Monday, January 31, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice Spring 2011

I realize this is old news; but in case you are interested in the show, I have been asked to blog about the upcoming installment of Donald Trump's most popular series:  Celebrities acting badly (or ridiculously, we'll see...). 

The newest Celebrity Apprentice will start airing Sunday, March 6, 2011.

The cast is as follows, listed in alphabetical order:

Gary Busey - Actor
Jose Canseco – Baseball Player
David Cassidy - Partridge Family
Hope Dworaczyk - Playboy
Richard Hatch – 1st winner of Survivor
La Toya Jackson - Singer
Star Jones – Talk Show Host
NeNe Leakes - 'Real Housewives of Atlanta'
Lil John - Rapper
Marlee Matlin - Actress
Mark McGrath – Singer
Meatloaf - Singer
John Rich – Big and Rich
Lisa Rinna – TV Star (Days of Our Lives)
Niki Taylor - Super model
Dionne Warwick - Singer

I will do my best to publish my comments asap after the episode airs.

Stay tuned...


Sunday, January 30, 2011

OLTL—Fri–1/28—"Kelly Cramer is loaded."

Nothing too dramatic today—possibly a prelude to some Monday drama; but more-than-likely, the cliff hanger will turn out to be innocent and the suspense will continue for awhile longer.

Todd visits Blair at La Boulaíe to return their wedding album to her.  She tells him about her trip to Paris and the artist who painted her portrait from their wedding photo.  She still wants to know how the photo turned up in a Paris flea market.  When she glances through their the wedding album, she discovers that the photo that she got from Tomas was actually missing from the album.  [A new mystery begins!]

Tomas gets an unexpected visit from the art dealer who gave Blair his address.  They have a conversation about that and the dealer justifies giving out his address by saying he thought he would enjoy a visit from a beautiful woman.  He also leaves Blair's Llanview address with Tomas.  At first, he throws it away, but later retrieves it from the waste basket.  [I expect we will be seeing him at the front door of La Boulaíe, sometime soon.]

Aubrey goes to Cutter's room to update him on her visit with Clint.  He wants to move on to another "mark."  She doesn't want to start all over again with someone else, but he says, this time, it's his turn.  He tells her that Kelly Cramer is loaded. 

That is the last thing Aubrey wants to hear.  She tries to convince him that she has the situation with Clint and Joey under control and he should just forget about Kelly.  He says okay, but as soon as she leaves, he makes dinner reservations for two.

Kelly and Joey have been chosen as godparents for Jessica and Brody's "Asa" and Rex and Gigi are to be godparents for Natalie and John's "Asa."  When they get to the church and the minister asks for their baby's names, both sets of parents say "Asa" at the same time.  Everyone says it must be a twin thing.  They huddle again for further discussion and they each decide they will switch the first and middle names.  Their choices are:  Liam Asa McBain and Ryder Asa Brody.

The christening was beautiful and very emotional.  Everyone is ready to celebrate at the after party, but...

Aubrey has an announcement.  "Before we start the party, there's something I would like to tell everyone."

Dun, dun, da....
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

OLTL—Thurs–1/27—"Fix this, or I'll fix you."

Today was an extension of yesterday's episode and more details came out.  The action is really starting to heat up.

Center stage is Dorian and Rex; Echo, Chuckles and Viki; Bo and Robert Ford; Aubrey and Clint; and Joey, Kelly, Cutter and Aubrey.

After Dean McKenzie shows Bo and Ford the $50,000 she found when cleaning out Ford's office, Bo and Ford go to police station for a chat.  Ford wants to know if he is under arrest, and Bo says, "No, not yet."

Ford is firm that he did not take the money from the motel room AND he did not kill his father.  Bo wants to know why was the cash in his office.  Ford says, "Someone planted the money, just like they planted the gun in my mother's apt.  You have got to believe.  Bo says, "I do."  Ford is stunned, and answers back, "You do?"

Bo wants to know where he got the money.  Ford tells him the whole story of how he got it from Clint, because he had something on him.  He tells Bo about Mr. Black and Mr. Blue and how Clint ate a sandwich while they practically beat him to death.  He explains to Bo the beating was because of his involvement with Jessica when she wasn't herself; and then when she turned up pregnant, there was a possibility he could be the father of her baby, and Clint wasn't going to let that happen.  He adds, "Apparently, Clint is really into revenge."  Bo lowers his eyes and nods his head.  Bo appreciates that Ford leveled with him and says he will talk to Dean McKenzie and see if there is anything he can do to help.

Starr finds out from James about his scholarship problem, but then finds out that he also texted Michelle about it.  When Michelle finds James, she says she thinks there is something they can do to help and she is going to check into it.  She goes on to say, he can depend on his friends.  "Right Starr?".  "Right."

Aubrey goes to see Clint and gets right to the point.  "If the pre-nup was designed to get rid of me, it's not going to work.  We're crazy in love and we're going to get married, no matter what.  Except that now, in Joey's eyes—you're the bad guy."

"I don't mind being the bad guy.  That's something I learned from my pa.  Sometimes you have to do what you have to do."

Clint calls Aubrey "cheeky."  She tells Clint, he will un-disinherit Joey or else.  "There's no tricks, no traps, except for the one you set for yourself.  Either restore Joey's inheritance or risk your other son getting his hands on the family fortune.  I'm looking forward to the christening.  It will be too bad if your daughter finds out her baby daddy isn't who she thinks it is."

"What do you mean?"

"What do I mean?  Fix this, or I'll fix you."

When Joey drops by Cutter's room and finds Kelly, he wants to know why she is there.  Cutter tells him they are having a breakfast date.  Joey gets all bent out of shape and says, "Kelly are you kidding me?  What about Kevin."  She explains that Kevin was more or less an experiment that didn't really work out."  Joey:  "So, in other words, Mr. Right is still out there?"  She acknowledges that "yes" that is how it is.  Joey apologizes then leaves.

Rex and Dorian meet at The Palace because she wants to hire him to investigate Clint Buchanan.  He wants to know why.  "Because I think he's a liar.  Not only a liar, but a vicious and vindictive snake." 

"What do you think you will find out?"

"I think Clint has done something dreadful to someone."  Rex wants to know who this "someone" is, but Dorian is still working up the nerve to tell him.  She does finally blurt out that Clint is his father and not Charlie and that Clint tampered with the DNA test.  She suggests he have another test done.  Rex refuses to believe what she is saying, and adds, even if it is true, he doesn't want to know, because he would rather have Charlie as a father than Clint.

