Tuesday, August 31, 2010

OLTL—Monday–8/30—What about Craig Pattison?

They toyed with us on Friday as to whether Blair would say "I do," but she did.  Eli was visibly relieved.  Little "Ross" just looked little, and now I sort of see why they cast him—he plays sleazy very well.  But, was that the only shirt they could come up with—a chambray western shirt?!?

When Ross picks up his bag to leave, so the newly weds can be alone, his cell phone falls out and is laying on the floor. Eli walks outside with Ross for a brief pow-wow and just then, Kelly calls Ross' phone number that she gets from the police file.  Blair hears the phone ring and picks it up, happy that there might actually be a signal now. When she finds out it is Kelly, they get into an argument again until Kelly finally gets through to her that John McBain has issued an arrest warrant for Eli.

She reacts with shocked surprise.  Now, Blair's eyes open a bit, she listens to all of the info that Kelly shares with her and THEN, Eli returns to the room and startles Blair.  When he asks her who is on the phone, she tells him it was Olivia Thompson.

Eli:  Am I supposed to recognize that name?
Blair:  I should think so, she's your wife.
Eli:  You're my wife.
Blair:  I am now.

Eli:  I've never been married before.
Blair:  Bennett Thompson was.
Eli:  Is this about Kelly's wacko theories again? 
I am not Bennett Thompson.
Blair:  What about Craig Pattison?

Eli:  Where is this coming from Blair, who was on that phone?
Blair:  I told you Eli.
Eli:  It wasn't Olivia Thompson, was it.
Blair:  Why, because she's dead, because you killed her.
Eli:  What?  NO.
Blair:  Just like you killed your first wife when you were Craig Pattison.

Eli:  This is insane.  Who is Craig Pattison?

Blair:  It's so true.  You killed those two women, your wives, and now you're going to kill me too, aren't you?

Eli is in major panic mode!!

Back at the hospice, Dr. Evans is telling Todd and Dani that Tea died and they had the body cremated.  Todd is not buying that story AT ALL, and even Shaun says he thinks there is something he's not telling.

"What's goin' on Greg, there's something you're not saying. What is it?"

The most frustrating and infuriating scene of all was when Clint shows up at Dorian's bedroom door, tells her how bad she looks and then goes on and on about David leaving her.  He even goes so far as to say it was all the "talk" on the morning drive radio programs.  But he gives her a gorgeous ring that he said David charged to Clint's account at Logan's, but didn't pick it up.  When she asks why he didn't just return it, he said because it was a perfect square cut diamond, and he felt she deserved to have something after everything she had been through.

Destiny confronts Matthew at the country club and tells him she is not happy about his attitude lately.  She tells him to "beware of the dark side" and he promises to only use the force for good.  Just then, Clint shows up to offer Matthew an opportunity with Buchanan Enterprises.

Dun, dun, da.....

Saturday, August 28, 2010

OLTL—Friday–8/27—There is More to This Story

OK, don't panic or jump to conclusions about Téa.  I've been watching this story for a VERY long time, and unless we actually see the person die right in front of our eyes, there is a VERY good chance, the person is NOT dead.  This is a typical soap opera pattern.  They put the character in limbo for as long as is necessary for the actor to go off and do another gig, or whatever.  Remember, this is a day-after-day story, with no end.  Life happens, and they work that into the script.  These episodes are taped MORE than a month ahead, so there is plenty of wiggle room.

Remember, the character of Markko went off to film school at UCLA, but in reality, the actor is performing in a Shakespeare production somewhere.  He'll be back after this Summer and will probably tape episodes for when he comes back for Christmas break or something and then Langston will have to make decisions again, because you know, by then she'll be involved with Ford... again.  THIS IS A SOAP OPERA.  But, isn't that why we love it.  It goes on and on, just like our own lives.  I'm in it for the long haul now.

So, today wasn't that eventful. I'm wondering if we are still viewing a Thursday cliff hanger instead of a Friday, which we will then see on Monday.  At any rate, nothing was really that shocking today.

Blair did not say "I do" yet, so there still could be some twist coming.

Even though Greg said "Téa died last night," I think, he is really hiding her somewhere. I am not getting this from spoilers or Internet gossip, because like I said previously, I don't read it—I like to be surprised—this is JUST my opinion.  No matter what Eli is holding over Greg, he is NOT going to suddenly turn into Dr. Evil.  He is a dedicated doctor and he has taken an oath to do no harm.  He will protect Tea in the end.  I believe she is NOT dead.

Her family, on the other hand, is going to be devastated and who knows what will happen next.  Todd's face showed signs of doubt, so he may not believe Greg.  Monday's episode, should be good.

Apparently, Ross Rayburn DID shrink in the wash, as a fan commented on Twitter.  I hate to be height prejudice, but those two "brothers" look ridiculous together.  Weren't there any other actors available?!?!  How could they possibly cast that actor, just because he has soap experience and he does low-life well?!?!  Somebody on Twitter called him "mini Ross" I have to agree. A real disappointment!!

I really don't want to talk about Kelly and Rex. I hope that doesn't develop into anything!! And how funny was it when John was looking at maps on a bulletin board instead of on the Internet. Yikes. Thanks and a shout out to @minorman.

So that's about it, until next week.


Friday, August 27, 2010

OLTL Thursday–8/26—Evil Uncle Clint

Well, too bad.  David's abductor turned out to be Evil Uncle Clint.  Not only is he taking revenge on David for chasing Kim away, but also on Dorian for stealing Buchanan Enterprises from him.  Clint has no intentions of sharing the Buchanan fortune with anyone except his MOST immediate family. I guess that would be his children and grandson, plus his brother Bo and his son Matthew. Apparently Clint figures this is the best way to keep David away from the Buchanan money, since he is afterall a Buchanan, and also keep Dorian out of their pockets.

Clint had a professional forger write the note to Dorian "from" David and also to update his My Face page so that everyone thinks he is gloating about his new-found "freedom."  Clint tells David the Moroccan authorities were more than happy to give him his old cell back, for the next 20 years!!

That was pretty clever.  I was wondering how they would explain all of those details.  Right now, I have to say, the writers are really covering all the angles very carefully. They haven't left any questions unanswered when it comes to how something was accomplished that we didn't see on camera. Like, how Eli got away during David's abduction.

Starr and Langston take Dorian home and she goes berserk when she sees David's clothes in her bedroom. I have to keep saying how said I feel over that situation and how well Robin Strasser is playing the part of the woman scorned.—There needs to be an Emmy nomination for this story.  The girls convince her to take a long hot shower while they De-David the room.

