Thursday, September 30, 2010

OLTL—Wed–9/29—I didn't know he would be nude!

Dr. Evans testifies that Téa's dying wish was for Ross to get custody of Danielle, according to her Will.

Todd jumps out of his chair in disbelief and protests: "What? No, wait a minute. That's a lie. What are you doing?"

Judge: "Mr. Manning, sit down or I'll have you removed from the courtroom."

Todd: "Ask him why he's changed his story."

Destiny and Dani are waiting outside in the hallway. Destiny reassures Dani that her brother will straighten everything out. She says, once he tells the judge that Tea asked for them just before she died, it will be, case closed. Destiny presses Dani to get real about how she feels about her two dads, and she finally says she wants to be with Todd.

Clint asks Natalie to stop by his office.  He says he is concerned about her "Buchanan baby" and wants to make sure John is not going to break her heart; because, it wouldn't be the first time.  She says everything is fine and they have not talked about marriage yet, since they just started dating again.

Nora comes by Bo's office while Inez is waiting for Clint to pick her up for dinner.  Nora is excited that she is dating Clint, but Inez says "it is just dinner."  Since Clint did her a very big favor, she felt it was the least she could do.  Nora wants to know, "What was the favor?"  Inez tells her about the grant he got for James and how much it has helped their relationship.  Nora continues to encourage Inez to date Clint because "...he really is a stand-up guy."

Back in the courtroom, Greg justifies what he had originally told Todd about Tea wanting to see them before she died, by saying he lied.

Todd: "Your Honor, if he just admitted to lying before, how do we know he's telling the truth now?"

The judge calls a recess.  Todd follows Greg out into the hall and threatens him if he doesn't tell the truth.  Dani and Destiny see the violent outburst and are completely shocked.  Blair gets Todd under control and tells him she is on his side.

Bo sees Rex at Rodi's and mentions that Rex had started to tell him something yesterday, but didn't finish the conversation.  Rex, says it was nothing and brushes it aside. Then Bo asks if Rex has had any luck tracking down David.  Rex says yes, but that David is just having way too much fun to come back to Llanview.

Later, Bo tells Nora that Rex is acting suspicious about something he wants to tell him, but keeps backing off of the conversation.  She says, if that is the case, he will tell him when he is ready.

Chris needs to run an errand, so he asks Gigi to help the life studies model get ready for class when he arrives.  Gigi is not familiar with term "life studies," so she doesn't realize the model will be nude.

When Chris critiques Gigi's drawing, he wants to know why it is not anatomically correct.  She hum, haws around and then Chris tells her, she will eventually view the human body as a form of inspiration and an object for study.

Rex shows up at the end of class, just when the model is getting dressed to leave and says, "What the hell?  OK, who the hell was that?"

Chris tells him that was the life studies model.  Gigi asks him, "What is your problem Balsam?"  He says he didn't realize she would be working with nude models, and she tells him that he shouldn't look at it as nudity.  The human body is a form of inspiration and an object for study.



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OLTL—Tuesday–9/28—"Todd, is that you?"

Hannah asks Marty if she thinks she is a psycho. Marty says, "No, you're not a psycho, but, I think you're too focused on my son."  Hannah questions why Marty would invite her to live in her home if she felt that way.  Marty explains that she can relate to obsessive behavior because she had the same problem with a boy when she was Hannah's age.

Cole meets up with Starr and tells her the charges were dropped against Hannah. Starr is astonished that they have let her out and now "she's just loose, roaming the streets?" Cole says, no, she has been released under supervision. "Like in a half-way house?" "She's living with my mom." You can guess what Starr said, "What?!?!"

They get into a big argument about Hannah, and about Cole visiting her that morning.  Eventually, James' name comes up.  Cole wants to know if Starr has feelings for James. Starr wants to know if Cole has feelings for Hannah.  Starr says she and and James are no longer friends because he wants more than that and can't be just "friends" because it is too painful for him. She also tells him that James kissed her. Cole defends the fact that he went to check on Hannah. Then, they both admit they have feelings for James and Hannah.  As the discussion continues though, they both agree, they are together, they want to be together and they won't let anyone interfere with that. So, "We're good?" "We're good."

Jessica and Brody discuss a wedding date, but it soon surfaces that Brody is not anxious to get married right away.  He wants to wait until they can plan what he thought Jessica wanted:  a church wedding with all the trimmings.  He stresses, that will take more than two weeks to plan.  She says she doesn't care. She just wants to get married right away. Then she wonders if he has changed his mind or wants to wait until they find out the baby's paternity.  He says that's not it.

When Natalie stops by, Brody says he has some "wedding stuff" he needs to take care of and then leaves.  Jessica tells Natalie everything that just happened, including how guilty she feels about Ford.  Natalie reassures her, but you can see on her face she was freaking out and also feeling guilty, guilty, guilty.

Brody goes to see Marty because his doctor is out of town and she was referred to him.  He discusses the fact that he has been lying to Jessica about how he really feels about her baby possibly being Ford's, and that he is angry with Ford. He seems to want to tell her about Natalie, and almost slips a couple of times, but he stops himself.  However, Marty picks up on the subtleties, and deduces he is hiding something.

Over in Cherryvale, Todd is wandering the halls of the clinic looking for Greg Evans.  Téa is in her room looking at a family photo and saying, "You're gonna walk through that door any minute."  Just as she says that, Todd starts to open her door, but is stopped by Greg just in time.

Greg: "What are you doing here?"
Todd: "I think you know. I'm here because of Téa."

Téa hears what she thinks is Todd's voice, and very faintly says, "Todd, is that you?"

Todd explains he wants Greg to testify that Téa's dying wish was for Dani to be with him and not with Ross.  Greg says he is not going to do that, and their argument gets a little louder.  This time Téa calls out to Todd again and Todd thinks he hears his name.  Greg says he doesn't hear anything, but he knows he has to get Todd out of their in a hurry.

He tells Todd he needs to check on his patient because she is in pain.  Just then, Todd gets a call from Blair, so he is momentarily distracted.  Greg goes into Téa's room and she asks, "Was that Todd?"  He tells her "No, that was someone else."  "But, I heard his voice, I know Todd's voice."  He tells her she was dreaming and that "he'll be here later."  When he goes back into the hallway, Todd begs him to go with him and Greg says, "OK, let's go."

John McBain has Ross Rayburn brought into the station to try to coerce a confession from him.  He lays out all the evidence they have so far, including that fact that they did their own DNA test, and they know that the body in Tahiti is not Eli's. That can only mean that Eli faked his death and Rayburn help him.  In return, Eli promised Ross he would get custody of Danielle.