Echo and Charlie are having a little "love in" in the Llanfair living room.  They have just come back from an AA meeting and she tells Chuckles she doesn't think she has the confidence to follow through with the sobriety.  Then, she confesses her feelings to him.  Viki gives them a minute, but then enters the room.  Charlie jumps up like a kid caught doing something his mother told him not to do.  [Boy, that guy is a handful!  Viki is a SAINT.]

Echo offers to take the photos of the christening, but Viki says Joey is a
professional photographer and HE will be taking the photos, since it is going to be strictly a family affair.  Echo excuses herself to go make tea for everyone.  Charlie makes excuses for Echo, saying she was just trying to be nice, yada, yada, yada, but then adds:  "Viki, how can you, of all people, be so ungenerous."  Viki almost blows a fuse and then tells Charlie, "She is very, very good, and very, very convincing; and people are going to be hurt—you, me and mostly Rex.

Rex shows up at Llanfair and makes small talk about Shane skipping math class.  Before he leaves, Rex takes Charlie's tea cup so he can do another DNA test.

Bo drops by Clint's office again.  This time, Bo mentions the $50K and Clint plays dumb.  Bo says not to worry, because "one of these days, every miserable thing you've done is going to come crashing down on you."

Just before everyone leaves for the christening, Aubrey reassures Joey that not only does she love him, but his father also loves him and he is going to come around.  Everything is going to work out.

Dun, dun, da....
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

OLTL—Wed–1/26—"Ah yes, the 50 Grand..."

There was some MAJOR drama today.  Everyone has an agenda, a scheme or a threat; and they all seem to be standing in line to see Clint!

Jessica, Brody and baby return home.  Viki has the nursery all decorated.  They introduce Bree to the baby and Jessica asks her what she thinks.  She says, "Well, he doesn't look like Brody."

Roxy has John's apartment all decorated for Natalie, John and baby's homecoming.  Clint sent over documents describing an "irrevocable trust" for Baby McBain.  Roxy looks over the papers and says, "holy moly, that is certainly a lot of zeroes."  John has mixed emotions about the Trust Fund.

Bo shows up and tells John he needs his help.  John and Bo go into the hallway to talk.  Bo tells John, he barely got the search warrant and now he needs something more solid.  Bo is tossing out ideas, like maybe Inez could testify or Price might find something at the house to link Clint to the gun.  John asks, "Do your think he's that sloppy?"  "No—we've got to find something else—something we haven't thought of."

John:  "So, this money, is this normal for Clint?"
Bo:  "All the grandkids get trust funds. It takes a little getting used to."
John:  "Yeah, I don't like it, but that's not what I'm thinking about.  What kind of walking around money does Clint have?  What's his idea of petty cash?"
Bo:  "I don't know."
"How about $50,000?"
"Ah yes, the 50 grand"
"The Ford kids said they gave Eddie 50 grand to leave town."
"And where would those boys get cash like that?"
"And if somebody wanted Eddie gone too, what do you think?  Would that be something Clint would just have lying around?"
"No, even for Clint, that's some transaction."
"Traceable, maybe even serial numbers.  If we find that cash, maybe we can link it to Clint."  "James saw the money in Eddie's room.  By the time Nate found him dead, that money was gone.  The way I see it, if we find the cash and we can link that money to Clint, that's conspiracy, at the minimum; but my guess is, whoever has the cash, is also the killer."
"Yeah, we've gotta find that money.  We'll get a warrant for Clint's bank account.  Since he knew what he was going to use it for, it will be harder to trace."

Joey and Aubrey drop by Cutter's room.  Joey wants to tell Cutter he may be able to get him a job at BE, working for his dad.  He explains, however, that it is not a done deal, but he is on his way to talk to him now.  After Joey leaves, Cutter expresses excitement over the possibly of access "inside the mother lode."  Aubrey tells him to shower, get dressed and presentable, and meet her downstairs for breakfast.  She leaves; but a minute later, there is a knock at the door.  It's Kelly.

Vimal and his wife Rama are at The Palace restaurant "acting rich."  When Aubrey enters the dining room, Rama jumps up and shouts out, "Aubrey, Aubrey."  It turns out they are old friends.  Aubrey is very surprised.  Rama introduces Vimal, and tells Aubrey he works for Clint Buchanan.  Aubrey acts impressed with his important security position.  Vimal says, no, that it isn't anything like that; then excuses himself and steps out.  The girls sit down for a chat and Rama reveals that Mr. Buchanan asked Vimal to do something that wasn't very nice; and now he is having second thoughts about what he did.

Naturally, Aubrey wants the details.  Rama says, it was a crime against Clint's family.  Aubrey tells Rama she really needs to know what it was because her fiance is Clint's son.  Rama says, "No, then I definitely can't tell you."  Aubrey pressures Rama by saying, "You know you can trust me.  Who always had your back?"  "You did.  But, you cannot tell anyone in the world that I told you this.  Do you promise?"  "I promise.  Tell me what Clint did."  Roma tells Aubrey the secret and she is quite surprised.  Aubrey says Vimal should milk it for all it's worth. 

Bo drops in on Clint at BE with a search warrant for the Buchanan mansion covering "anything and everything that might have to do with Eddie Ford's murder."  He tells Clint he is going to pay for what he has done.  Clint says Bo is not going to find ANYTHING.  Bo says, he'll find something, and when he does, Clint is going down.  Just as he is saying that, Joey enters the office behind Bo.

"Uncle Bo, what's wrong?"  "Your dad and I are having a disagreement."  "Dad, what's wrong?"  Clint tells Joey it's nothing and Bo leaves.  Clint changes the subject and moves on to the reason for Joey's visit.  Joey mentions Aubrey and Clint says he has something for them both to sign (a pre-nup) and then, he won't fight him on the marriage anymore.  Joey asks why would he need a pre-nup and Clint explains it is standard procedure for "families in our position."

"Oh, really.  So are you asking Brody and Jessica to sign a pre-nup?"  Clint says he is sure they would if he asked them.  Joey is like—"ah-ha."  He says he doesn't want to insult Aubrey by asking her to plan for their divorce before they are even married, blah, blah, blah.