Marty and John have a couple of scenes together.  He tells her about Natalie's pregnancy and she reacts emotionally.  Natalie comes back from her assignment at the country club and interacts with Marty.  When Marty tries to congratulate, Natalie, she can barely talk.  To be honest, it wasn't a very good performance. The only way they are ever going to get their money's worth out of Susan Haskell is if they bring back Thorsten Kaye, somehow.  ABC:  Think about it!!

Cole was with his mother at the police station when he learned from John that Hannah was actually innocent of all charges.  John made him promise not to tell Starr about Eli's involvement and he agrees.  Cole then rushes over to St. Ann's to see Hannah. Cole finds out that Hannah was actually willing to sacrifice her own life to save him.  He is overwhelmed. When he leaves, he holds her hand for a minute.  She is definitely in his heart!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

OLTL Wednesday–8/25 — Mysteries Revealed

Today's episode just flew by.  It was a good one and we got some answers.

Todd had HIS goons hit Shaun over the head and tie him up.  David is in a foreign prison (UH-OH).  But, I got one right—Blair and Eli are in Tahiti with Ross Rayburn.  Eli didn't have goons after all—David was the target and Eli just got a break.

McBain and Kelly are trying to sort through what they know.  She is very frustrated and disappointed and breaks down emotionally.  As always, John comforts the damsel in distress.

Téa has a change of heart and doesn't want to die alone.  She asks Greg to bring Todd and Dani to her.  Todd threatens Shaun.  Dani comes home to find Shaun with Todd. She pleads with Shaun and he relents—they are on their way to Téa.

Greg calls Eli and tells him Téa has changed her mind.  Greg is starting to have second thoughts after all.  It is clear that Eli definitely has something on Greg because he threatens to blame everything on him if he doesn't go along with the original plan.  Blair comes outside and overhears part of the conversation and questions Eli.  He covers up fairly well, as usual.  Blair is blinded by love, as always.

Viki tries to comfort Dorian, by telling her she is absolutely sure that something has happened to David.  It turns out, David is in Morocco.  He is trying to figure out who would abduct him, but is confident that Dorian knows he loves her and would never leave her at the altar (again); and, she will be looking for him.  Viki does a very good job of reviving Dorian.  She says some wonderfully comforting things to her.  Dorian vows that she never wants to see David again!

James is trying to get Langston to hang out at the country club with him.  She begs off, until Ford shows up.  She then suggests they go swimming and flirts with James.  In the end, she asks someone from the country club to show Ford the door.

David finally sees who is behind his current dilemma, but we don't.  There is only one person who hates David THAT much, and rightfully so—someone powerful enough to pull off a caper like this.  I know, you know who it is.  Boy is David in trouble now—UNLESS, yes, there is a way out of this—if he gives up the information he is holding.  You know David by now—he'll spill!!

Turns out, this could just be a rumor:  Someone from the current cast has been axed.  It was "confirmed" on Daytime Confidential.  But you know they always bring actors back when/if they need/want them for their story lines.  We'll see...


OLTL—Tuesday–8/24—The Great Escape

What did we learn today?
  • Starr and especially James are very childish
  • Jessica and Natalie have both lost their sanity. Both of them confessed to their mutual gynecologist they are only 99% sure of their baby daddies
  • Darren and Destiny are the most mature people in the room
  • Eli has goons we didn't know about
Here is what we don't know:
  • Where is David?
  • Where have Blair and Eli gone?
  • Will Dorian need to be committed to St. Ann's?
  • Since when is Shaun dating Greg's ex?
  • Why does Eli have it out for Blair's entire family?
So, indulge me while I speculate a bit:  Eli has forced David to write the letter to Dorian and then forced him to participate in Eli's escape from Llanview.  Eli is taking Blair to Tahiti because his brother Ross Rayburn has somehow been involved in all this from the beginning.  Dr. Greg Evans is not really Dr. Evil. He will soon figure out that something is wrong and pretend to go along with Eli.  Téa will NOT really be dead by the end of the week. We will see her again, sometime after this whole mystery unravels.

Now, onto today's story:

Eli's goons pounce on Detective Price and knock him out. That is all Price remembers. After that, Eli escapes and David disappears.  John, Brody and Bo show up right after the great escape, and Bo finds the note that is addressed to Dorian.  The LVPD finally tracks down Eli's car at a small airport where two people who fit the description of Eli and Blair, took off in a small plane with a pilot who did not file a flight plan.

Shaun gets conked over the head by someone and dragged away; presumably because Eli overheard Dani pleading with Shaun to help her find Téa. (Eli isn't taking any chances.)

Bo gets Nora to give the note to Dorian, which we assume says that David has left town.  The wedding is called off and Dorian destroys the cabana and Langston finds her sobbing on the floor.  Poor Dorian--I really feel sorry for her!! She should get an Emmy nomination for that performance.

I can hardly wait until tomorrow!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

OLTL—Monday–8/23—"Let's Just Disappear."

Nothing too dramatic happened today. Not as much action, as I had hoped there would be.

Eli is starting to panic on the inside, but is still staying cool on the outside.  He senses that John McBain is probably closing in on the truth, so he tells Blair he wants them to "just disappear" and convinces her to elope "right now."  He tells her it is because he wants Dorian to have her day and not have to share it with them.  Blair is just SO in love, she goes along with whatever he says. 

I had speculated last week, that Blair might actually be having second thoughts about Eli and all the accusations, and maybe even "playing" him a bit; but this week, my theory went out the window.

Langston brings James to the wedding and Cole decides to have a word with him.  He tells James he knows he came by their apartment and he wants him to stay away from Starr.  They almost get into a fight, but Shaun steps in to cool things down.

Vicky stops by David's cabana to congratulate him and also to remind him that the last time he and Dorian were supposed to get married and he left her at the altar, she was devastated.  David says it was his brother (Spencer Truman) who forced him to do that and then adds, don't worry, this is the real thing. Dorian comes in just as they are hugging goodbye, and she has a twinge of jealousy. After Vicky leaves, she asks David again, if he is sure he still wants to get married and if she can be sure he is going to show up. He says, "There isn't a doubt in my mind. Somebody would have to kill me to keep me away from that altar."  When he said THAT, all I could think was, UH-OH.  That is never a good sign when they write words like that into the script!!

Nora struck out with the judge and the warrant for Eli's arrest.  McBain tells Kelly he needs her help, and she has to persuade Robert Ford to tell the truth and give them the evidence they need to get the warrant.  In the meantime, John heads over to the judge's office to try to argue for the warrant even though the judge says there is just not enough evidence.  After his passionate and angry plea, and even mentioning his and Marty's baby, the judge says he feels this case is much too personal and he shouldn't even be involved with it.  Just then, Kelly enters with the signed statement from Ford and the judge signs the warrant.