McBain promises to drag Ross in as an accessory in the deaths of all of Eli's other wives, and suggest he just tell him the truth. Ross is just about to spill, when McBain is informed that the judge in Danielle's custody case has issued a court order for Ross to appear in court. John tells Ross, he can tell the judge what he was just about to tell him.

Todd and Greg rush into the courtroom just as Ross is about to say something incriminating, no doubt, since McBain is standing next to him. The judge tells Todd and Greg to sit down, since they are late. Todd's attorney ask if it would be possible for Dr. Evans to offer his testimony because he felt it would be of value. The judge agrees. After he is seated to testify, she asks him if he knew Mrs. Manning's final wishes and he says, "Yes, Your Honor. Téa made it perfectly clear to me that she wanted Ross Rayburn to raise Danielle."

Dun, dun, da.....


Monday, September 27, 2010

OLTL—Monday–9/27—The Cherryvale Clinic

Today was VERY exciting, but we'll get to that in a minute.

Todd shows up at the park where Nate has just given Dani her first driving lesson.  Todd says he's been looking for her and he wants her to go with him.  When she wants to know why, he says, "Get in the car!"

Dani refuses to go anywhere with him until he tells her where they are going.  Todd tries several lies, but finally admits that he was going to take Dani far, far away.

Just then, Destiny and Darren walk up.  Nate gives Todd the idea that he needs to give the judge evidence of Téa's dying wish.  So, he decides to get Greg to testify in court, since he was with Téa when she "died."  When he doesn't reach him by phone, Destiny volunteers that Greg is in Cherryvale at the clinic.  Todd hops in his car and is on his way to Cherryvale.

Blair and Starr go to Todd's office to keep him company while they wait for the verdict on Dani's custody.  Starr tells Blair she is struggling with her feelings for James and they talk about it.

James wants Ford to pursue the person who sent the photos of him to the Dean.  Ford tells him he knows who he thinks it was, but he just wants to let it go.  James wants him to confront the person. Ford says "no."  He's decided to take a job at the mall camera shop instead.  James is like, "What?!?!"

Langston runs into Markko at the coffee cafe.  Markko's dad is having surgery so he came back to town.  He says that's the only reason.  When Lanston finds out about Markko's dad, she wants to know, "Why didn't you tell me?"  Markko answers, "Why would I tell you?"

Langston was hoping they would still be able to stay "friends."  Then, Markko receives a phone call, and it is obvious from the conversation he is seeing someone in California.  Langston asks about it and he says, yes, he and Karen have been hanging out.  As he leaves, Langston asks, "Will I ever see you again?"  To be continued...

Cole drops by his mother's for an unexpected visit. Marty looked good, for a change. She figures out that Cole is really there to visit Hannah and she is not that enthusiastic. He tells her he really cares about Hannah. She suggests he step back and give her a chance to heal, especially since he could be giving her mixed signals. But, Hannah is thrilled to see Cole.

Cole tells Marty he has not told Starr about Hannah and she urges him to do that as soon as possible.  He texts Starr and tells her he wants to meet and he prepares himself to give her the news about Hannah being released into Marty's guardianship.

Téa insists that Greg call Todd because she wants to see him and Dani.  Then she realizes she is not in the hospice and demands to know where she is.  Greg tells her she was moved because her condition has taken a dramatic turn.  She wants to know how much longer she has to live.  He tells her the tumor is no longer life threatening.  Tea asks: "You mean, I'm not going to die?"

Todd shows up at the Cherryvale Clinic looking for Greg.  He is standing right outside Téa's room when he calls out, "Evans?"

Dun, dun, da.....


OLTL—Friday–9/24—There are no do-overs, when someone dies!

Darren arrives on time for his first day of Driver's Ed., but Destiny and Dani never show up.  The instructor, Mr. Stein, is a parody of Ben Stein talking slowly and deliberately while Darren stares in disbelief, but tries to be as polite as possible under the circumstances. He was hilarious!  J.J. Singleton is one of the best new characters we've seen in a long time. There has been very little "break in" period for him.  Although he was a bit enthusiast in the beginning, during Langston's musical, he has settled in comfortably. I hope we can look forward to seeing him around Llanview for quite awhile.

Greg is at Téa's bedside examining her and talking to her, even though she is still in the induced coma.  Greg promises to get her back to her family as soon as possible. 

When he opens the door to leave her room, Destiny is standing on the other side. Oops. She followed Greg and wants to know why he is in Cherryvale and not at the hospital.  He wants to know why she followed him and is not in school like she is supposed to be.  Destiny says she is upset with him because she knows what he did.

As it turns out, she tells Greg she knows he did not tell Todd and Dani that Téa wanted to see them before she "died."  Greg defends his actions as "a judgment call" and acknowledges he made a mistake.  Greg explains that he is consulting on a case at the clinic and they have a brief conversation, then he sends her back to school.

When he re-enters Tea's room alarms are going off. He tells the nurse on duty there was a significant spike in her heart rate, but everything seems back to normal. He says he will stay with her until she is stable.

After finding out that Gigi's grant was reneged, Rex realizes there is no limit to Clint's revenge or to whom he will hurt for his own gain. He goes back to Clint's office the first thing in the morning to ask him about Gigi's grant. After some discussion it turns out Clint has so much influence, he could probably straighten out the situation, if.....

Rex says, "Ok, I need to be really clear on this. Are you saying you can fix things for Gigi?"

Clint: "I can do anything I set my mind to; even having you busted for breaking and entering."

Clint makes a call to L.U. and mentions Gigi's name and then has good news for Rex. Clint doesn't reveal the details, but his "help" has a twist. He arranges for Gigi to work as Christian Vegas assistant; which will only rub salt in Rex's wounds, as Gigi and Chris start spending more and more time together.

Rex walks into Rodi's right after Chris and Gigi get the good news from the Financial Aid office and Gigi is hugging Chris. Oh boy....

Rex goes to Kelly's office to update her on David Vickers. He tells her he tracked down David, but he doesn't want to come back to Llanview; and the only reason he left was because of Dorian and it had nothing to do with Clint.

He suggests that Dorian move on with her life, because David doesn't want to be found. — End of story.

Dun, dun, da.......


Sunday, September 26, 2010

OLTL—Thursday–9/23—Rex, you're a good man.

Ford tries to explain to the Dean that the photos were not his fault.  But.....

Dorian takes Langston shopping, wearing a wig and sunglasses to try to be incognito.....

Langston confesses to Dorian that she set up the camera that took the incriminating photos of her and Ford.  Dorian tells her, that is exactly what a Cramer woman would do and she is very proud of her.  Langston is definitely NOT feeling very proud and appears to be having some second thoughts.  Dorian orders Langston to forget about Ford.