Clint's attitude is "whatever," but tells Joey emphatically, IF there is a wedding and they have not signed the pre-nup, there will be consequences. 
"What kind of consequences?" 
"I won't expose this family to unnecessary risk.  This is bigger than you.  I have to think of your brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces.  I have to think about everybody.
"Dad, what kind of consequences?" 
"You will lose your shares in BE, your seat on the Board and your inheritance.  Joey, I'll have to cut you off.  Are you willing to give up all of that for a woman?"

Joey returns to The Palace from BE, looking rather glum.  He is introduced to Rama, and Aubrey asks him, "What's wrong?"  "It's my dad."  The girls look at each other.

Aubrey:  "So your dad didn't want to give Cutter a job."
"We didn't even get around to that.  He had a pre-nuptial agreement drawn up for us."  Joey tells Aubrey his father has disowned him.  She tries to smooth things over by saying that everything is going to be fine, then suddenly remembers she has "an appointment with the caterer," and has to run.  She calls Cutter to cancel breakfast and says she will explain later.

Clint contacts Dean McKenzie at LU and asks her to fire Robert Ford from the faculty and pull James' scholarship funding.  They both find out the bad news, shortly thereafter.  The dean approaches Robert and Langston in the lounge and tells him about her decision.  She asks for his office keys and says she will have his personal items sent to his home.  She hands James a bill for his tuition.

Ford goes to Clint's office and confronts him about his faculty position and James scholarship.  Clint explains that he did the favors in the first place, because he wanted to be nice to their mother, "but those days are over."  Ford stares in disbelief.  After he leaves, Clint calls the Dean again.  Ford calls McBain and says he has some information about Clint Buchanan.

Aubrey goes to Clint's office and tells him, she knows what he did and she isn't afraid to use the information.

Joey drops in on Cutter and finds Kelly in his room!

Both Natalie and Jessica are thinking about naming their babies "Asa."

Bo meets Ford on campus in regard to the phone call he made to John about Clint.  The Dean arrives at just that moment and shows Ford what she found in his office—The $50,000!!

Dun, dun, da....
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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

OLTL—Tues–1/25—The Shrine to Blair

Simmering story lines are beginning to bubble and more than one has started to boil. 

Kelly arrives at The Palace to lunch with Dorian and runs into Joey in the lobby.  Joey has arranged to lunch with Viki, but Aubrey is late.  Aubrey and Cutter are upstairs, oblivious to the outside world, until she realizes what time it is.  She is having mixed feelings about their "cut and run" plan.  Now she is suggesting she actually go through with the wedding, since being "Mrs. Joey Buchanan" would give her much easier access to his money.  Cutter is not going for THAT idea!

Gigi and Rex's son Shane is back in the script; now, as a smart-mouthed teenager.  Rex and Gigi find out Shane has been cutting math class and suggest a conference with his teacher; but, they decide to allow him another chance to make up the assignments and get back to class.  The viewers become privy to the real story as to what is going on with him:  Someone in math class is bullying him, and is sending him taunting text messages.

Dorian has a chance to chit chat with Viki while they wait in the dining room.  Viki learns Echo is threatening to blackmail Dorian with photos she took of Dorian in her disguise at the AA meeting, if she doesn't back off from her pursuit of "the truth" in regard to Rex's paternity.  Viki thinks Dorian should just let it go and Dorian says she will.  But, Dorian knows she won't, and proceeds to devise a better plan.

Kelly joins Dorian and they have a discussion about Joey and Aubrey, and she mentions Aubrey's "brother," Cutter.  When Dorian finds out that Cutter has been coming on to Kelly, she suggests Kelly follow through.  That way, she will be close to the source and it is quite possible, if Aubrey suspects Kelly is a threat to her relationship with her lover, she will be more likely to show her hand!  Kelly likes that idea.  She leaves the dining room and goes to Cutter's room.  She tells him she has changed her mind.  He thinks she means something else and starts to take off his clothes.  Kelly says, no, that wasn't what she had in mind and suggested dinner the next evening.  He agrees to their "date."

Blair wants to know WHERE Tomas got the photograph of her and Todd.  He says he found it at a Paris flea market.  Téa receives an envelope of wedding photos from Echo and decides she wants to put together a wedding album for them.  She is going through Todd's photo albums and inquires about his "shrine" to Blair.  He says forget about Blair, and puts the photo albums aside and takes her in his arms.  The viewers are shown an open album on the floor with one photo missing—the one of Todd and Blair's wedding that Tomas used to paint Blair.

Dun, dun, da....
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

OLTL—Mon–1/24—Relationships end, and begin

Interesting scenes with a lot of surprises.

Bo has Inez released from jail to set up a wire tap on Clint.  Clint's no dummy and Bo should have known better.  Clint knew as soon as he saw Inez that it was a set up, otherwise she would not be out of jail.  He says a lot of things that Bo was hoping to hear, but then says—"...nice try, little brother."

Nora shows up at Clint's office and confronts him about everything that he has done especially about how despicable it was to involve Matthew in his scheme.  She suggests that maybe Viki would be interested in hearing the truth about what has been going on.  Clint actually seemed momentarily remorseful!

Tea, Dani, Nate, James, Shaun and Theo celebrate Nate's release at the Buenos Dias Cafe.  Dani calls Destiny to invite her, but she is with Matthew.  He insists she should go and be with her friends.  She doesn't want to run into Darren, but goes anyway.  When she sees his older brother Theo, he says he was hoping she would show as Darren would really like to see her.  She says she has changed her mind, and then leaves.  She goes back to Matthew's.  He wants to know why she came back and she says, "I don't know."  They just look at each other and then he kisses her!!!

Christian and Layla continue their conversation and she confirms that, "yes" she did sleep with Stephan.  Although she loves Christian, she absolutely does NOT want to give up her life in Paris.  It is the reason she wakes up in the mornings.  She lives, eats and breathes the design business and she is just not ready to get married yet; and, doesn't think Christian is ready either.  He says he is, but it doesn't matter.  She has made her decision and they part ways.

When Blair finally meets her artist, he is eccentric, but intriguing.  She finds out that he painted her from a photo and they have never met.  She asks if he still has the photo as she would like to see it.  After much searching, he does find it.  She is stunned when she sees it.  He asks her who the man is in the photo with her, and she says, "My husband."  The viewers are then shown the photo.  It is Blair and Todd (Roger Howarth) on their wedding day!!

Dun, dun, da....

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Monday, January 24, 2011

OLTL—Fri–1/21—So far, it's all a big mystery.