Darren sees his brother, Detective Theo Price, at the country club and finds out he is working on a case.  Darren later tells Destiny that something big must be going down, because his brother is working undercover.  Eli overhears this conversation and realizes the situation is more desperate than he thought.  He takes his suitcase into the cabana and chit chats with David telling him that he and Blair have decided not to go through with the double wedding and they are flying away to get married.

David is actually glad to hear the news and says, "How romantic."  When he turns his back to gaze at himself in the mirror, Eli takes a gun out of his suitcase and puts it in his waist band.

When John McBain gets to the country club with the warrant, David is in the cabana with Eli (and the gun).  John knocks on the door.  He shouts, "Police—open up."  He tries to open the door, but it is locked.  Then he says, "Clarke, I know you're in there.  We have a warrant for your arrest."

Hopefully, David won't get shot in the process, but it seems probable he might get taken hostage. Oh, no!!

Dun, dun, da....


Sunday, August 22, 2010

OLTL—8/20—"There's Been a Change of Plans."

Dorian rushes into the library/study of Llanfair, just as Viki is coming in from the garden.  At first Viki thinks that possibly Dorian has lost her mind, but no, Dorian tells her she is just deliriously happy and in love with David, and that they are planning the wedding of the century for this afternoon.  She invites Viki and Charlie to the wedding.

David mingles around the country club for awhile and invites basically everyone he sees to the wedding.

After Inez calls Elijah Clarke to hire him to help her son, she puts Robert on the phone to talk to Eli.  Ford almost has a real heart attack.  Eli threatens him again and then hangs up.  Robert and Inez have a screaming fight and she leaves.  She goes directly to Bo and asks why her son is chained to a desk.  Bo explains it is standard procedure and as soon as he gives his statement, he will be released.

Meanwhile, Eli and Kelly have an unexpected encounter at La Boulaie and they take their "discussion" to the living room.  Eli suggests that Kelly seems to be having mental health issues and that he knows her family would spare no expense in having her institutionalized so she could get the help she needs. She just laughs at him, but continues to badger him with her theories.  Eli says that if any of her accusations had any substance, John McBain would already have arrested him.  Just then, McBain walks in with his assistant.  At the same time, McBain gets a call from Bo saying that Eli knows they have Ford, so to back off.

Kelly and Eli both think that Eli is about to be arrested, but in order to avoid suspicion, McBain is forced to arrest Kelly instead.  He tells Eli that Kelly broke into his hotel room because she is convinced that he killed her mother and she just couldn't leave it alone; even though they checked it out and were told by the Medical Examiner that Melinda died of a heart attack.  Eli says that Blair told him Kelly had been acting irrational lately, but he had no idea.  He adds, "It's sad, really."

Nora goes to talk to Ford and he recants the statement he gave to McBain and says he lied about everything.  Nora goes to Bo and tells him that obviously he had been threatened by Elijah Clarke and wants to know how in the world Clarke found out they were holding Ford.  Inez says it is her fault and explains what happened.  Norma goes berserk just as McBain walks in and figures out what must have happened.

They desperately try to figure out a Plan B and Nora goes off to try to get a judge to issue a warrant before it is too late.

Eli enters the cabana where Blair is dressing for the wedding.

Blair:  "Eli, what are you doing?
You know it's bad luck to see the bride
before the wedding.

Eli:  "There's been a change of plans."


Friday, August 20, 2010

OLTL—Wed 8/18 and Thurs 8/19

I enjoyed Wednesday's episode so much, I watched it twice.  After that, I couldn't think of anything I wanted to say.

The scenes between Dorian and David are so much fun, they have to be seen to be appreciated.  No words can adequately describe their chemistry.  I know it's only a soap opera, but didn't Dorian look absolutely radiant?  Either that, or somebody did a fabulous makeup job on her. They finally got her out of those dowdy, frumpy suits she wears as Mayor Lord, and put her in a beautiful flowing caftan.  She looked ten years younger; and definitely looked way better than Hillary (Clinton) did in the caftan she wore to Chelsea's rehearsal dinner.

When Blair and Eli enter the living room and announce they are planning to wed that day, David jumps in with, "You can't." (Why not?) "WE'RE getting married today."  After the dust settles and everyone closes their gaping mouths, and after much ado, Dorian decides the best solution should be to have a double wedding with Blair and Eli. What?!?!?

Best line:  David tells Langston and Blair that he forgives them for coming on to him, in the past, but that's over because, "My heart only has room for one goddess."

The rest of Wednesday was mostly blah, blah, blah until the end.

A few highlights:  Ford tells John he was blackmailing Eli, Brody overhears Jessica on the phone inquiring about a paternity test and Natalie shows Rex and Kelly the photo she pieced together from the shredded papers in Elijah's hotel room.

Kelly's reaction: Whoa.....  Jackpot!!

On Thursday, the wedding plans are finalized.  David asks his "Pa" Bo to be his best man and Bo agrees.  As usual, David was very entertaining.  David picks up on the "Inez factor" and warns Nora to watch out for the telltale signs that something is up with the two of them. He reminds her that Kimberly started out as Clint's assistant also. Well, we'll see...

Biggest reveal:  Now we know the connection between Bennett Thompson and Robert Ford.

John McBain interviewed Ford extensively and a lot of details were revealed. I am going to summarize what we learned and still try to cover everything accurately.

Ford tells John, he met Mrs. Bennett (Olivia) Thompson when he lived in L.A. and they had an affair. Their rendezvous were always at her house. Ford knew what her husband looked like because there were pictures of him in every room—all 20 rooms.

The house and the money were Olivia's.  According to Ford, "The woman was loaded."  Olivia revealed to Ford during their affair, that Bennett had only married her for her money.

John is hoping that maybe Ford and Olivia are still in touch, but Ford said, no, she ended it "out of the blue."  He phoned her and left messages and even went to her house, but it was deserted. It was as if she just vanished off the face of the earth.

When Ford came to Llanview with David Vickers to do their reality show, David hired Elijah Clarke to protect his best interests.  Ford met Clarke and recognized him as Bennett Thompson.  He called him on it, but he denied it. That's when Ford got the idea to blackmail him. When Eli paid, Ford knew Eli had something to hide. But Eli got tired of paying and that's why he tried to kill Ford.

Things we still don't know:
Eli's connection to Kelly's mother. My best guess, Eli had his wife Olivia committed to the same asylum where Melinda was and that's how they met.  Also, what is his connection to Dr. Greg Evans?  Greg was also in California before he came to Llanview, so maybe that is where they met.