Clint is now aware that Rex knows about "Vickers" although he tells Rex the Moroccan authorities had numerous warrants out for David, and that it was just a matter of letting them know his whereabouts.

Clint and Rex discuss why Bo needs to be protected from knowing that David Vickers is "...a two-bit con man, who, given the opportunity would drain my family dry and destroy everything that Asa Buchanan ever built.  Do you really want the whole world to know that the Police Commissioner's son, is a low-life criminal locked up in a foreign prison?"

"How do you think Bo is going to feel when he finds out, that on top of breaking several laws, you tried to get Matthew, Bo's own son, to cover for you?"

Clint continues to needle Rex about his financial commitments, ie., Ultraviolet, Shane's asthma medication, Gigi's tuition, etc. etc.  Clint offers to double whatever Kelly is paying him.  Rex puts on a brave face and tries to project confidence, that he has everything under control; but Clint says, "Things happen.  Grants get rescinded.  Awards get reassigned.  It would be such a pity if Gigi would have to drop out of school."  Then he adds, the money he could pay Rex would end all his worries and would probably even put Shane through college, and if managed properly, make him very financially comfortable.  He even offers financial consultants that can help him with that.

All Rex has to do is keep Vicker's whereabouts a secret.  Rex decides he needs to "get some air" and heads for the door.  Clint tells him to sleep on it before making a decision.  Clint: "You're a good man, and in the end, I firmly believe you will do what is best for everyone."

After Rex leaves, Clint calls the L.U. Dean to "call in a favor."  Clint then calls Inez to tell her about "a hunch" he has that things are going to work out for James.

Gigi gets a call from the Dean saying there was a mistake and her grant is being denied.

Dun, dun, da.....


Friday, September 24, 2010

OLTL—9/22—"I'm a Buchanan and you're not."

Today's episode was pretty HO-HUM.  It will be a challenge to pick out anything I could really call the highlight, so I will hit everything lightly.

Apparently, Carlotta Vega had been on vacation.  I was wondering where she was.  So when she gets back so chews on Christian about letting Layla go to Paris by herself.  I was surprised that she didn't even consider what a tremendous opportunity he has been given to be an instructor at Llanview U.  Geez, Mom.....

Clint runs into Inez at Rodi's and flirts with her.  She says she is upset because her son James won't be able to afford the tuition at L.U. now.  Clint sees an opportunity to rescue a damsel in distress!!

Starr and James continue to struggle with their feelings for each other.

Bo comes into Rodi's and sees Clint and Inez together and he gets a little jealous, or something.  Even though he has no claims on her other than she is his assistant, he still acts like she is HIS and not for Clint to toy with.  He does his best to convey to Inez, in a humorous way, that Clint has a temper and also quite a history of pointing his shot gun at anyone who ticks him off.

Gigi tells Kelly she wants to know if she is interested in Rex.  Kelly assures her, definitely not.

Gigi goes to her first art class and gets there early. Christian is very sweet to her and they have a short discussion about her art vision, before the other students arrive and class starts.

Rex is caught red handed in Clint's office by Matthew.  Matthew confronts Rex about the company files he saw him put in his briefcase. Rex tries his best to get Matthew to understand that he is on an important assignment, but it eventually comes down to "I'm a Buchanan, and you're not."  Then Matthew calls Security.  Clint arrives shortly after the security officer apprehends Rex, but Clint tells him, he will handle it.  Matthew wants to know if he should call his dad, the Chief of Police, but then realizes that "white collar crime" would be under the jurisdiction of the FBI.  Clint tells him to go back to his photo copying and he will handle Rex.

Marty testifies as an expert witness in Hannah Banana's court appearance. She explains about Hannah's very low self esteem and the fact that her parent have basically abandoned her, not even returning calls from the doctors at St. Ann's.  Nora is planning to press charges on several counts, including obstructing justice since she didn't tell anyone about Eli Clarke and then he was able to escape detection and continue his crime spree.

Marty tells the judge that she feels Hannah should be allowed to start a new life and that she is willing to act as a guardian/supervisor on her behalf. Cole was in the courtroom to offer moral support to Hannah, but even he is quite surprised when he hears his mother's decision!!

The Clint and Rex scenes were the most interesting today. Rex asks about the photo of David Vickers in Clint's drawer and Clint's attitude is basically, yeah, so what!  He tells Rex it will be in his best interest and also the best interest of everyone that Rex knows, if he keeps what he has seen to himself.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OLTL—Tuesday–9/21—B.E.'s Secret Weapon

Clint looks at photos of David Vickers cleaning toilets in prison and has a good laugh. The update on David has been brought to him by someone on his staff who Clint later describes to Matthew as "my handy man — B.E.'s secret weapon."

Matthew starts his first day as an intern at B.E. and asks a lot of questions, especially about "the handy man," but Clint diverts his attention and tells him, he's lucky that B.E. doesn't have stables on the property. That's where Asa made him start out. Instead, Matthew is going to learn the workings of the copy room.

Kelly comes by B.E. for a lunch date with Clint. The plan is to keep him busy so Rex can poke around in Clint's office. Kelly sneaks Clint's company access card out of his wallet, while he is instructing Matthew on what to do while he is gone; then she passes it to Rex when they go to Rodi's for lunch.

During lunch, Clint tells Kelly she and Rex need to back off of the search for David. She says she just wants to do right by her Aunt Dorian. Clint says he gets that, but wishes that now, she will do right by the Buchanan side of her family.

Clint tries to convince Kelly that David has a legal team trying to take B.E. away from the rest of the family. He urges Kelly to leave things well enough alone. Kelly says she thinks Clint is exaggerating, and he says if she continues her search for David, she'll find out how bad things can get.

Kelly: "Is that a threat?"
Clint: "Of course not. I'm worried about you, Kelly. Hell, I'm even worried about Dorian."

They wrap up lunch and Kelly calls Rex to tell him Clint is on his way back to the office and to get out of there NOW. Rex gathers his things and rushes out of the office and right into Matthew. Matthew wants to know, "What are you doing here?"

The court arguments continue in regard to Dani's custody and the judge listens. Ross, Todd and Blair all testify as to what they think Tea wanted.

Dani and Destiny sneak into the courtroom to listen to the proceedings and finally Destiny jumps up and addresses the judge saying she represents Dani and that Dani should be able to say who she wants to live with. The judge asks Dani to tell her how she feels. In the end, the judge suspends her decision temporarily.

