did not have a 2nd DNA test done.  Charlie is so upset, he has to sit down before he collapses.  He wants to know why Rex lied.  Rex tells him, "Because I wanted you to be my father.  I sure as hell didn't want it to be Clint."

After the truth comes out, everyone chimes in with their own " could you..." Now, all of the Buchanan kids (except Jessica, who is only related to Viki) have another brother and they don't appreciate being lied to all these years.  Viki is just beyond belief at what Clint has done, and at some point asks him, "Who are you?"  She can only imagine what Charlie must be experiencing.

Jessica doesn't want to believe any of what is going on, but Natalie says why would Rex lie!!  She confronts Clint about it all and confirms he did it to protect the family; recalling how Rex came to Llanview as a con artist and would have bled the family dry.  He goes on with further descriptive language of what a scumbag Rex.  Joey chimes in about anyone who gets too close to the family is considered suspect.  Bo defends Rex and even Gigi stands up and adds her two cents.  Finally, Charlie gets up and is ready to slug Clint.  He needs to be restrained before he does anything crazy. 

He then tells Rex, "I am SO sorry you are not my son.  You are everything I have ever wanted."  Rex says, "Me too..."  Charlie decides he wants to leave even though Viki begs him to stay. Gigi tells Viki to stay with her daughters and she and Rex will go after him.  Charlie peels out of the parking lot before they can even get in their car, so now they have to track him down.  Charlie goes straight to Rodi's and orders a double vodka.  Uh-oh!!  This is breaking my heart!!  [I'm just guessing here, but if he does actually take a drink, he will probably over-drink and then call Echo and that will be DOUBLE UH-OH!!]

Bo and Clint have more words and Bo threatens to just arrest Clint, but Jessica wants to get on with the wedding since, "This has nothing to do with Natalie and me."  But Vimal says, "You're wrong Ms. Brennan—it has EVERYTHING to do with you! The girls look at each other.

Viki asks the Patels to leave so that her daughters can get married; but Vimal says, "no" not until all of the truth comes out.  He continues:  "You see, Mr. Buchanan asked me to change more than one paternity test."

Dun, dun, da....
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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OLTL—Mon–2/7—You can't take the cowboy out

Clint took a hard punch to the gut, but Bo took a return punch to the jaw.  Next thing you know, they're brawling like a couple of ranch hands.  It seems, you just can't take the cowboy out of a Buchanan.  Nora enlists Joey's help to break things up.

Brody has a pre-wedding conversation with Rex, while they are still at Llanfair, recalling how Rex forgave him when Brody came to town and pretended to be Shane's father.  Now that he has his own son, he says he can't even imagine that he did something like that to Rex.  Rex says he is totally over it, but it makes him even more uncomfortable knowing that he might be keeping a secret from Brody about the paternity of Natalie's baby.

Viki and Charlie finish their conversation about whether his loyalties are with his family or with Echo, and Charlie tells her he is going to get ready for the wedding.

Back at La Boulaíe, Blair finally lets Tomas come in. He admires the artwork in the living room, and Blair explains it belongs to her aunt who owns the home.  She is trying to get a straight answer from him about why he is in Llanview.  He offers several explanations, but finally admits, none of them are the real reason.

There is a lot of pre-wedding chit chat at the church between Kelly and Joey, then Aubrey and Joey, then Cutter and Kelly.  Vimal and Rama enter the church and Clint almost explodes.  He tells them to get out before he has them thrown out; but Viki comes running around the corner and tells Clint, his daughters are waiting for him, so, Vimal and Rama take seats with the other guests.

John is delayed by a visit from his old friend Pete, who was a close friend of John's dad.  John expresses his suspicions, that Natalie has some kind of a secret she is hiding from him, saying, it wouldn't be the first time she has lied to him.  Pete tells him that a woman without any secrets would bore him to death!  If he loves Natalie, he should marry her.