Lots of exciting developments today, and definitely more than one cliff hanger.

Blair and Christian are in Paris.  She is looking for the artist who painted the portrait left by Eli and he wants to try to work things out with Layla.  Christian posted a notice online in regard to Blair's portrait hoping that if anyone knows anything about its provenance, they might contact him.  Blair and Chris are sipping champagne in the hotel restaurant when they are approached by an art dealer who saw Christian's posting.  It turns out he does know the artist, but the artist is extremely reclusive and doesn't want anyone to be given his name.  However, the art dealer decides it would be good if he got a visitor, so he gives Blair the artist's address, on the condition she does not reveal where she came by the information.

Just as Blair and Christian are about to run off to find the artist, Layla appears.  She was able to get the rest of the day off and hoped she would be able to find Chris at the hotel.  Blair leaves and they sit down to talk.  Christian confesses that he drank too much on New Year's Eve and woke up with Blair the next morning, but that nothing happened.  He said he was just upset because he thought she was sleeping with Stephen, even though that was ridiculous and he knows she would never do that.  Layla says she is sorry, but she DID sleep with Stephen.  Dun, dun, da.....

Viki drops by BE to talk to Clint.  He is reading The Sun's article about Inez possibly being Eddie's killer.  She inquires about his feelings in regard to Inez since he dated her briefly, but he brushes it off as — anything is possible when people get to be his age.  Viki asks Clint to co-host a christening party for their daughter's new babies and he is delighted.  He tells her he has already set up a trust fund for "our boys."  Viki is very surprised, but Clint says he wants to make sure all of his affairs are in order in case anything happens to him.  She says, "Now you're scaring me.  Are you ill?  Tell me the truth."  "I'm as healthy as a horse, but as Asa used to always said, 'Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.'"

Bo and Nora are home again and promising each other they will never let anyone come between them EVER.  Matthew comes out of his room and sees Bo and demands to know, "What's HE doing here?"  Nora tries to explain, then Bo tries to explain.  Neither of them wants to go into the details about Clint's involvement with Matthew, but they do question him on whether or not it was Clint that told him Bo was having an affair with Inez and that Nora was also having an affair.  When he says, "So what if he did?"  Nora tells him, it just wasn't true.  The topper is when Bo says he doesn't want him working at BE anymore, and in fact, wants him to steer clear of his Uncle Clint altogether.  Matthew says, no way, and storms out of the apartment.  Bo and Nora's plan is to gather evidence against Clint and just hope Matthew doesn't tip him off before they get something solid.

Against his parent's direct orders, Matthew goes directly to BE and confronts Clint.  Clint wants to know what his parents told him.  Since they didn't reveal much, it makes it all that easier for Clint to cover over anything that was said, and plot a new strategy.  When Matthew says he doesn't want to quit working at BE, Clint offers a proposal..... Dun, dun, da.....

Inez and Nate are in jail trying to figure out how the gun that killed Eddie wound up in their apartment.  Téa receives a call from the judge and he is ready to rule on Nate's case.  She goes to the jail to escort him to court.  Long story short, the judge dismissed the charges.

Blair arrives at the address given to her by the art dealer.  There is phonograph playing loudly, so she knocks hard.  The music stops and she continues to knock, saying, I know you're in there, I heard the music.  Finally the door opens and when the man sees Blair, he says, "It's YOU!" and quickly pulls her into the apartment.  Dun, dun, da.....
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Saturday, January 22, 2011

OLTL—Thurs–1/20—You'll never prove a thing.

The episode on Thursday, danced around several of the major story lines, but only tidbits were revealed.

Kelly grills Ford about Cutter and whether he could actually be Aubrey's brother, or not.  Ford doesn't remember anything overt between them, but doesn't think they really acted like siblings.

Cutter and Aubrey go to the hospital to meet Jessica and Natalie.  When he is introduced to the family, Brody gets a vague recollection of having met Cutter somewhere before, but can't remember where.

John talks to Nora at the courthouse after Marty's hearing, where Marty is committed to St. Ann's.  [Didn't I tell you they would go that route.  This way, she can rehab and when the time seems right, the writers can revive her character if they want to.  — In my opinion, she played a MUCH better crazy Marty than she ever did a shrink!]  Nora spills to John about Bo, Inez and Clint and John wants to know where Bo went.  Nora says she is worried that he has gone straight to Clint and it won't be pretty, especially since now, Bo isn't answering his phone.  John tells Nora to make a few phone calls and try to find Clint while he gets the car.

Vimal has decided to resign from BE and move to China where "Mr. Buchanan" can never find him.  He admits to his wife that he changed two DNA test results in exchange for the promise of a promotion, that never materialized.  He tells her that when he got to the lab, he found out that BOTH of Clint's daughters had paternity tests and he couldn't remember which daughter's results he was supposed to change.  He flipped a coin to make the decision!!  One of the girls thinks that Brody Lovett is her baby's father, but he isn't.  To add to the intrigue, Ford had a follow up exam at the hospital in regard to his injuries from the boxing match with Eddie.  He walks by the nursery and looks at the babies, fanning the flames of speculation that he really is the father of Jessica's baby.  [This is a typical soap opera tactic, so it could mean nothing.  Sometimes the writers wait to hear from the fans before deciding which way to go with the story.  If a lot of fans write in and say they will stop watching the show, if Ford turns out to be the father, the writers take that into consideration.]

Bo is still pointing his revolver at Clint while he attempts to force the truth out of him.  Clint finally admits to everything except killing Eddie Ford, but says Bo will never be able to prove any of it.  At some point, Clint puts himself into a vulnerable position and Bo hits him in the back and knocks him to the ground.  Clint tells Bo to go ahead and shoot him, he doesn't care anymore.  Bo is really pushed to the brink and contemplating pulling the trigger, but Nora and John arrive just in time.  Nora begs Bo to stop.  He tells them both to get out.  Finally, Nora convinces Bo that Clint was "trying" to break them up, but he couldn't; so, he LOST.

Bo realizes "Red" is right.  He takes Pa's cowboy hat, telling Clint he doesn't know who should wear the hat now, but, it definitely should not be Clint.  He leaves hand-in-hand with Nora.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

OLTL—Wed–1/19—Vintage 2006

In case you were wondering, Wednesday's OLTL was a flash from the past—February, 2006.  Not sure why they chose to do that.  Interesting (and sad) to see characters and actors that we loved, especially the "dead" characters:  Nash Brennan, Duke Buchanan, Evangeline Williamson, Hugh Hughes.  How dramatically life in Llanview has changed in just five years.  Clint and Rex have aged the most.  Dorian looks the same—awesome.  Bo looks a bit older now.  John looks the same.  Kevin is a bit heavier.  Wow.