Inez comes to campus looking for Robert Ford and runs into James. He talks to her about his painful childhood and how much he needed a mom, and that now, it's too late. They both cry.

After Nate leaves Dani with Destiny, and heads back to school, he runs into Robert Ford (with his box of office supplies) and they have a few tense words. Things calm down eventually. Nate realizes that Robert is "THE Ford" who won a directing award and of whose work, Nate is very familiar. Ford is surprised. It appears there may be some hope of a relationship developing.

Starr and Langston run into each other in the park and Starr confronts her about Ford. They argue back and forth, but Starr finally convinces Langston that what she did was way too extreme and now she has to go to the Dean and straighten everything out, because Ford might not ever be able to get another job with this black mark on his record. Langston relents and says she will do it.

Later, after Nate leaves, Ford is still wandering around in the park carrying that crazy box of office supplies when he runs into Langston.

Next thing you know, James is back at the park again and he is sitting on a rock crying when Starr finds him. She asks him what is wrong, and he turns around and kisses her.

This is what I want to know:

  • Are they all just wandering around in the park like a bunch of Monty Python characters?
  • Why didn't Ford leave his office supplies in the car?
  • And where is Ford's car? Does he even have a car?
Sometimes it's all, just too weird!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OLTL—Monday–9/20—Eli might be dead for real, soon

This was one of the most exciting Monday episode we have seen in eons.

Robert Ford is in a daze.  He chases after Langston while still carrying the box with his office contents.  He still can't figure out what is going on.  Finally, the light bulb goes on and he realizes, "You set me up."  Duh....

Eli tells Ross to do what he told him to do when he gets to court, and he will get custody of Dani.  Ross says it is a shame Téa had to die for him to get what he wants. He says they were together for a long time and he cared about her. He still thinks that it was just a coincidence that she "died" just before Eli came back.

Greg talks to Téa as she lays in a coma. He begs for her forgiveness. He tells her, he knows it's no excuse, but Eli had something on him, and he had to save his family.

Turns out, Eli slipped something into Téa's water in court so that she would faint and then he could take her to the ER. After running all the tests, Greg determines that Téa is perfectly fine and was on his way to tell her when Eli pops into his office. Eli tells Greg he has to tell Téa that she is dying, and threatens to harm his family if he doesn't.

Greg goes on confessing to Téa that he falsified records, switched x-rays and MRIs and prescribed drugs that would mimic tumor symptoms. He tells her that the hospice was Eli's idea. But when Téa changed her mind and wanted to see her family, it was killing him to deny her last wish. But on the other hand, he couldn't let Todd and Dani sit by her bedside, when that night he was supposed to kill her.

He tells her, "I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill you. But I also couldn't let Eli destroy my family. So, I had to make him think that you were dead. I called in every favor I could, to get you back into the states—to get you close to Todd and Dani. Then I bought myself a little time; for you to recover and for me to figure out what to do next."

"I was so afraid Eli would find us, then I heard that he was dead. It was all over the news. I went to Todd to tell him the truth, but then I received a text telling me to keep my mouth shut. I didn't know if it was Eli or not, but I couldn't take a chance. Can you believe Eli is alive? He faked his death, just like I faked yours."

Dani runs into Destiny while she is at the park with Nate. She is on a class field trip to collect leaves. Dani remembers that she totally forgot about the trip, but Destiny has already taken care of her friend by collecting two of everything. What a doll!!

Dani tells Destiny that Ross wants her to go back to Tahiti with him.

Blair and Ross argue outside the court room. She calls Eli a lying murderer and says "I hate him. I hate him" as she pushes Ross up against the wall. Todd rushes out and pulls her off of Ross.

Eli calls Greg again and says, "Tell me you're on your way."
Greg tells him he is busy with other things. Eli wants to know what could be more important than protecting his family, but Greg is tired of the threats and blows him off say he needs to lie still and rest otherwise the aneurysm could burst.

Greg tells Téa she is going to be fine; and, as soon as he can get Eli on the operating table, he is going to kill him!

Back in court, the judge determines that the Will is legitimate and Ross is awarded custody of Dani. Todd's lawyer asks that she at least hear arguments against the ruling since Todd was married to Tea at the time of her death and is the biological father of Dani.

Ross then produces Dani's birth certificate naming Ross as Dani's father.

Dun, dun, da.....


Monday, September 20, 2010

OLTL—Friday–9/17—Téa's Memorial Service

After Téa's memorial service, Starr says to Blair, "Who knew Téa was an Abba fan."

Dani introduces Nate to her Dad, Ross. Todd is visibly angry.  As Shawn walks by Todd, on his way out of the church, Todd asks him if he feels like doing a hit for him.  Shawn says if Téa saw the way Todd was acting, she would toss his butt out of there.

Nate asks Ross if he is planning to stay around for awhile and Todd interjects, "No, he's leaving tomorrow—alone."  The hostility escalates until Dani has to get in the middle, again.

Finally, Nate says he has to take Dani back to school, and gets her away from the Dueling Dads so he and Dani can talk.  She is struggling with her feelings about leaving with Ross or staying with her real dad, Todd and her new siblings, PLUS, she doesn't want to leave Nate.  He is ecstatic and gives her a major kiss!

Blair tells Todd they are all going over to La Boulaíe for a reception.  He says he wants to spend a few more minutes alone with Téa and stays behind at the church. He then confronts Ross who is in the vestibule and offers him whatever amount of money it will take for him to leave and never come back.  Ross tells him to forget it.  Then Todd tells him if he doesn't take the money, he's a dead man, again.

Ross says, "So this is your Plan B?  You threaten me and I give up my daughter?
Todd:  "No, I'm not threatening you."
Ross:  "What are you going to do, kill me?"
Todd:  "That's exactly what I'm going to do."

Todd then pulls out a hand gun with a silencer and points it at Ross.  They argue back and forth just long enough for Blair to return for some reason and she comes in just in time.  She gets in between Todd and Ross and convinces Todd not to hurt someone that Dani loves.

Greg is at Rodi's and receives a call from Eli.
Eli:  I'm waiting
Greg:  I told you, I had to pay my respects to Téa.
Eli:  Looks like you have a plane to catch.
Greg:  I need more time.
Eli:  "I am bored to death with being dead."

Finally, Greg tells Eli, "I'll get there, when I get there."

Just then, Shawn comes into Rodi's, overhears Greg on the call with Eli and wants to know what is going on with him.  Greg won't spill.  Shawn tells him he can smell trouble.  Greg tells him there is no trouble.  Shawn grabs the file that Greg is trying to hide under his arm and Shawn finds out he is carrying around medical records for Téa.  Greg explains he was just going over the records again to see if there was something he had missed.  Shawn's not buying it because he knows Greg is one of the best doctors there is and he never misses anything.  He confronts Greg and almost convinces him to talk about the "trouble" and stresses he just wants to help him.  But Greg says, no, he can't discuss it, and just stay out of it for his sake and Destiny's.  He tells Shawn he can handle it.