Unfortunately for Ford, his mother Inez, who is now Bo's assistant enters the file room and finds Bobby in the room writing down everything that he just told John.  He tries to get her to stay out of the situation, but she gets the bright idea that he needs an attorney and goes about trying to find one for him.

When she leaves the room, she goes through the files she is carrying and finds Cole Thornhart's case that is marked "Dismissed" and so looks for the attorney name.  Of course, it is Elijah Clarke, and so, she calls him.  What?!?!?  Oh, that's right, this is a soap opera.

Inez explains everything to Elijah over the phone and now he is on his way to the police station.  Let's hope Robert isn't trapped in that room when Eli shows up. With his wrist chained to the desk, he is defenseless and, it will be like shooting fish in a barrel, as they say.

Dun, dun, da.....


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OLTL—8/17–Tuesday—My Middle Name is Clarke

Slow "news" day.  A few things are moving along, but nothing major yet.  I can't reveal any juicy spoilers because I don't read them—mostly, because I like to be surprised.  A few fans on Twitter like to show they are in the "know," so have been dropping a few spoilers.  So, sometimes seeing the rumors and spoilers is unavoidable unless I stay off Twitter altogether.  I still believe that patience is a virtue, so I'm going to try not to spoil anything.  About as far as I like to go, is expressing my own personal theories, as to how things might turn out.  That said....  I did read that an actor who was on OLTL in 1983, is returning as the same character.  That will give you something to ponder.

Continuing from yesterday, David and Dorian's kissing scene looked uncomfortable; a far cry from their former glory.  For me, the spark isn't there anymore.  But...  They both said "I love you" and took their renewed passion back to La Boulaie where David proposes to Dorian. They are planning the nuptials for tomorrow.

Downstairs in the living room, Blair and Eli are settling on a wedding date—also TOMORROW.  But before that discussion, Eli receives a call from Dr. Greg Evans.  Greg tells Eli that Téa is settled in and Shaun has left and not to worry—he won't breathe a word to anyone.

Eli: "Good. I'm glad you convinced Téa to go into hospice."
Greg: "It's what's best for everyone."
Eli: "I sure am glad you feel that way. Now all you need to do is stay with her, until the end."

Blair is observing Eli, who is out on the patio, and overhears part of this conversation.  While he is distracted, she decides to look in Eli's briefcase and takes out his passport.  As she debates whether to look at it, she recalls the conversation she had in John McBain's office when John tells her he is investigating the possibility that Elijah is involved in three murders, and then warns her to "keep your distance for now, and DON'T let him suspect anything."

Dr. Evans tells Eli he feels bad for Téa being at the hospice, waiting to die all alone.
Eli:  "It's what she wants. Which is very convenient, considering it is exactly what I need."
Greg:  Why is that Eli?  Why was it so important to separate her from her husband and daughter who want to be with her until the very end?"

We didn't get an answer to that question yet.  But it is starting to look like maybe, Greg is really not part of Eli's scheme and has somehow, unwittingly become entangled in it.  That makes more sense than having Greg suddenly become Dr. Evil.

Tea has a heart-to-heart talk with Greg and he seems extremely sympathetic. I actually think, he may be having second thoughts about going along with "the plan."

Until today, Blair had been acting clueless, but now it appears, she DOES suspect Eli, and she is going to play him until she gets the answers she wants. When Eli questions why she has opened his briefcase, she says she wants to plan a very special trip for them and doesn't want to go anywhere he has already been.  She wants them to enjoy the whole world together.

Then she asks him about his "real" name.  He explains that "Clarke" is his middle name and his last name is actually Rayburn.  He goes on to say that his brother Ross's reputation was starting to taint the family name, so he decided to change his.

Todd calls Shaun and tries to hire him to find Téa, but Shaun turns down the job.  He is struggling with his decision to keep Téa's location a secret. Todd tells Dani, if nobody else can do the job, he will find Téa himself.

John McBain continues his conversation with Hannah and gets every last detail out of her.  He assures her he has someone keeping an eye on Cole so that nothing will happen to him and he will also be protecting her; so she should just play along with Eli.  He tells her, he is going to talk to Ford.

Starr and Langston talk about Langston going out with James.  Langston messes with her head a little, but then says she knows James asked her out because he thought it would make Starr jealous, then adds, "...and from the way you've been acting, I think he was right."

Ford and James make a pact:  "Bros before Hos."  YIKES!!  There is a knock on their door and it is John McBain.  When Bobby goes to the door, John handcuffs him.

Dun, dun, da.....

Monday, August 16, 2010

OLTL—8/16–Monday—Lots of Reveals and Surprises

Since OLTL did not air last Tuesday, today we were treated to an episode that was obviously written as a Friday reveal with a major cliff hanger. At least we don't have to hold our breath until Monday. LOL

Téa has Shuan Evans drive her to the hospice to elude anyone that Todd may have hired to follow her. It works, because, even I couldn't tell if they drove all the way there or not. Todd's hired help said that Téa bought airline tickets to three different destinations. Todd is very discouraged by the news, but tells Dani there is something he wants to show her. He takes her to a rooftop location and they watch the Perseid Meteor Shower which started on Friday morning in NYC.

David admits to Clint he has proof that he drove Kimberly away and offers it in exchange for a taped confession that Clint is NOT in love with Dorian. Dorian gives Mandy a diamond and emerald three-piece set she is wearing and a fist full of cash, to confess on tape that she was pretending to be in love with David. They later confront each other with their individual tapes, scream at each other for a couple of minutes, then lock lips. I guess David will hang around until he starts taping the Fall season of Desperate Housewives where he has been promoted to a "regular." He and his partner broke up last season, so, I guess they will be getting back together. We'll see..

Jessica confronts Ford and gives him another chance to tell the truth. Surprise, surprise:  Ford admitted to Jessica they had sex!!  I must be silly to think it would have turned out any other way.  We need another anxiety-provoking dilemma to get us through the rest of the Summer. Oh- that's right, this IS a soap opera.

Natalie tells Viki and Clint, she is also pregnant. Clint says, "I'm assuming it's John's." Gee thanks, Dad. You're a real charmer.

Hannah tells John McBain EVERYTHING, including that it was Eli who pushed Marty Saybrooke down the stairs.  Hallelujah!!!  John still has the problem of trying to prove any of this information with no witnesses and the fact that it is coming from Hannah Bananas.

Eli tells Blair that John is badgering him and Blair tells him Kelly is behind it. Then he performs a circus act and magic tricks all rolled into one to convince her that he has nothing to hide.