Todd and John together is one of the classic scenes.  If you never got to see Todd strapped to the table and about to be executed by lethal injection, you need to search for it on YouTube.  When we watched it back then, we were not at all certain if he would live or die and it was absolutely heart wrenching.  It's a tear jerker!!

Thanks to all my OLTL fans/readers.  Thursday it's back to our regular story.  I can hardly wait.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

OLTL—Tues–1/18—Clint's ruse is unraveling

Wow!!  The story, the writing, the acting, and the surprise element—it just keeps getting better.  I am SO impressed with the collective talent that has taken this soap opera to a whole other level!

Blair and Christian are working out at Serenity Springs and she brings up the subject of the oil painting.  She mentions that Todd was not able shed any light on the mystery.  Chris takes another look and then sees an identifying mark on the back of the canvas, indicating it came from Paris.  They decide that since they both have a reason to go to Paris, a trip should be planned.

Joey takes "Aubrey" to the hospital nursery, but she is distracted.  Aubrey had confronted Kelly at the gym and threatened her; but when she saw Joey coming, she pretended that Kelly had attacked her, hurting her arm and had said all kinds of mean things to her.  Joey was shocked and asked Kelly to leave.  So now, Joey is wondering if Aubrey is still thinking about Kelly.  She IS, but she is also thinking about Cutter and what he might do next.  Kelly runs into Cutter at Serenity Springs and he flirts with her and then actually kisses her.  She is not pleased, and slaps him.  He laughs it off, throws his towel at her and enters the showers.

Joey sits down with Aubrey in the hallway outside of the nursery and tells her that he feels he doesn't really know enough about her yet.  He wants to know how she sees her life after they get married and if she wants to have a family because that is very important to him.  When he talks about all of the things that he wants to eventually do with his life, she starts to see him in a whole new way.  They are facing each other and not paying any attention to anything else.  Just then, Cutter rounds the corner and overhears Aubrey tell Joey he is the most amazing man she has ever met, and no one has ever cared about her as much as he does.  Uh-oh....

Clint is working with the horses in the stables at the Buchanan estate when Echo shows up with a warning:  "Trouble that starts with a T and, that rhymes with D and that stands for Dorian."  She tells him about her encounter with Dorian at the AA meeting where Dorian was hiding in the back of the room in disguise, hoping to hear Echo confess that Clint is really Rex's father.

Clint continues his hateful attitude toward Echo, but she tells him that's fine—his loss is Charlie's gain.  Rex and Shane think the world of Charlie and he adores them.  Clint says, that's great.  Charlie needed a son and he gave him one.  But Echo says, if Dorian has her way and she tells Charlie the truth—it will kill him.  Rex can handle it, but Charlie won't be able to.  Clint suggests the solution to the problem is just keep Dorian from telling him.  Echo says Dorian is not really the problem—she is.  She is having a hard time looking Charlie in the eyes and lying to him!!!!

Echo wants to know what happened to the Clint she used to know.  He was a tough man, but he knew right from wrong; and he was loyal. "Back then, you vowed never to be like your father.  Well, look at you now."  "I've grown.  People don't stay the same decade after decade.  Today I know more about how the world really works.  And now that I know that, I no longer consider it to be an insult to be like Asa—far from it."  "You have another side Clint—a better one—like Bo.  Where did that go?"  She asks Clint if, when he looks in the mirror, does he like what he sees.  Clint doesn't answer.

Langston and Ford come into the living room of La Boulaise and find Dorian looking at the issue of Maintenant with Aubrey's photo.  She knew from the beginning that Aubrey looked familiar, but couldn't remember any details of a prior meeting.  When she sees Ford again, she remembers.  Dorian had seen Aubrey in the Palace bar with Ford!!

Ford explains meeting Aubrey at the Venice Film Festival, where he was pretending to be a hot shot film maker.  Aubrey zoomed in on him immediately, giving him the impression that she felt as though they were soul mates.  When Ford decided to confess to her about his cover story, she dropped him like a hot potato.  Dorian is thinking "Hmmmmm....."

Bo and Nora are still at the courthouse questioning Inez about her story/alibi.  She admits to drugging Bo and lying that they slept together.  Bo tells Nora he believes Inez, and Nora says, "I do too."  [woo-hoo!!!]

Bo:  "You really believe that I didn't sleep with her?"
Nora:  "I really do."

Inez denies having anything to do with Eddie's murder.  But Nora still thinks Inez was the one who was working with Eddie to kidnap Nora and break up her marriage so she could have Bo all to herself.  Nora badgers Inez to the point where she finally blurts out that it was Clint—"Clint is the one who wanted me to sleep with you, Bo."

She explains about Clint's revenge.  She details all of the favors Clint did for her in regard to her sons, so that she would owe him and could collect later.  Nora questions that logic, but Inez said it wasn't as much about what he did, but what he was threatening to do (take away all of the favors he arranged for her sons) that forced her to make the decision to cooperate.  She also tells them it was Clint who was working with Eddie to kidnap Nora so that Inez would have the opportunity to get Bo alone in her apartment.  When Bo and Nora put their heads together, they are starting to see the clues starting to add up.

Bo is quite angry now.  He has Inez arrested for drugging him, and then he can hold her until he does some more investigating.  He starts to leave but Nora is worried, because she knows where he is going.  She begs him not to do anything he will regret, and also to be careful.

Clint is looking at himself in the mirror when Bo shows up and appears in the mirror standing behind him.  Clint turns around as though he is seeing a ghost, and is visibly shaken.  "Bo, what is it?  Is something wrong?"

Bo pulls out his revolver and points it at Clint.

Dun, dun, da....
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OLTL—Mon–1/17—A Three-Ring Circus

We were treated to an exceptional story today!  One of the best episodes I have seen in a very long time — good writing and GREAT acting.

At Nate's on-going sentencing hearing, the judge has agreed to allow Nate to be sworn in and take the witness stand.  Téa pressures him until he admits the truth—he did not kill Eddie Ford and he was covering for his mother.  Téa implores the judge to consider Nate's testimony and says, "Your Honor, the Defendant is obviously innocent."  Nora objects, saying that at this point, it isn't obvious if anyone is innocent.  Counsel has named several possible suspects including herself.  Nora points out that the entire tale of innocence could very well have been staged.