After Eli talks to Greg, he calls Ross and assures him the Will is airtight.

Natalie gets DNA off of an envelope that Eli licked and left with Renee at the Palace.  She's very excited until John tells her the Tahitian police lost the burned body, whoever it was.  BUT, John has Eli's wedding ring that the Tahitian police took off the burned body and gave to Blair.  Natalie thinks she can get DNA off the ring.  She has the lab put a rush on the results.  [Only in a soap opera.  In reality, DNA results take weeks, NOT hours.]  They find out the DNA from the envelope doesn't match the DNA from the ring.  Conclusion:  Eli is still alive.

Starr, Langston and James go to their first class with Professor Ford.  Just as class is starting, the Dean arrives and asks to talk to Ford privately.  When they go into the hall, she shows him the photos that were left outside her office, of him and Langston kissing the night before.  He acknowledges that it happened, but he seems bewildered.  She says she doesn't have a choice but to let him go.  He is in shock.

He texts Langston to meet him in the park.  When she arrives, he tells her he can't believe someone hates him so much that they would get him fired.  She plays along for awhile, but eventually drops the bomb that she is the one who hates him so much.  Wow, he didn't see that one coming.

After Greg leaves Rodi's, we see him in a hospital setting.  It must be in or near Llanview, as he is still wearing the same suit.  He picks up a chart, and goes into a room to check on a patient. As the camera gives us a better look, we are finally brought into Greg's secret and the mysterious patient he is attending.  We see that it is Téa and she is still alive, but just barely.  She doesn't look good!!

Dun, dun, da.....


OLTL—Thursday–9/16—Rex gets an eyeful

Thursday was teenager day.  Langston whines to Kelly about Ford and Jessica, so now Kelly knows that Brody knows about Ford.  Kelly gives Langston the age-old advice about Ford:  Don't get mad, get even.  Langston thinks about that advice and immediately calls Ford and asks him to meet her.

Cole takes Starr to Rodi's for a date night and Ford and James are there.  Ford gets the call from Langston and persuades James to stay at Rodi's for awhile longer.  James guesses that it is Langston that called.  Ford is very excited she is giving him a second chance.

Gigi and Rex have to discuss his involvement with Kelly and the fact that, for some reason, she always manages to see him half dressed.  Rex says that anyone who spends any time at all with him is bound to see some skin.  [I'm hoping we WON'T be seeing much more skin, until he loses the beer belly.]  Rex tells Gigi his boy toy days are over.  Gigi shoots back:  "It's Cougar Cub, try to keep up with the times."  [LOL.  I thought that was funny.]

Rex drops by La Boulaíe to tell Kelly what he has learned so far and accidentally gets an eyeful.  Kelly is on her way to take a long luxurious bath when Rex surprises her and she drops her towel.  Rex says that Jack let him in told him to go on upstairs.  Oh boy....

Rex is still working on his hunch about Clint.  He tells Kelly, "Clint still has a bone to pick with David and was practically doing a happy dance now that the guy is gone."  He wanted to make sure she is okay with him pursuing his hunch even though it may involve Clint, who is her son's grandfather.  Kelly says, go ahead, and tells Rex she will see what she can do about getting him after-hours access to B.E. so he can snoop around Clint's office.

Brody and Natalie have another discussion about if he is going to tell Jessica about the two of them.  He says he can live with their secret.

When John McBain tells Todd and Blair, there is nothing more he can do, he stresses that he is leaving it up to the "adults" in the room to handle the situation until they can go to court.  Blair convinces Todd to play nice.  They invite Ross to the memorial service and Todd offers to pay for a room at the Palace for him.

Langston meets up with Ford and convinces him she wants to get back together.  When she leaves his apartment, she gives him a big passionate kiss in the hallway where she had previously set up a video camera to record the whole scene. 

After Dani goes to her room, Todd tells Blair, "I'm gonna do whatever I have to...  I'm not going to lose my daughter."

Dun, dun, da.....


Thursday, September 16, 2010

OLTL—Wednesday—9/15—"But, Téa isn't..."

Greg and Eli continue their discussion regarding the details of how Eli pulled off everything he thinks he is getting away with, including how he was able to get the charges dismissed against Ross, how Ross was involved in helping Eli and what they are planning to do next.

We finally got the "hint" we've been waiting for.  A clue, if you will.  Or was it?  Greg and Eli argued back and forth and Greg expressed his disapproval of the plans Eli has for Dani.
Eli: "...after what you did to Téa..."
Greg: "But Téa isn't....."
Eli: "Téa isn't what?"
Greg: "What I was going to say is, Téa is not an issue anymore."

Todd gets Blair to come over and confront Ross about the Will. Blair said Tea was very clear about what she wanted:  Todd was to get custody, she was to be guardian if anything happened to Todd and Ross was not even in the picture. She then tells Todd to call the police. [Good for you, Blair.]

After Dorian's meltdown, Kelly is worried Dorian may not be able to carry out her duties as mayor unless she gets some kind of closure; like getting David back and then dumping him.  Kelly hires Rex to find David.  Rex decides to start his search by asking David's family if they know anything.  He finds Bo and Nora at the Palace and asks them about David in front of Clint.  Clint is like WHAT?!?!?

Rex leaves.  Clint quickly says his goodbyes and catches up with Rex.  He wants to know what Rex is doing and why; and doesn't he think that everyone would be better off if David stayed missing.  After it becomes clear to Rex that Clint has a major ax to grind with David, his detective antenna goes up and he makes a mental note of his suspicions.

Dun, dun, da.....


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

OLTL—Eli: Were you expecting someone else?

Monday's episodes always seem to zip by faster than the others; maybe because we've been deprived all weekend! 

This commentary includes Tuesday also.

Dr. Evans has been summoned to the hospice in St. Kitts by a mysterious phone call.  When he enters Téa's room, he finds Eli in her bed. That in itself was pretty creepy!  Eli is injured from the fire, but nothing too serious, it appears.  He fills in the details of his "death" for Greg while the viewers see video footage of what "actually" happened during the time John and Blair were outside chatting with the door closed.  [Like that wasn't suspicious from the start!]  We didn't learn too much more than what we had already figure out on our own.  He had loaded his gun with blanks, and made sure Blair would find it and try to shoot him.  He exploded a blood pack under his shirt, then knocked over the candles to start the fire.  He said he would have gotten out of there sooner if John McBain hadn't shown up.  The best part was when he said he found some guy who looked just like him to play the part of the body.  LOL.