Do I have to say it again:  Blair, oh, Blair!!

Looks like there will be even more secrets revealed, before the end of this Bennett Thompson insanity. 

Of course, the biggest reveal of the day, that was leaked on Twitter last week: Dr. Greg Evans calls Eli to tell him Tea has checked into the hospice. Eli says: "...everything is going according to my plan."

That doesn't necessarily mean that Greg is involved in Eli's scheme; only that he was asked by Eli to phone him when Téa arrived.

Dun, dun, da.....


Saturday, August 14, 2010

OLTL—Friday–8/13—Eli is Running Out of Options

Today, was more-or-less a summary of the week's events, but not too much of anything new was revealed.  Every storyline was left right on the edge.  Now, we have to wait until Monday—AGAIN.  Gee, I guess that's the point—this could go on for years.  LOL

At least we got to see Eli in action today.  He is one of the scariest characters I have seen in awhile.  Mitch Lawrence was scary, but he was insane—that's different.  Remember Dr. Spencer Truman?  He was very scary, and guess who fell for his charms, also. — Yep, Blair oh Blair.

John McBain is finally getting a step ahead of Eli.  His interrogation of Eli in the hallway outside of Hannah's room was awesome.  Eli almost broke a sweat, but he is amazingly cool and he always has all the right answers.  He is going to have a much harder time finishing what he started—if, he can even accomplish that.  Did you catch what he said to Hannah: "You're supposed to be dead. Now, how are we going to fix that?"

Even though Hannah has self esteem and mental/emotional issues, I still like that Cole is very kind to her.  His critics call him "boring," and suggest that bad boy James would be a lot more exciting for Starr.  But Cole is just what Hannah needs right now, and I'm not in favor of breaking up a committed couple/family like Starr and Cole and Hope.  Unfortunately, the reality of life is, we live much longer than people used to and limiting our relationships to one man and one woman for the next 60 years can be an amazing challenge for anyone.

Starr and Langston confront the Fords and Starr tells James there is no future for them.  He takes that news in stride and decides to ask Langston out on a date.  Both Starr and Bobby get bent out of shape over that.  Bobby protests, but James tells him, he had his chance with Langston.  Starr can't say anything.

Natalie tells Rex she is pregnant.  He's all excited and can't figure out why she isn't over the moon, but she covers her reactions, as usual.  She agrees to try to piece together the shredded papers from Eli's shredder.

Kelly really gets Jessica going when she tells her about Ford having blood work done at the hospital.  Jessica is ready to break into the hospital computers until Kelly tells her that, if she gets caught, which is pretty likely she would, how would she explain to Brody why she wanted to see Ford's medical records.  Instead, she chooses to confront Ford and goes to his apartment.

John McBain enlists the help of a doctor at St. Ann's to get Eli out of Hannah's room so he can talk to her alone.  He tells her he doesn't believe she tried to kill herself, and he wants to know what is really going on.

Dun, dun, da......


Friday, August 13, 2010

OLTL—8/12—This baby is John's—Now and Forever

Rumors are flying about Téa's brain tumor.  I still think it will turn out as I predicted and as others are also predicting:  Eli has either administered a drug that gave her a brain tumor – or – Dr. Evans is the mysterious accomplice and he is also in on it.

Somehow, I'm not seeing Greg as a bad guy, unless he did something horrible in his past and Eli is blackmailing him.  But Greg appears to be extremely straight laced and totally on the up-and-up.  One question that has NOT been answered:  How is it that Bobby Ford knows that Eli is Bennett Thompson?  None of that history has been revealed yet.

Here are today's highlights:

Todd shows up at Llanfair wanting sympathy from Viki.  Jessica shares her pregnancy news and Todd says, "Good for you."  Viki finally convinces Todd to go home and help Dani grieve and to share his grief with her; then leads him to the front door.

"Are you kicking me out?" "Yes, I am."

Danielle is crying her eyes out on the sofa when Nate shows up and dumps his problems on her, before he realizes what is going on with Téa.  Inez dumps her problems about Bobby, James and Nate's reaction that they are brothers, on Bo, but promises this will be the last time she talks about it.

Kelly and Rex figure out their next move and Rex decides to ask Natalie "on the down-low" to piece together the shredded papers that Kelly rescued from Eli's shredder.

Brody and Natalie spend most of the hour, arguing about her baby's daddy. John walks into Layla's apt. where Natalie and Brody are finishing their investigation and realizes that she has blabbed to Brody about the baby and is asking him not to say anything to anyone.  John wants to know why she told Brody, when she told him she wanted to keep it a secret, and she covers by saying she had to explain to Brody why she got sick while they were working.

John is suspicious that something isn't as it appears, but he can't put his finger on it.  He questions the two of them casually about the investigation.  He reveals to Natalie that it looks pretty telling that Eli Clarke is Bennett Thompson, but that there is nothing solid yet, so, that information is still confidential; but he plans to cover every aspect of the situation until he gets to the bottom of the truth.  They both look at each other, as though their secret is probably already showing on their faces.

When they are alone again, Brody begins to put pressure on Natalie to tell the whole truth, especially to Jessica.  Natalie ends the discussion by telling Brody, "this baby is John's — now and forever."

Kelly overhears Langston tell Starr that Bobby Ford had a blood test at the hospital—so she tells Jessica, there is a possibility he had sex with her after all.

So, now we are back where we started—Jessica doesn't know if Ford or Brody is the father of her baby, and Natalie doesn't know if John or Brody is the father or her baby.  In my opinion, this is a very irresponsible storyline on the part of the writers. This IS 2010. Those kinds of scenarios should NOT be happening to modern women who are no longer naive teenagers!  OK, I'm getting carried away—it's only a soap opera—it's only a soap opera.

Starr and Langston talk about the Ford brothers. Starr convinces Langston to accompany her to tell James to stay away from her.

Starr and Langston show up together, at the door of the bad boy brothers.

Dun, dun, da.....


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Computer Problems Resolved

It took a couple of days, but I finally got the computer to behave; so, I'm a lot happier today.  Hooray! 

We get so addicted to the Internet.  It is shear deprivation when we can't just jump in there and do whatever we're used to doing.  We are definitely starting to take the whole thing for granted.

As it turned out, my "problems" weren't really problems—so all is well. I just had a bunch of stuff sitting around, and it was hogging all of my memory, so I had to clean house a bit.

But, just as a reminder, and something I learned the hard way a couple of years ago, BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS.  I do it everyday.  And if you have less than 2 gigs of files, it is free with Mozy.  For unlimited storage, I think it is just $4.95 a month.