John is the last one to arrive at the church.  Everyone else has assembled, the guests are seated, and they are ready to start the wedding.  John tells Brody, Marty came to his room to tell him something about Brody and Natalie.  He asks Brody if he knows anything about what Marty knows.  Brody says he doesn't know what it could be, then the wedding begins.

Joey escorts Viki to Charlie and they kiss.  Bree follows, dressed like a beautiful princess, and drops rose petals in front of the brides.  Clint walks his two daughters down the aisle and hands them off to their respective grooms.  Everyone is all smiles.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

OLTL—Fri–2/4—"'s going to be too late..."

Aubrey and Cutter are still freaking out over the camera in the thermostat.  "This is a nightmare, Cutter."  Just then, Joey walks into the suite, "What's a nightmare?"  Aubrey covers, by saying she had been calling him all night and she was SO worried.  Joey explains where he was all night—locked in the storage closet with Kelly.  Aubrey actually seems to be jealous.  Joey sense something is wrong with Aubrey, but she says everything is fine.  She is worried about the camera that either Clint or Kelly put in her thermostat.

We see Clint at the church looking at the flash drive that was in the thermostat, as he says to himself:  "Smile, Aubrey Wentworth—you're on Candid Camera."

Rama and Vimal arrive at the church and duck into a back room.  She suggests they wait until the guests arrive and then just blend in.  Since they are dressed in traditional East Indian clothing, Vimal says, "The only place we are going to 'blend in' is at a state dinner with the Prime Minister."  Rama is trying to convince Vimal he needs to tell everyone in the church about what Clint Buchanan did to his family.  Vimal is NOT convinced, so, we will see what happens.

Bo and Nora arrive early also, and are discussing Clint, when he comes up behind them.  Bo and Clint get into a terrible argument when Clint tells Bo their father would have been very upset to see the way he is treating his own brother—in fact, he would be ashamed of him, especially since he always thought that Bo's police work was a joke.  Bo finally has enough and punches Clint in the stomach.  Even Nora is shocked.

Viki is on the phone in the library when Jessica enters.  She tells Jessica, Todd sends his regrets about the wedding.  His reason:  He would rather gouge out his eyes with a sharp stick than to see John McBain happy.  Jessica tells her Roxi has a hanger over and won't be at the church either, but might make it to the reception.

Viki says that Charlie is still sick in bed, but then he appears in the doorway and asks to have a private conversation with Viki.  He wants to know why Echo's things are gone out of her room.  "I know she would never have left without telling me."  Viki says, "No, she would NEVER have left—voluntarily.  I threw her out."  "You what?"  He begins throwing a spoiled-brat tantrum and then goes on and on about "evicting Rex's mother and evicting Shane's
grandmother..."  [Personally, I would have a hard time dealing with that nonsense, especially when he just doesn't get it about Echo and Viki.  duh!!]

Rex and Gigi are just arriving at Llanfair and unfortunately, are now in the middle of the situation.  Viki mentions something about a new DNA test and so then, Rex has to explain to Charlie that he suspected the possibility someone may have tampered with the first test.  But the "new" test proved Charlie is his father.  In reality, Rex did not have another test, because he didn't want to know if Charlie did not turn out to be his father.

Rex gets a call from Echo and she tells him she is staying at the MinuteMan Motel.  When Charlie hears that, he is VERY upset—"that dump where that guy was murdered!"  Rex and Gigi say they need to check on Natalie and Jessica.  When they leave the room, Charlie lets loose on Viki.  Saying how Echo is fighting one of the toughest battles of her life, trying to keep from drinking, living in a fleabag motel and ripped away from her family... "I hope you're happy."

"Happy?"  Viki says she hasn't been happy since Echo started interfering in their lives.  She begs him to see her point of view and consider her feelings and look at all the good things they have in their life right now.  The girls are getting married and Rex just confirmed that he really is his son.  She asks him to decide if he is going to run off to rescue Echo, or if he is going to go to the church with her—his wife.