Téa demands that Commissioner Buchanan arrest Inez Salinger.  Nora continues to argue with Téa, but the judge intercedes, saying he has made it very clear, he is tired of this "three ring circus."  The judge calls a brief recess in order for everything to get sorted out.  After the recess, he says he feels there is still a lot of investigation that needs to be done before anyone's guilt or innocence can be decided.  He then orders that Nate be returned to his cell until the prosecution gathers more evidence.

Kelly comes to the hospital to see Jessica and runs into Rex.  She tells him about Aubrey's "brother" and Kelly says she thinks Aubrey has a "secret life."  They do a little investigating on the Internet, but what they find seems to corroborate Aubrey's story—that she does have a brother named Cutter.  [But remember, Cutter told Callie he had covered their tracks very well.  More than likely, he set up fake identities for them so they COULD be found on the Internet and the info would match their stories.]

Aubrey is at the gym waiting for Joey, and Cutter grabs her from behind, spins her around and gives her a big kiss.  FREAK OUT!!  She wants to know what he is doing there and he says, "Your fiancé invited me."  Within seconds, Joey shows up, but didn't see anything.  Joey says he is anxious to get to know his future brother-in-law.

Cutter is getting more and more crazy every time he sees Joey kissing Callie (Aubrey).  Cutter says something about not staying in Llanview too much longer, but Joey insists he needs to stay at least until the wedding.  Cutter points out it could be awhile until that happens; since Joey's dad doesn't really approve of his little sister.

Joey tells them his father sees all outsiders as a threat to the family fortune and in fact seems to be following in the footsteps of his Grandpa Asa.  He goes on to say, whenever one of Asa's sons got involved with a woman that he didn't trust, he would threaten to cut him out of the family fortune.  Joey declares, however, he is not interested in the money and neither is Aubrey.  He would be willing to live in a tent and eat fish out of Llantano River.  Aubrey and Cutter give each other a wild-eyed look!  Uh-oh.  When Joey goes to get some water, Cutter tells Callie he wants to wrap up their little scam and move on before Joey's accounts are cut off.

Marty is staring at Natalie's baby through the glass of the nursery, but she thinks it is her baby.  She goes into the nursery and tells the baby she is his mother and she is taking him home.  When John finds Roxy unconscious in Marty's bed, he notifies hospital security to watch every exit and stop Dr. Saybrooke if they see her.  He rushes to the nursery and finds her before she can leave.  He tries to reason with her and even tells her he will take her home, but she locks herself and the baby in the nursery.  John tells the nurse he needs the key to the nursery right away.  He unlocks the door and then eventually talks her into letting him carry the baby while they walk to his car so he can take her home.  He hands the baby to Natalie and then restrains Marty until the hospital staff can take control.  We later learned, John was told Marty would be taken to St. Ann's where she can get the treatment she needs.

Marty says goodbye.

Before Nate is taken back to his cell, Inez tells him she did not kill his father and she would never let him go to prison for something that SHE did.  Bo approaches Inez and tells her he thinks they should talk.  Nora says she is also interested in hearing what Inez has to say.

Nora wants to know how the murder weapon got into Inez's apartment.  Inez says she doesn't know, but obviously someone put it there.  Nora:  "Who could possibly want to frame you and your son?"  Inez says it was not about framing her, it is about Nate.  She says it is "someone with power, someone who wanted revenge."  Bo tells Inez he knows about the prescription.  Nora:"  "What are you talking about?"  Bo says he knows he wasn't drunk, but that he did pass out.  Nora says, "What are you saying—that she had opportunity?"  Bo wants to know what really happened and Inez says, "Nothing—nothing happened."

Nora:  "What do you mean Inez, that nothing happened?"
Inez:  "I didn't sleep with your husband.  We never had sex."

Dun, dun, da....
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Monday, January 17, 2011

OLTL—Fri–1/14—"...anti-Balsam capabilities."

We actually got a few answers today in regard to the murder mystery, and more drama is developing in the paternity of the new babies. Also, a crazy person is on the loose.

Todd calls the LPD and threatens Detective Price in order to get the name of the person who left the partial finger print on his cuff link box.

Rex drops by Clint's office and asks to talk to him about his connection to Inez Salinger.  Clint says, "Well then, this will be a short conversation, because I have no connection to Inez."
"Really, well, you dated her, you must have a few things to say about her."
"Not to you, I don't.  Now, get out or I'll throw you out."
"I don't think so."
"Since when did my former relationship with Inez become your business?"
"When it became Bo's."
"What are you getting at?"
"What if Bo never even slept with Inez?"
"Of course, Bo slept with Inez.  He told me so himself."
"Actually SHE told him so.  Bo just took it for granted that she was telling the truth; he doesn't actually remember it."
"Because he was drunk."
"Or, he was drugged out of his mind.  There is evidence that Inez drugged Bo, and then she lied about having sex with him."

At his point, Clint stands up.  "And why would she do that?"
"The way I see it, saying you are at home, in bed with the police commissioner, is a pretty good alibi."
"For what?"
"Murdering her ex-husband."
"Nate Salinger killed Eddie Ford.  They found the murder weapon in his possession.  The kid even confessed."
"What if he's taking the fall for his mother?"
"Does anyone else subscribe to that theory?"
"You don't think it's a possibility..."
"That Inez would let her teenage son go to prison for a murder that she committed?"
"I know it sounds..."
"Ludicrous.  It sounds ludicrous.  I'm surprised you would even float this possibility to Bo.  Rex, come on.  A femme fatale drugging a police officer and now there's a cover up?"
"It makes sense."
"You aren't doing Bo any favours by encouraging him to buy into these dime store fantasies."
"So, you think that Bo..."
"Bo has got to face reality and own up to what he did.  He cheated on Nora, and now he's going to have to live with the consequences—end of story."
Rex's face says, "Something isn't adding up here..."

Vimal bursts into Clint's office with balloons congratulating him on the new addition to his family.  Clint says "Thanks, but I am in the middle of something."
"Yeah, I know, with Rex Balsam."
Rex:  "Do I know you?"
Vimal:  "No, but I know all about you."