Here is the link: https://mozy.com/?ref=S475KC 

They are safe and very reliable.

Today, I added the Tweet Button to my blog.  It's up at the top and also, over on the right, part way down the page.  Twitter is awesome.  Thanks, Twitter. I'm also trying out the TweetDeck which was released by someone else, but it is an efficient way to keep your Tweet groups organized.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

OLTL—8/11–Tuesday—Viki is Back—Kelly Gets Lucky—Téa says Goodbye

I'm having computer problems today, so I'm not in a very good mood, but I will do the best I can to muster up some enthusiasm for our favorite divergence.

It always makes my day a little happier whenever we get to see David Vickers Buchanan at his best.  Really amusing today.  Viki is a saint the way she puts up with him, especially since they're not even related like she and Todd!!

Anyway, Jessica could hardly get in a word edgewise. David just blurts out the news about her pregnancy and her upcoming marriage!!  Then we get to see Brody's reaction to Natalie's news.  Yikes.  He was really insensitive and not at all thrilled she is going to take a chance on the paternity.

Very sad goodbyes for Téa, Todd and Danielle. [A lot of fans are ready to jump ship if Téa dies, but I'm not convinced she is really going to die. On the positive side, the acting has been exceptional!]

I can see why the chatter on Twitter about Kelly Cramer has been very unflattering.  She is actually being very annoying in her role. Surely, they are not forcing her to act that way.  Who knows.....

So, Eli comes back to his room at the Palace Hotel and Kelly narrowly escapes detection. She is hiding under the bed as she watches him shred papers from his briefcase (which were Evangeline's files that he stole from Layla's apt. yesterday.)  Kelly texts Rex to come to her rescue.  He has Eli called to the lobby for "a visitor" while he gets Kelly out of the room. They take the shredded papers with them.  [Good luck with that jigsaw puzzle!!]

John McBain heads over to Layla's apt. where Natalie is wrapping up her forensic investigation.  She and Brody are discussing her pregnancy and the need to keep it a secret, just as John walks through the door.

Dun, dun, da............


Monday, August 9, 2010

OLTL—Monday–8/9—What is Going On with Tea?

Today, several major storylines were impacted. Not a typical Monday, where there is usually very little action.

Continuing from Friday, we see the aftermath of Christian's encounter with Eli.  While Chris is unconscious on the floor, Eli collects all of the incriminating paperwork that was Evangeline's.  He was THOROUGH.  He found his mug shot under the table and got everything. According to Natalie who was sent by John McBain to comb the scene, he didn't leave a scrap of evidence.

Layla rushes home when she can't rouse Chris by phone. She finds him on the floor and finally convinces him to go to the hospital.

Téa says her goodbyes to Blair and asks her to be Danielle's legal guardian. Téa and Blair cry a lot and reminisce (through video recaps) about their history's highs and lows. Blair was emotional and very sweet to Tea. Eli arrives to have Téa sign the will he prepared for her. Téa asks him to add Blair to the will as Danielle's legal guardian. Since she said she was leaving for the hospice that night, he hand wrote Blair's now into the blank space allotted for "legal guardian." But then, he did a "switch-a-roo" with another duplicate will in his briefcase, so it appears that Téa did not actually sign the amended will.

[I'm guessing, Eli will fill in the name of Ross Rayburn to the will that she signed. Anything is possible. On Friday, I presumed Eli would overlook the mug shot photo, but, I was wrong; he didn't!!]

Kelly just won't take "no" for an answer and John has to have her escorted out of the police station. She goes directly to the Palace Hotel and bribes a hotel employee to unlock Eli's room door for her. She is rummaging around in his things when he returns to the room.
Dun, dun, da....

The other story: The Ford boys. Inez tells all three boys they are brothers. Bobby is angry that she revealed the secret, Nate is angry that he was lied to his whole life, but James is emotional, probably because he had to grow up without a mother, and NOW he has someone who is willing to be the mother he always wanted.

Biggest surprise of the day:
In the last scene, Natalie tells Brody she is pregnant.

[Don't forget—no OLTL on Tuesday. There is a 3-hour General Hospital marathon as a prelude to the return of a popular character: 
Brenda Barrett]


Saturday, August 7, 2010

OLTL—Friday–8/6—A Surprise Ending!

So much happened today, I don't even know where to start. There were several cliff hangers that will now open up new storylines.  But let me just say—Nothing is better than a surprise ending!!!!

[Sure, I was expecting something to happen, but not what actually DID happen, and I jumped out of my chair a bit.  LOL.]

Nora asks Eli to come by her office and she tells him she got a call from St. Ann's about Hannah's overdose.  He acts surprised, but you can tell he is relieved—until Nora tells him she survived.  He almost has a coronary on the spot.  Nora has to ask him if he is okay.

Téa explains to Danielle and Todd that she wants to go away to a hospice so they won't have to see her deteriorate further and further.  That conversation doesn't go well, to say the least and Dani locks herself in her room.

[I am hopeful the hospice experience will turn out as I suggested yesterday—a place where Eli thinks he can take control of Téa's demise.  But, maybe if he can be stopped in time—her brain tumor can be reversed.  Of course, in keeping with the true soap opera tradition.]

James drops by Starr and Cole's apt. while Cole coincidentally drops by the Ford brother's apt.  Cole wants the truth about Hannah attacking Ford, but Ford doesn't give up an iota.  James bares his soul to Starr about his feelings for her and how he doesn't think she seems that happy with Cole.  She tries to get him to leave, but Cole returns and finds them together.  Cole stays completely under control and gets James to leave.  Cole questions Starr's feelings, but she tells him, HE is everything she needs.

Bo helps Inez make a decision about telling Nate he has two brothers.  Bobby and James open their apartment door to find Nate and Inez staring at them.

Blair goes to John McBain's office to tell him to back off of Eli and that he and Kelly are both out of their minds.  "Eli is a good guy."  While they are arguing back and forth, Layla comes in and tells John about Evangeline.  Blair is very moved by the news and tells John they can talk later.  After she leaves, John cries!  He asks Layla to sit down and chat with him about everything that happened and she gets around to the subject of the living will and mentions Bennett Thompson.

John almost has his own mini-coronary when he hears her say Bennett Thompson, but he keeps his cool.  He asks her a few questions and then she tells him that Vange had a file on him that was among the papers she brought back with her to Llanview.

As they are talking, Eli happens to arrive outside McBain's office and overhears the conversation, thus learning about the file.  He then rushes off.

John says he would like to see the file because it relates to a case he is working on.  Layla says she will tell Chris to bring it to the station.  During her phone conversation with Chris, guess who comes into their apartment, [Have you ever noticed how no one ever locks their doors in Llanview?!?!] and then, WHAM-O, Chris gets hit over the head by guess who!