Marty runs away from St. Ann's to visit John and tell him something, but she can't remember what it is.  She does remember, however, that Natalie knocked her out and drove her to the lodge and she was the one who had the gun.  She says, Natalie was planning to leave her there.  John wants to know, "Why?"  "Because she didn't want me to tell you."  "Tell me what?"  "About the baby."

She is very frustrated because she can't remember everything and also because John just thinks she is confused about what really happened.  She struggles to put the pieces together because she knows it is important.  Then, she sees the wedding invitation laying on the table, and suddenly gets a clue:  "It wasn't about the baby we were supposed to have—it was about Brody—Brody and Natalie."  John says, "You mean Jessica and Brody—they have a son."  "No, it's about Brody and Natalie."

Kelly straggles into La Boulaíe in the morning, and tells Blair all of the details of the sleepover with Joey.  Blair shares with Kelly that she found the artist who painted her portrait from her wedding photo that he found at a flea market in Paris.  Kelly is very curious about that, but needs to get ready for the wedding, so goes upstairs.  The door bell rings and Blair opens the door.  There, standing in front of her is Tomas, her artist.

Marty is taken away by a nun and an attendant from St. Ann's.  She is begging John to let her stay a few more minutes until she remembers what she wanted to tell him, but she is forced to leave.  She keeps telling John that it's going to be too late. 

John goes back into his apartment and looks at the wedding invitation again. that triggered Marty's memory He notices that, at a glance, it reads as though it says:  Natalie and Brody.  His detective brain wants to know why that triggered Marty's memory...

Dun, dun, da....
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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Kelly and Joey wake up in the storage room, still trying to figure out what happened to them.  After revisiting the chain of events, they realize Shaun and Vivian set them up, so they could have some time alone together.

Kelly, hums and haws for awhile, but FINALLY, tells Joey, "The truth is, I have never really gotten over you."  Since he has been trying to piece together the clues for awhile now, it finally makes some sense; but, all he has on his mind is, he needs to call Aubrey.

Clint meets with Mr. Blue at the Buenos Dias Cafe and tells him it is time to pull the camera out of Aubrey's room, because he has a feeling, he is going to see just what he hoped he would see.

Aubrey has been trying to reach Joey all night and now is acting like she is jealous that he might be spending time with Kelly. 

Mr. Blue arrives to "adjust the thermostat" and Aubrey lets him in.  He pulls out the flash drive, thanks her and leaves.  Just as he leaves the room, Cutter arrives and wants to know who that was.  She says he was from maintenance and was checking and adjusting the thermostats that were installed a few days ago.  Cutter says he doesn't think that guy looked like maintenance, and also, he didn't get a new thermostat in his room. He asks Aubrey where the thermostat is.  When he pulls off the cover he freaks:  "This isn't a thermostat—this is a camera—we've been busted."  "OMG—what did we say?"  "Everything."  "What did we do?"  "EVERYTHING!!"

Clint plugs the drive into his laptop and sees Aubrey and Cutter kissing.  He is thrilled.  His reaction:  Gotcha!!

Starr stops by to see John McBain and tell him she visited Marty.  Brody is "bunking" with John since he actually lives with Jessica at Llanfair, and the girls kicked the guys out to follow along with the tradition of not seeing the bride before the wedding.

Brody listens while Starr tells John about Marty holding Hope, and her memories starting to return.  She thinks it is only a matter of time before she remembers everything.  Brody makes up an excuse about forgetting to pick up the boutonnieres and leaves in a hurry.  He heads over to tell Natalie the news about Marty, and who knows what might happen next, and that he thinks they should just tell Jessica and John about their one-night stand.  Natalie tells Brody, there is more to it than just that!

John decides to call St. Ann's to check on Marty and the next thing we hear is:  "What do you mean, Marty is not in her room?!"  There is a knock on John's door, and it is Marty.