He tells Greg, he has additional plans for him.  When Greg protests, he tells him that Ross is on the loose and could be circling his family as they speak. Greg finally asks him what he wants now.  Eli needs a doctor he can trust to take care of him, so he can get back out there and finish his vengeance. Greg does a few coordination test on Eli that don't bode well for a diagnosis.  He does x-rays and it turns out there is a pool of blood on Eli's brain that requires attention or it could be fatal.

So far, Greg hasn't given up any clues, as to whether he knows if Téa is really dead or not.

Brody presents Jessica with a ring, on which he just made the last payment and again asks her to marry him. At first she says no, as she doesn't feel she deserves him, but when he gets on one knee and professes his endless love, regardless of her child's biological father, she happily says yes.

Layla and Christian are going back and forth over who should take their respective job offers. Layla thinks they should BOTH take their opportunities and try a long-distance relationship for one year.  Christian wants to get married right away, and Layla wants to wait. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

Clint takes Inez to dinner at the Palace while Bo and Nora are waiting for a meeting with Dorian.  Bo is distracted by the two of them laughing and having a good time and starts telling Nora he thinks Clint is up to something and again brings up Matthew's apprenticeship.

Dorian arrives and gets right down to business, but it doesn't take long before she has a complete emotional breakdown and imagines that Bo and Nora are saying things about her and David, that they aren't saying.  She throws a tantrum, throws a glass of water on them, and then is banished from the dining room.

Ross shows up at Todd's and tells him he is not leaving without Dani.  He then produces Téa's Will that is "signed and notarizes" naming Ross as Dani's legal guardian.  When he says that, Todd knows something is up because Téa told him and Blair that she was naming Blair as guardian.

Dun, dun, da...


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fall 2010 TV Schedule

The Fall 2010 TV season is upon us, and now I have to make some decisions.  Honestly, there is only so much TV a "normal" person can watch, and there are A LOT of shows I want to watch.  I'll be blogging about some of my old favorites and checking out a few newbies that look promising.  These are ONLY basic broadcast TV shows, not anything from cable; because, I have other stuff that I watch—a few favorites on PBS and my DAILY daytime drama.  Whew... The newbies will be the first ones that I review.  So, this is what I am considering so far:

New Shows  Old Favorites
Hawaii 5-0Two and a Half Men
The EventNCIS: L.A.
ChaseThe Good Wife
Detroit 1-8-7Modern Family
Blue BloodsBig Bang
The Whole Truth 30 Rock
The DefendersThe Office
Nikita60 Minutes
Law and Order L.AAmazing Race
Trump's Apprentice    Desperate Housewives
OutlawBrothers and Sisters

As far as the new shows:  I've read all the reviews, watched all the promos and though I've likely left out a few, this is my basic line up for now.

On the old favorites:  Two and a Half Men went downhill last season, but I have a feeling they might be able to revive the humor this year. The original shows were hilarious.  I've had enough Dancing with the Stars.  I will probably watch the first one, but I don't care after that.  It's the same dances, over and over and over—just different dancers.  If I had nothing else to do, I would watch Castle because, I absolutely LOVE Nathan Fillion, but the show is just too sweet (sort of an updated Murder, She Wrote).  Desperate Housewives is getting a new housewife (Vanessa Williams) and the show is still entertaining.  I've watched Brothers and Sisters from the beginning and it has been an awesome show, but this is their last season—so I'm there until the end.  Also, Steve Carell is leaving The Office after this season, so, who knows...

P.S.:  This is the 17th season for The Amazing Race!!

I'll keep you posted.  Happy viewing!!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

OLTL—Friday–9/10—Dr. Evans Leaves Town

Starr and Langston catch up on the events of the afternoon and help each other decide what they need to do next with the rest of their lives.  Langston is struggling with moving on from Ford and not looking back, and Starr has decided just the opposite—to go back to the beginning and start over with Cole.

Even though Brody took out his frustrations on Ford, he is still in agony over the possibility of Jessica's baby NOT being his. He tells Natalie that it isn't fair for Jessica to feel like this is all her fault, when he is just as guilty and is keeping a secret from her.  He tells Natalie he is probably going to tell Jessica everything.  She asks him for a courtesy "heads up," when he does.

Kelly visits Todd to talk about The Sun.  They discuss Dani and other topics, then she brings up "the kiss" again.  The ashes have barely settled in the urn and Kelly is already hitting on Todd.  Geez...  I'm getting the feeling she will hit on an single guy in Llanview until something finally sticks.  Who's next?

Cole goes to the Fords' apartment and confronts James about Starr.  He wants him to stay away from her and has a hard time even agreeing to them being "just friends."  At some point in the "conversation" James pokes Cole in the chest to make his point.  [I HATE it when someone does that!!  At that point, I probably would have to BREAK his finger.]

Back at Todd's, we see Todd and Dani talking outside of the front door to the house about Ross.  From behind the bushes, we are made aware that someone is spying on them.

So at the end of this episode, and in typical Friday cliff-hanger style, we are left with a couple of clues, but even my detective instincts can't decipher them:  Greg was in his white doctor coat going through white double doors with a card key.  It sort of looked like the hospice, but I couldn't be sure.  For some reason, he doesn't look right into the room as he enters and then when he turns around, he sees somebody and says, "You're Alive."  He doesn't show enough emotion to indicate if he is happy, because he sees Téa, or shocked because he sees Eli.  I'm betting it is Eli.  Even though I don't think Téa is really dead, Greg seems to believe that she is, so he would have had a more dramatic reaction to finding Téa.  But, why was he going into Tea's hospice room in the first place?  Hopefully, we will find out more next week.

Dun, dun, da.....


Friday, September 10, 2010

OLTL—Thursday–9/9—I Did Something Terrible to Téa Delgado

Since I am personally interested in a good mystery, I will mostly focus on that type of story line rather than on what I consider to be the more minor, everyday stuff—especially when it comes to the teenagers.  That said, on to the story:

Brody's retaliation continued today and he might have beaten Ford senseless if Langston hadn't run to get a security guard.

Flashing police credentials is a typical "above the law" attitude that I have personally experienced in NYC, so..... now it gets written into a soap like it is just business as usual.  I hope there are repercussions for Brody's inappropriate behavior, but I doubt there will be.  Even Langston thinks he deserved it.

Greg tells Marty "I did something terrible to Téa Delgado." He goes on to explain, that in the end, Téa changed her mind and actually wanted her family to be with her, but he couldn't let that happen because "someone else didn't want it to happen, and I was only doing what I was told to do."