Vimal fumbles with trying to secure the balloons in the corner of the room.  Clint says don't worry about it.  Vimal says, "No, I've got it.  This low-tech stuff is surprisingly complicated."

"Excuse me, Vimal.  How exactly do you know me?"
"Mr. Buchanan talks about you all the time."

Clint gives Vimal a look that could kill.
"...because I have been tasked with re-vamping security, and I am to keep you removed from all that is Buchanan."
"I hope Clint pays you overtime."
"Vimal is well paid for his abilities AND his discretion."

Rex:  "Great, so what about Inez?"
"That subject is closed.  Now, you get out, or Vimal is going to test out his anti-Balsam capabilities."
"Well, thanks a bunch.  I'll be sure to let Bo know how helpful you've been—right after I check in with my sister and my new nephew."
"Natalie is NOT your sister, and that little baby is NOT your nephew."
"Natalie says and feels different.  "Actually, when you think about it, Natalie has been my sister longer than she has been your daughter.  That's gotta burn..."  Rex leaves.

Vimal to Clint:  "You and your son, really don't get along, do you."  Clint reminds Vimal that he is depending on him to keep his mouth shut about altering the DNA tests at the hospital lab.  During their conversation, it becomes apparent to Vimal that there is a possibility he may have changed the results of the wrong daughter.  Both of Clint's daughter's married names start with the letter B — Jessica Brennan and Natalie Banks!!  Vimal changed the results so that one of the daughters thinks that Brody Lovett is the father of her baby, when he isn't.  So far, the writers are not telling us who that is.

Téa confronts Inez on the witness stand about murdering Eddie Ford.  The judge objects to the questioning and then threatens contempt of court charges against Téa.  Nate continues to claim his guilt and Nora asks for the court's indulgence, because she wants to hear what Inez has to say.  The judge, however, doesn't want to go there and keeps pushing to wrap up the testimony and get on with the sentencing.

Just then Todd bursts into the room and says Inez didn't kill her husband, but "this kid right here, is guilty as sin."  He points at Nate.  Téa asks the judge to put Todd in jail for defying a direct order from the bench (barring him from the courtroom).  Dani jumps up and begs her father to stop.  Todd apologizes to her, and says he thought Nate was innocent too; "...but it turns out, we have barely begun to scratch the surface of his crimes."

Dani:  "Your Honor, it's not true.  Nate would never frame my dad.  Tell them," she says to Nate.
"I can't.  Because, I did it.  I framed Mr. Manning."

Téa begs the judge for a brief recess to confer with her client.  The judge says "no," but agrees to have the bailiff swear in Nate so he can tell exactly what happened the night of the murder.

Nate explains that he did go into the Manning's bedroom and took there jewelry to make it look like a robbery that he was going to pin on Eddie by planting the jewelry in his motel room.  When he got there, Eddie was already dead.  He was in such a hurry to get out of there that he momentarily dropped his gym bag and that was when the cuff link fell out.

Marty wakes up from her sedation and starts screaming for John.  The guard finds John and alerts him to the situation.  John goes to talk to Marty.  She is still completely delusional.  She wants to see her baby.  John tells her that as soon as the doctors are finished with all their tests, she can see him.

Roxy finds out from Natalie and Rex that Marty has been causing trouble for Natalie and now is sedated in the hospital.  Roxy takes it upon herself to have a chat with Marty.  John and Natalie return the baby to the nursery and go back to her room.  Marty sneaks around the corner and looks through the nursery window at "her son."

There has been a shift change of the guards watching Marty's room.  The guard looks through the window and sees a woman's arm on the outside of the blanket, but the blanket is over her head.  As the camera gets closer, we see that it is actually Roxy in Marty's bed.

Dun, dun, da....
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Saturday, January 15, 2011

OLTL—Thurs–1/13—Where is the $50,000?

A few important tidbits came to light today in some of the more interesting story lines:  Nora and Clint, Clint and Matthew, Tea and Inez, and Rex and Bo.

The Ford boys, Bobby and James, visit Nate in jail just before he is to go to court for sentencing in regard to his confession.  Bobby tells Nate he is an idiot for confessing.  He also wants to know what happened to the $50,000 he gave to Eddie.  Nate doesn't have a clue—there was no money in the motel room when he got there.  Bobby and James test Nate by saying, if he just tells them where the money is, they will give it to the guard and bust him out of jail.  Nate just thinks they're nuts.  They finally believe him, but the question is—then, who has the money?

Starr and Langston are working out as Serenity Springs, and chat about James.  Langston wants to know why Starr isn't fighting for James.  Starr tells Lang, "My heart is with Cole....and James deserves better than that."

James' new "girlfriend" runs into Starr at the spa and asks questions about whether James has a girlfriend, especially since she has seen them hanging out a lot.  Starr says, "no" they are just friends.  Then James and Bobby come into the spa and James is like, "What's going on?"

Nora visits Clint at Buchanan Enterprises.  Matthew is there with Clint and she asks him if she could have a few minutes with Clint alone.  Matthew eavesdrops outside the office door.  Nora wants to know, "Why did you you tell Bo to lie to me about sleeping with Inez?" 
Clint:  Blah, blah, blah.  Then, "Are you and Bo going to get a divorce?"
Nora:  "Would that make you happy, Clint?"
Clint says he still cares about Nora and would never want to see her suffer.  As Nora is leaving Clint's office, her face says, "I don't think so."

Inez comes into Bo's office and hands him her letter of resignation. Bo agrees that working together would probably be an awkward situation, but he still wants to know the truth. Inez says, "I drugged you and then lied about it. Isn't that what you said?" Bo says he is very sorry about how things turned out.

Just then Rex rushes into Bo's office with "news," not realizing Bo is with Inez.  She is just leaving, and so she does.  After she is gone, Rex tells Bo that he did some digging on Inez and Bo is going to be very interested in what he turned up.  Rex tells Bo that Inez had an appointment with Marty Saybrooke on the same day that Bo stayed at her apartment.  He shows him a copy of the Rx Marty prescribed.  Bo then remembers that Inez was carrying a pharmacy bag when she came home that evening.  Nate questioned her about it, but she blew it off.  Now, Bo is excited.  He takes the copy from Rex and heads to the courthouse "to run this past the DA, if she will speak to me."