Dun, dun, da....
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Friday, February 4, 2011

OLTL—Wed–2/2—"Did you know, there's a naked man in your library?"

The boys toast the bachelors with shots all around...

...while at Llanfair, a stripper entertains the bachelorettes.

Rama drops by Aubrey's suite.  She tells Aubrey what happened with Vimal; and "all because you stabbed me in the back."  Aubrey says she is sorry Vimal got hurt; but Rama says, "Not as sorry as you're going to be."  Rama knows Aubrey's secret and now the race is on to see who tells what, next.

Vimal decides to drown his sorrows at Rodi's, so starts drinking shots.  He keeps thinking about everything he told Rama about Clint and how it all culminated in his firing!  The bachelor party continues in the background as Vimal continues drinking alone—until Todd shows up and persuades him to confide his troubles to him.  Vimal reveals a few tidbits about Clint, Brody and Rex, but Todd is drinking shots right along with Vimal; so, whether or not he remembers anything tomorrow—we'll see...

After Todd leaves, the bartender calls Rama and she finds Vimal with his head down on the bar.  She gathers him up and tells him she has a plan.  The plan is, tomorrow, they are going to the wedding—invited or not, and tell the Buchanan family what they know about Clint.

Dorian drops by Llanfair to tell Viki about the new DNA test that Rex did (although Rex didn't really).  He just told Dorian he did and that the results showed that Charlie really IS his father.  (Fake out!))  When she comes into the kitchen, she asks Viki if she knows there is a naked man in her library.  Viki is preparing food for the party and has just had it out with Echo about her hovering over Chuckles and actually going into their bedroom to check on him.  The "discussion" escalates, Dorian and Viki gang up on Echo, and the argument culminates in Viki tossing Echo out of Llanfair.  Viki packs Echo's belongings and puts them on the back doorstep, then says, "Get out of my house and out of my life."

Both Rex and Shaun have questioned Joey's feelings about Kelly and whether or not he should be making any big decisions about marriage to Aubrey until he has that completely worked out.  Since Vivian has been discussing Joey with Kelly, she and Shaun devise a little plan and separately lure Kelly and Joey into the storage closet at Rodi's.  Shaun and Vivian then prop a chair under the doorknob, so they can't get out!

Dun, dun, da....
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

OLTL—Tues–2/1—Messrs. Black and Blue

Vimal and his wife Rama are working out at Serenity Springs and she is pushing him to "demand" that Clint Buchanan give him invitations to his daughters' double wedding; or as Rama describes it:  "the social event of the season."  Vimal wants to please his wife, of course, so he confronts Clint.  Clint is not amused, but plays along, saying absolutely, he should have invitations, since he is one of his most loyal employees and, OF COURSE, he did not breathe a word to anyone about the DNA tests, did he? 

Vimal denies telling anyone anything, but Clint tells Vimal someone is blackmailing him in regard to the DNA tests.  Vimal again says he didn't say anything.  Clint asks his favorite security employees, Mr. Black and Mr. Blue to spend a few minutes with Vimal.  They hold him down in the chair and Clint asks him again, if he said anything to Aubrey Wentworth about the tests.  Now, Vimal remembers meeting Aubrey as an old friend of Rama's, but he says he did not say anything to anyone named Aubrey Wentworth.  Clint decides to let him off the hook, but Vimal just has to push the issue of the wedding invitations.  Clint says, "How about a 'pink slip' instead?  You're fired."  He goes back to the spa and asks his wife what she said to Aubrey because he thinks she is blackmailing Mr. Buchanan.  AND, on top of everything else, he was just fired.

In the meantime, Gigi is helping Jessica and Natalie decide on wedding dresses and working directly with the seamstress to arrange for alterations to the dresses and also handling other last minute details for the wedding.  Rex is planning a bachelor party at Rodi's for John and Brody.  Brody stops by the police station and John and Bo tell him the latest on the Clint situation, but ask him not to say anything to Jessica or Natalie until after the wedding.