Marty wants to know who it was that wanted to keep Téa from her family and how was it that Greg was forced to do something he didn't want to do.  Greg apologizes and says there is only so much he can say, even to her; because people he loves will get hurt. Greg has already received three texts from an unknown caller saying, "Don't say another word."

John McBain stops by Todd's to extend condolences and also to ask Todd if he has heard from Ross Rayburn. He indicates that it is highly likely Rayburn will try to get in touch with Dani.  Remember when Téa sign her Will granting Blair guardianship of Dani, Eli switched the Wills and she signed a blank one.  It seems obvious the plan was to write in Ross Rayburn as Dani's guardian. That means Ross will try to take advantage of that after Téa's Will is read.

Shortly after John leaves, Dani receives an anonymous text message saying, "I'm coming for you."

Clint comes into the police station at Bo's request and openly flirts with Inez. He and Bo finally have the discussion they should have had BEFORE Clint offered Matthew an apprenticeship at B.E. Clint uses the argument that their Pa would have wanted it this way.

Bo is sensing there is something else going on, but can't figure out what, since they have already buried the hatchet about Bo marrying Nora, so he asks him directly, "What's this really about?"

Clint gives a pretty good blah, blah, blah cover story and they move on.  Then he presses Bo for a decision.  "Bo, can the boy take the job or not?"  Bo replies, "He can take the job, but if it interferes with his grades, he's out of there."

Clint is chomping at the bit with excitement and says, "I think this is going to be very, very good for Matthew.  I just wish Asa was here to see it."  As he leaves, he flirts with Inez again and then asks if he can call her to take her out to lunch, and she says, "yes."

Dun, dun, da.....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

OLTL—Wed–9/8—You're the Only One I Trust

Yesterday, Greg rushed out of the diner after learning of Eli's death.  He shows up at Todd's door where Todd is waiting for him to deliver Téa's ashes, but he doesn't have the ashes and Todd wants to know why.  Greg says he has something he needs to tell Todd.  When it actually appears that Greg might be ready to spill the real story, he receives a strange text message from an unknown caller that says:  "Don't say another word."

He then back tracks and covers what he started to say, and just says that the ashes are being sent.  He and Todd get into an argument about how Téa's final hours were handled and Todd shows Greg the door.

Todd is so distraught about Téa he goes to Marty for advice.  He asks her how she coped after losing Patrick.  Marty tells him it can take a very long time before the pain stops, and he has to focus on Dani now.  Todd says he already knows that.  She suggests he talk to one of her colleagues, but he says he hates shrinks, and then leaves.  After he goes home, a box is delivered from St. Kitt's from a funeral home.  Todd opens the box, takes out the urn and reminisces about Téa, then holds the urn in his arms and just hugs it. It's very sad.

Natalie and John are at his apartment getting ready for their OB appointment.  He knows something has been bothering her and tries to get her to tell him what it is, but she keeps making up excuses for why she is not acting happy.  When it seems that she is just about to tell John about Brody; Marty drops by to find out about Eli and why he would push her down the stairs.  John tells her it was because of him.  Eli knew John had gone to California to investigate the death of Melinda Cramer.  He also knew that if anything happened to Marty, John would drop everything and come back to Llanview.  Although he wasn't planning to actually harm her or the baby, he needed to distract John.

On campus, the teens are starting their first day of classes. Ford decides at the last minute to withdraw from teaching Langston's class so he can date her without breaking the university rules. Langston is beyond belief. She vows not to give in to his pursuit of her. James tries to talk to Starr after she argues with Cole, but then Cole comes back and sees them talking. That looks like trouble for tomorrow's episode.

After Jessica tells Brody about Ford, he goes looking for him, like a heat-seeking missile. When he finds Ford on campus talking to Langston, he grabs his shoulder, turns him around and *KaPows* him one, in the jaw. He makes one of those cartoon faces and goes down.  Nice..... Police brutality.

Greg goes to Marty for "professional advice."  He says he needs to tell someone something and she is the only one he trusts.  Dun, dun, da.....


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OLTL Tuesday 9/7 — Greg has something to tell Todd

A lot of characters put in appearances today and a lot of story lines were covered. Even Roxy was back!!  She casually mentioned she had been to visit Schuyler at Statesville. That was a lame storyline—that he is her son and not Rex.  Really lame.....

Brody and Jessica go to the obstetrician's office for their first sonogram appointment.  Dr. Wright takes Jessica into a private examining room and explains about the Rh injection and reassures her that it will stay confidential.  Then she asks Brody to come into the room to see the sonogram.  Brody is thrilled to see the baby and then goes on and on about "his" baby and Jessica just starts crying.  She can't keep the secret any longer, and finally tells Brody:  "This baby—there's a chance that it might not be yours."

Rex and Gigi are having a picnic at the park:  b-o-r-i-n-g!
He really is getting a beer gut!!!  NOT attractive.

Then we see Greg on the phone calling Eli.  He leaves a message saying this is his 3rd message about "Téa's death," and he needs him to return the calls.

Destiny then runs into Greg at the diner where she is waiting for Darren.  Layla and Christian are also at diner and Destiny extends condolences to them in regard to Téa, but as it turns out, they didn't know!

Layla mentions something about Eli's death and Greg overhears.  He's like, what?  "Yeah," she says, "it was all over the news today."  Greg seems to get somewhat upset and so Destiny says to Greg:  "Why do you care, you barely knew him."  Then he rushes out of the diner, explaining that he is late for surgery.

Kelly greets Blair and John when they return to La Boulaíe.

Blair goes upstairs for a shower and John gives Kelly details when she asks if he is sure Eli is dead.  He tells her, he won't know for sure until he sees the official M.E. report, but tells her they found personal effects on the body plus the wedding ring, but adds, the body was "burned to a crisp."

Before John leaves, he tells Kelly:  You did the right thing.  "We wouldn't have caught him without you."

After Blair returns from her shower, Kelly asks her if Eli confessed to killing her mother.  She tells her, "yes," and a lot of other people also.  Blair has been incredibly brave and stoic throughout this whole ordeal, but when Kelly tells Blair that Téa died, she completely breaks down in tears.

Kelly now feels like she has closure to her mother's death and decides to bring her ashes to the park and pour them into a stream or creek or something that isn't very inspirational—more like—YUCKY.  Does OLTL have replacement writers or what?!?!?

Natalie and John talk in his apartment.  She is trying to decide what to do about her secret. It appears that tomorrow or one day this week, she will tell John about Brody.