[Hopefully, Eli will be in such a hurry to grab the file and get out of there, he won't notice that his mug shot photo has fallen out and it is now on the floor UNDER the coffee table.]

Dun, dun, da.....  See ya next week.


Friday, August 6, 2010

OLTL—Thursday–8/5—Rumor: Could It Be True?

Before I talk about today's show, I want to talk about a rumor that keeps popping up everywhere—that Dr. Greg Evans could be Eli Clarke's accomplice.

I don't read spoilers, but maybe other people have, and that is where this plot line is originating. I don't know anything for sure.  But, I've given it some thought, and it does have some logic to it.

  1. First of all, I keep wondering where Eli is getting all the drugs he needs to fake heart attacks and now, to OD Hannah. [A doctor]
  2. Also, since Eli probably has a grudge against Téa because she lied to his brother Ross about Danielle being his daughter, he could have gotten someone [A doctor] to give Tea a drug that caused her brain tumor.
  3. We know Eli drugged Rex' food in Boston. Where did he get that drug? [A doctor?]
  4. Eli wants to hurt Todd, since he shot Ross, and killing Téa and Blair would achieve that goal.
  5. Lastly, what is Evangeline's connection to Bennett Thompson and is that why she's dead now?
Anyway, I haven't heard anything official, just a lot of Twittering.  So, I guess we'll know, when we find out.

Today Todd has Dr. Evans come to the house to find out what is going on with Téa's memory loss.  She convinces Todd to leave and then has a private consult with Greg.  He explains what her symptoms mean, and then tells her she probably only has WEEKS to live.  He gives her a brochure and suggests she think about it, so I am guessing, he is suggesting some kind of a hospice. [Where Eli can have more control over the situation. — I'm obviously playing into the conspiracy theory now.  But, why not.  It makes about as much sense as anything else at this point.]

Christian and Layla come back from Maryland and Christian breaks the bad news to his mom at the Buenos Dias just as Todd walks in and overhears. Todd goes berserk when he imagines that surely, something could have been done and that they just gave up on Evangeline. Danielle intercedes and calms things down.

Why did we have to watch those boring scenes between Bo and Nate's mother, Inez. [I hope that story line picks up a bit — S-N-O-O-O-Z Alert!]

There were several scenes with the teenagers, but nothing worth mentioning yet.  Hot stuff to come.....

Biggest scene of the day: 

Eli Clarke / Bennett Thompson mug shot falls out of a folder that was among Evangeline's papers that Layla brings back to Llanview with her.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

OLTL—Wednesday–8/4—Someone To Love You

Today's episode covered a lot of pressing issues, and the ending was better than expected.

Natalie finally makes her decisions and goes to John's office. She tells him THEY are pregnant. Poor John, if it doesn't turn out that way.  He was really surprised to hear the news, but said he felt it was "a sign" that they were meant to be together. Natalie asked him to keep the baby a secret for awhile.

David and Dorian continued to do shots at Rodi's until they are staggering and quibbling like children in front of the jukebox.  Gigi finally cuts them off and they are asked to leave since it is past closing time.

Of course, Cole saves Hannah just in time. She is going to survive. He decides to stay there all night since he doesn't trust the staff to keep an eye on her. [And how is it that he is being allowed to do that? — Oh, that's right, it's a soap opera.]

Starr and Langston finally get some girl time and share their feelings and ice cream.

Ford and James move into their new apartment and immediately receive a visit from Eli who threatens Bobby about talking to Hannah. Ford said he didn't tell her anything and that it wouldn't matter anyway since no one would believe her. Eli says she won't be a problem anymore because she has been dealt with. Ford is literally freaking out when he realizes Eli means he killed Hannah. He comes back into the apartment and tells James to stay away from Eli and that if he sees him, to run the other way and then call him as soon as he is safe. Now James freaks out and wants to know what is going on, but Bobby just says he is handling it.

Best scene of the day:  Blair and Kelly

When Kelly can't convince Blair that she could be in great danger if she marries Eli, Blair just gets angry and accuses her of trying to interfere with her happiness. Even when Kelly tells her that Eli might not be who he says he is and that he might actually be Bennett Thompson and also a murderer, Blair just scoffs and says, "Oh, so now, he has a secret identity?"

Finally, when nothing else works, she reluctantly tells Blair that John McBain believes it too, but he asked her not to say anything because it could jeopardize the investigation and John is taking it very seriously. When Blair hears "investigation" she starts to pay attention.

Just then, Eli returns from harassing Ford, and suggests to Blair that they have some wine, and take this upstairs. Now, Blair acts afraid, but doesn't let on. She shrugs off her doubts and they head up the stairs.

At the end, we see Cole holding Hannah's hand and looking at her very tenderly.  She looks beautiful and very peaceful.  He definitely has a place in his heart.  He knows how much she loves him. 

It's very sad.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OLTL—Tuesday–8/3—Life is (Too) Short

It's always a good day when I get to see my favorite characters David and Dorian interacting in the way that only they can.  As a bonus, Jerry verDorn (Clint) is such an awesome actor, he is perfect as Dorian's shenanigans sidekick.  And by the way, he is being a great sport! [Oh, that's right—it's a soap opera. I keep forgetting.]

Eventually, when it looks as though he has truly had enough for the evening, David suggests they "do shots" to liven things up. Clint complies with conditions:  "OK, but none of that fruity crap."  He's hilarious. After David and Dorian have a few shots, things should get interesting on Wednesday.

[I'm watching David Letterman while I'm trying to write this and he is doing a GREAT interview.  It has nothing to do with what we are talking about, but, I feel a lot better for having seen it.]

A-n-d, we're back:

More Natalie/John/Jessica/Brody "what if fantasies" about Natalie's "daughter" learning how to shoot pool at Rodi's or Natalie's "son" looking through a tiny magnifying glass in John's office.  ENOUGH already.  Make a decision and live with it.  As radical as it may sound, wiping the slate clean and starting over would alleviate A LOT of stress for everyone—especially the viewers.

Without having to reveal any of her suspicions, Kelly convinces Blair to wait on the wedding by using Dorian as an excuse (that she would, basically, have a hissy fit).

Eli finishes what he started with Hannah and leaves her to die.  He arrives at La Boulaie to take Blair to the airport and is NOT happy about the recent developments.  He realizes, he has Kelly to thank for the change in plans.

McBain's research turns up a 2004 death certificate for Bennett Thompson.

Big surprise of the day: Todd and Téa.