Cutter does some computer magic on the yearbook that he intercepted before it got to Dorian, and replaces the page that has the photo of the real Aubrey Wentworth, with a page he created with a photo of Joey's "Aubrey."  He then re-wraps the yearbook in the delivery envelope and takes it to La Boulaíe, telling Kelly he found it on their doorstep.  Dorian and Kelly excuse themselves and go into the living room to take a look at the book and see the fake page that Cutter created and think it is the real thing.  Now, Kelly wants to just give up and to also give up on Joey.  Dorian says, no way!!  She wants Kelly to dig deeper to find something on Aubrey.

Clint is not leaving anything to chance.  He sends Messrs. Black and Blue to Aubrey's room dressed as maintenance men under the guise of changing out the thermostats in the living room and the bedroom.  She says okay and lets them in, and they install cameras in the thermostat covers!!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

OLTL—Mon–1/31—"I thought you were going to have a stroke..."

The family awaits Aubrey's announcement... Joey tries to pursuade her that this is not the right time.

Aubrey tells them, "It has to do with Joey's dad.  You can imagine Clint's reaction, and as Aubrey later commented to him:  "I thought you were going to have a stroke in the church."

Aubrey starts to tell all, but Clint interrupts her, saying he wants to tell the story himself.  He goes on to say it has to do with him disowning his son.  He explains that because Joey refused to ask Aubrey to sign a pre-nup, he took away Joey's stock in BE, removed him from the Board of Directors and basically cut him off financially; and he felt like he had cut him out of the family.  Viki couldn't believe what she was hearing!  Clint apologized and said he had decided to take back everything he said to Joey and reinstate his inheritance, etc., etc.

Later, after things settle down, Viki apologized to Aubrey.  Aubrey was very gracious and says there is no reason for HER to apologize, it wasn't her fault; and everything is fine.

Everyone goes back to Llanfair for the "after party."  Clint gets Aubrey alone and tells her, nobody gets the better of him like she did in the church, without serious repercussions.  Aubrey laughs it off and Clint calls her a "little bitch."  She calls him "Dad" and steam comes out of his ears!  [Kudos to the writers for the great script, but even greater accolades to the actors for delivering the lines so well!]

Jessica tells Brody that St. James is not going to be available on the day they wanted to have their wedding, but it IS available, the day after tomorrow!  Jessica says it is not a problem for her and Brody agrees to it.  They talk Natalie and John into joining them in a double wedding.  They tell Joey he really lucked out, because now that will clear the schedule for his "wedding extravaganza."

Echo is staying with Shane while his parents are at the christening and she inadvertently learns that someone is sending threatening text messages to him.  She confronts Shane, but he says it is nothing.  Echo wants to call the school's principal immediately, or at least tell Rex and Gigi, but he begs her not to.  She relents, but with the understanding—if the bullying doesn't stop, she is going to tell his parents—no matter what.

Starr and Hope visit Marty at St. Ann's and she is still "confused."  But when Marty holds Hope, her memory starts to return almost instantly.  [Oh that's right, this is a soap opera, and Marty needs to get her memory back in time to disrupt John and Natalie's wedding—AGAIN.]

Cutter visits Dorian at La Boulaíe under the guise of hooking him up with a charity group that she supports.  She surmises he is merely checking her out as a possible "mark."  She leaves the room to get some information for him and also to see what he does while waiting for her.  As soap opera luck would have it—a delivery person rings the doorbell and Cutter answers the door.  It is the yearbook that Adriana arranged to be sent from the private school in Paris that Kelly attended and where Aubrey said she also attended.  Cutter recognizes the name of the private school and its address.  He slips the yearbook into his briefcase before Dorian returns, and she is completely unaware.  When he sees Aubrey later, he says, "Look what I intercepted" and shows her the yearbook.  Aubrey turns whiter than she already is when she realizes Dorian is investigating her.

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