Todd is waiting for Greg to bring over Tea's ashes.  When he finally arrives, he tells Todd "I have to tell you something about Téa."

Dun, dun, da.....

I wouldn't hold my breath for any kind of a big reveal.  Keeping in mind this is a soap opera, Greg's statement is more than likely a teaser and the real secret will stretch out for a couple more months.

Today's episode was worth waiting for.  I wish it could have gone longer.

See ya tomorrow.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

OLTL—Thurs and Fri—9/2–9/3/10—Crispy Critter

Blair is holding the gun on Eli and saying she doesn't believe, for a minute, the story he is telling about his brother Ross being responsible for all of the murders, etc.  Eli lunges toward Blair in an attempt to take away the gun and they struggle.  The gun goes off, and Eli is hit in the stomach.  He stumbles back in disbelief, then falls against a table and knocks a lit candle onto the floor, setting the drapes on fire.

Blair appears to be in shock after realizing what has just happened, and even though she now knows that Eli is a serial murderer, she rushes over to him and tries to revive him.

Soon she sees that the fire is spreading throughout the room, and blunders around trying to figure out what to do next; throwing a container of water on the fire, to no avail, and then trying to beat the flames down with a towel.  When the towel also catches on fire, she tosses it to another part of the room so that other items then ignite!!  Good job, Blair.

To Blairs great surprise and relief, John McBain bursts through the doors like the cavalry, with his gun drawn.

Blair begs John to help Eli and refuses to leave him.  John persuades her to get out of the house, practically dragging her out, then closes the doors behind them.

He then commences to chat with Blair about what happened (what?!?!) and then FINALLY decides to go back to try to rescue Eli.  By that time, the roof and walls are falling down around Eli, so John gives up and goes back outside.

Ross Rayburn comes running into the scene and attempts to enter the house to look for Eli, but, he can see from the doorway, the situation is hopeless.

We didn't see ANYTHING more after that, and when the scene continues, Ross is in custody and Blair and John are in the police station waiting for the charred body to be recovered.

When the body bag comes in, Blair insists on viewing the body.  She recoils in horror, but a few minutes later says to John, "His face was burned so badly, it could have been anybody."

Dun, dun, da....  Now, when lines like that are written into the script, soap fans know exactly what that means:  With a small stretch of the imagination, the door is left open for the writers to bring back a "dead" character—alive and well.  It may or may not happen, as I've seen this pattern before; and it can go either way.  The writers drop hints about where the story may go eventually, but sometimes it never does.  If they do revive Eli, it will probably be about the same time they bring Téa back, because, as we all suspect, that story is NOT over yet!!  When Téa is found, Eli may still be pulling the strings.  But if Dr. Greg Evans really believes Eli is dead, he might finally have a case of conscience.

Remember, yesterday, Greg called Eli and said, "Eli, call me back.  We need to talk about Téa Delgado's ...... death."

A lot of other minor scenes were played out with other characters:

  • Ford works his mojo on Langston and they kiss
  • Starr and Cole argue and she leaves
  • James follows Starr and they flirt in the park
  • Viki questions Jessica about the Rh test
  • Brody questions Jessica's doctor about the Rh test
  • Gigi, Rex and Kelly are becoming entangled
  • Destiny and Nate visit Dani and bring food from the diner that Greg pays for because he says "It's the least I can do." (guilty much)
  • Shaun and his new doctor friend flirt at the diner (isn't that Greg's ex, before Rachel?)
  • And, John calls Natalie to ask her to postpone her sonogram so he can be there for it
I really can't get into the Todd and Dani grieving over Téa scenes, because I absolutely do NOT believe she is dead.  I'm always interested in a good mystery, so I obviously followed the "conclusion" of the Blair and Eli storyline more intensely.

See ya Tuesday.


Thursday, September 2, 2010


What have we learned about Blair and Eli in the last two days?  That even if you have a gun pointed at someone, it takes two days to squeeze a confession out of them; but wait, there's more.  During a struggle with the gun, it goes off and we are left with the two people staring at each other until tomorrow.

Langston and Starr go through their Freshman orientation and register for classes at L.U.  Langston is thrilled that she was able to get into an exclusive writing class.  She talks Starr into enrolling in the class also, when she overhears someone say they are dropping the class. Then, they find out that "Professor" Ford will be teaching the class.  Apparently, L.U. has made Robert Ford a full professor.  Oh, that's right, this is a soap opera. LOL  Robert encourages James to audit his class as a way to get a foot in the door at L.U.  Then, as Professor Ford, he will be able to get James a family discount on the tuition—more-than-likely, a "full ride," as he describes it.

So, yesterday, Clint tells Matthew that Grandpa Asa always hoped that someday Matthew would take over as CEO of Buchanan Enterprises because he could see that Matthew has the Buchanan Killer Instinct.  Clint is anxious to groom him for the family business (and also to be a pain in his brother Bo's behind) and so offers Matthew an apprenticeship at B.E.

Matthew goes to Bo to get permission to take the job, but Bo wants Matthew to focus on school, basketball and preparing for college.  Since Matthew has been acting like a spoiled rich brat lately, he goes off on Bo and brings up the fact that he can't believe he would actually hire Nate's mother as his assistant, when Bo knew it was Nate who "stole" his girlfriend, Dani.

What really surprised me was the way the writers have Matthew yelling at Bo, as though that is an okay way for a teenager to talk to his father.  And Bo didn't even flinch.  At least he could have mentioned something about disrespectful, but respect doesn't seem to be something that is taught anymore.

Bo ignores Matthew's tirade and patiently tries his best to explain that sometimes it just isn't the right relationship—that the timing is off, etc.  Nora comes in and takes Matthew's side.  Matthew leaves and then Nora continues the discussion about how there must have been plenty of other qualified applicants, yada, yada, yada.

Matthew finds Uncle Clint and tells him he will take the job.

After Kelly talks to Blair on the phone and then McBain assures her that the Tahitian authorities have Eli in custody (NOT!), she and Rex go back to his apartment and she tells him how grateful she is for everything he has done.  She then gives him a big hug, just as Gigi walks in.

Before you say, yeah BUT, nobody can break up those two; Kelly has made it her life's work to come between almost everyone's husband or boyfriend.  She can't help herself.

Cole shows up at the orientation looking for Starr.  Ford leaks the fact that it was Eli that attacked him and not Hannah.  When Starr finds out that Cole also knew about this information and didn't tell her—especially because her mother eloped with Eli—they have a big argument and she leaves.

Like I said at the top of the page:  There was a shot fired while Blair and Eli struggled over the gun and it will probably have tragic consequences.  All we can do is hope for the best.

Dun, dun, da.......