Téa looked absolutely beautiful.  She was apparently hallucinating from her brain tumor yesterday and didn't recognize Todd, but she magically snapped out of it, they didn't have to rush her to the hospital and they actually did get married.

After the wedding, Cole tells Starr he has an uneasy feeling about Hannah, ever since she called him; and, he wants to go by St. Ann's and check on her.  He (somehow) gets past security at St. Ann's, but is stopped at Hannah's door by a nun who says she is not to be disturbed. Then he (somehow) gets the master keys and goes into her room and finds her unconscious on the bed.

[Since it looks like the cliff hangers are just bait, to get us hooked into watching again tomorrow, and not based on the actual storyline; we should probably look forward to Hannah NOT passing into oblivion and being saved by Cole, just in time.]

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

OLTL—8/2—Wow--I Didn't See That Coming!!

Just the highlights today.

John McBain answers the call from Boston and talks to an associate of Glenn from the Hall of Records, who informs him that Glenn has just died from a heart attack!!  What?!?!?  (I wasn't expecting THAT at all! Those kind of surprises make it all worth it.)

Kelly is convinced that either Eli is Bennett Thompson or he KNOWS Bennett Thompson. BUT, the big glitch turns out to be that Eli was back in Llanview—so, does he have an accomplice or how else did he murder Glenn?

Cole tries to call Hannah at St. Ann's, but is told she does not have phone privileges, "... and besides, she's meeting with her attorney right now." He finally listens to Starr's voice messages and rushes home, where she tells him about Téa.

Jack goes back home to get dressed for Todd's wedding and to try to convince Blair not to marry Eli. When she turns her back to take a phone call, he starts unpacking her bag. He tries to talk her out of leaving, but she is still hopelessly blinded by her diamond, so she can't see a thing past her hand.

Finally, Kelly shows up, and when she finds out Blair is flying to Vegas to marry Eli, she says, "No Blair, you can't marry Eli." (But you already know it isn't going to be that straight forward. Blair will interpret her "concern" for something else—probably jealousy.)

Natalie is sitting in the parking lot of the Planned Parenthood Clinic with Gigi, trying to decide what to do about the baby of unknown daddy. So, we are shown several fantasy scenes of what might happen if everybody finds out that the baby daddy is really Brody. None of the alternative endings goes well.

Returning to the Eli and Hannah scene from yesterday where he pulls out a gun:  Since he can't really shoot her in the hospital, he has decided to force her to take an overdose of pills, otherwise he will force Cole to take the pills instead, and then throw him in the Llantano River. Of course, she takes the pills. (Oh yeah, did I mention this is a soap opera.)

Todd and Dani are in the living room waiting for Téa, and Dani is looking at Todd's photo album where she sees her mother marrying the previous actor who played Todd--Roger Howarth. (For me, it is always cool when the show does that kind of thing instead of trying to pretend it never happened.)

Dani asks Todd if he misses his old face!!!!! Todd says, "Are you kidding? Look at me." (Personally, I think St. John is a breath of fresh air compared to Howarth, who I thought was a boring, one-dimensional actor, but that's my opinion.  A lot of fans tuned in JUST to see him.)

In the final scene today, Téa appears to be hallucinating and says to Todd, "We can't get married, because YOU are not Todd Manning." (Either the brain tumor is affecting her memory and she only remembers how he used to look—OR—"this" Todd is much too nice to be the "real" Todd and she is just kidding around; but she definitely didn't look good. I'm sure we are on our way to the hospital—posthaste.)

Tomorrow, tomorrow.....


Monday, August 2, 2010

OLTL—7/30—It was a VERY busy Friday

Todd, Téa, Daniella, et. al.
  • Todd has all of Téa and Dani's things moved out of The Palace Hotel and into his home. When the girls arrive to give Todd "what for," he welcomes them "home." Téa tries to protest, saying the move was supposed to be AFTER they got married; but Todd tells Téa he has arranged for them to be married that evening!
  • Todd asks Starr to come over and Téa tells her about the cancer. She is overcome with disbelief and indicates that surely her father can do something. Todd says, "If I could buy a way out of this, I would."
Blair and Elijah
  • Over at La Boulaie, Eli does a very persuasive sales job on Blair, talking her into eloping to Vegas to be married that night. Blair is so head over heels for Eli she says "Viva Las Vegas" then goes off to pack.
  • Jack overhears the plans and rushes over to Todd's and insists he has to stop Blair from marrying Eli.  Jack likens Eli to the main character of a movie he watched called "Bad Dad 2" where the stepfather from hell also turns into an ax murderer and chops up the whole family. Todd just thinks Jack is being overly imaginative.
Starr and Cole
  • After the trial, Starr and Cole head for Rodi's to celebrate. (This doesn't make much sense to me since they can't drink, but maybe they were just looking for John McBain.)
  • Starr and Cole have a chance to have a heart-to-heart and mutually agree they want to start over, and seal their decision with a kiss.
  • When Cole is alone with John McBain, he mentions that something just doesn't seem right about the whole case against Hannah and that when she called him, she said there was more he doesn't know.
Dorian and Clint vs. David and Mandy
  • At Llanfair, Dorian plays games with David by telling him she is together with Clint again.
  • Clint goes along with it, but indicates to Dorian privately that this charade has a price.
  • He wants naming rights on the new sports arena downtown, and wants it to be named Buchanan Field.
  • Dorian happily agrees to the request.
Ford and Hannah
  • At St. Ann's, Hannah begs Ford for his help and he agrees.
  • He apologizes for the way he treated her, but reveals to Hannah that Elijah threatened to do more than bash his head in, if he didn't go along with the plan.  
  • He tells her he has "insurance" (Ford knows about Bennett Thompson) and that a letter will be mailed to The Sun if anything should happen to him.  He suggests that she write everything down also, then he leaves.
  • Hannah writes out her letter indicating that if she is found dead—she has been murdered by Elijah Clarke. Eli arrives just before she can give it to the nuns to mail. He reads the letter and is NOT pleased, that yet again, she refuses to go along with the plan.
Kelly and John McBain
  • At police headquarters, Kelly overhears McBain asking his assistant to fax something to Boston.
  • Kelly distracts the assistant and finds out that it is a photo of Elijah Clarke.
  • John refuses to deny or confirm his suspicions, but Kelly finally figures out that Eli and Bennett are the same "tall, dark and handsome" guy who paid off Glenn at the Hall of Records.
  • Glenn receives the fax and calls John.  John answers the call, then looks at Kelly. Hopefully, on Monday, we'll know what he said.
Eli tells Hannah:  "This is the last mistake you will ever make." 
Then pulls a gun out.

Fade to black.............