Dani thanks Todd for the headline in the morning Sun:  "Call Judge!  Nate deserves parade not prison."  Todd tells Dani, Nate did not kill Eddie Ford.  Her response:  "How do you know?"  Todd:  "Because somebody else did."  "OMG—is it true?  You killed Eddie Ford?  Are you confessing?"  Todd reassures Dani he didn't kill anyone, but he knows Nate probably didn't either, since he just doesn't see him as a killer.  Dani is very relieved.

After Dani leaves for court.  Todd calls Detective Price and tells him there has been a murder.  When Price gets there Todd tells him he is being framed for murder and he wants the Llanview PD to dust for prints in his bedroom in regard to the cuff links.  Price reluctantly agrees, but later calls Todd and says, they got a partial off the cuff link box that did not belong to him or his wife.

At the courthouse, Téa tells Inez that Nate could get 20 years for confessing to the murder.  She asks if Inez will testify for Nate.  She says definitely, and asks what does Téa want her to say.  Téa says she just wants Inez to tell the truth.  Inez goes into the courtroom to be with Nate.  When Nora arrives, Téa tells Nora she thinks Inez killed Eddie.

Before the sentencing, the Judge asks Téa if she has any witnesses she wants to present in support of the defendant.  Téa says "yes," and calls Inez to the stand.  She then asks Inez why she is letting her son take the fall for a murder that she committed?

Dun, dun, da....
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Friday, January 14, 2011

OLTL—Wed–1/12—John wants answers

Jessica and Brody, and Natalie and John admire their new babies.


Marty is agitated and tells the nurse, "She's trying to steal my baby."

Now that everything has settled down, John is pushing Natalie for the details of why she and Marty were at the lodge.

Natalie starts to tell John what happened, but prefaces the confession by saying she loves him SO much, and he needs to remember that.  Just as she is about to tell all, Marty escapes from her room and bursts into Natalie's room saying she needs to tell John the truth.  She babbles on, telling a story that is some truth, but with just enough nonsense, that she is not believable.  The nurse calls for security, and Marty is eventually returned to her room and sedated.

Blair walks in on Todd and Tea in their bedroom  (WHAT?!?!?!)  She wants to know if Todd knows anything about the portrait of her she found in the box left by Eli.  Todd says he doesn't know anything and finally gets her to leave.

Joey heads over to the Palace Hotel to confront Aubrey.  Cutter comes out of the bedroom and tells Joey he is Aubrey's brother!  Joey wants to know why Aubrey never told him she has a brother.  Cutter says it is because he is the black sheep of the family.  But Joey asks him to explain the photo and he offers an explanation for that also.  Joey is SO gullible, he believes everything Cutter says.

Dani and Starr try to get into the jail to see Nate, but Detective Price says no way, and besides, visiting hours are over.  James shows up with food for Nate, so Dani takes it to Detective Price so that Starr and James can have some time alone.  He gets a call from another girl and it is uncomfortable for Starr.

Joey comes to La Boulaise and tells Kelly, Cutter is Aubrey's brother and from now on, she is to stay out of his life.  Dorian takes one look at the magazine photo and tells Kelly, "If that is her brother, I'll eat this wig."  She tells Kelly to immediately begin an investigation of Aubrey.  She also tells Kelly, "We are Cramer women—we don't give up!"

Natalie finally gives John her song and dance about how she and Marty ended up at the family lodge—and he believed it!!!

Marty is still babbling, but now has been restrained to her hospital bed.

Dun, dun, da....
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

OLTL—Tues–1/11—"She is really scaring me."

John rushes to Llantano Mountain and arrives at the Buchanan lodge.  As he approaches, he hears Natalie's screams and bursts through the front door.  He is surprised by what he finds, to say the least!

After Kelly shows Joey the photo in Maintenant, he still doesn't believe Aubrey is cheating.  In fact, he is angry Kelly is trying to interfere in his life and actually accuses her of working with Clint.

Aubrey and Mystery Man are alone in her hotel suite, having a sensational time.  They call each other by their real names:  She calls him Cutter, and he calls her Callie.  We also learn the details of their scam, and that they've done it many times before:  Callie does her thing and their "Mark" falls like a ton of bricks.  Callie gets his account numbers, gives them to Cutter, and he cleans out the accounts.  They disappear before anyone even notices.

Cutter is starting to worry Callie is getting too involved with Joey.
"Joey totally surprised me with the proposal, what was I supposed to say—no?"
"I don't like it."
"Well, neither does his family.  His mom is starting to warm up to me, but his dad has me totally pegged as a 'gold digger.'"
"Well, he's right."

She goes on to say how sweet it is that Joey has defended her to his family.  Cutter:  "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were starting to care about the guy."
"You know I love you."
"I love you too."

Thanks to Rex, Charlie is saved from taking a drink and making a huge mistake.  He heads back to the hospital to be by Viki's side.  Rex and Echo have a few minutes together.  He tells her Charlie asked him to give her a chance.  She is hopeful.  He isn't exactly ready to forgive and forget, but he isn't closing the door either.

Jessica is still in surgery and pleads with Dr. Wright to save the baby.  She finally has the baby, and it's a boy.

When John finds Natalie in the lodge, he also finds out her baby is a boy.  Marty hands the baby to John.  He is still in shock and just looks at it and says, "I have a son."  Marty then says, "Yes, we have a son."  Natalie and John look at each other like, uh-oh!  Marty is totally wigging out—telling John, that somehow the baby survived when she fell down the stairs and now they finally have their baby.  John tells Marty to go lie down on the sofa because she is exhausted.  Then Natalie says, "John, she is really scaring me."

John calls for an ambulance.  While they are waiting, he asks Natalie why they are up there on the mountain anyway.  Marty jumps up and says she will tell the story, but then starts babbling, and the EMT arrive.

They take Natalie and the baby to the hospital, and John talks Marty into riding with him in his car.  When they get to the hospital, John tells the nurse that Marty needs to have a complete psych examine as she is confused about some things.

Clint and Viki find out Natalie is in the ER and rush to see her.  They are stunned to find out she had her baby, but she is even more surprised that Jessica also had her baby, and they both had boys.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

OLTL—Monday–1/10—Llantano Mountain Drama

Marty leaves Natalie on the floor of the lodge—in pain.  John is starting to worry now, because Natalie hasn't shown up at the hospital, and she isn't answering his calls or messages.  Viki asks John about Natalie, but he doesn't want to worry her on top of everything else.  When she realizes he hasn't heard from her either, she asks, "Should we be worried?"  John says he has somebody checking the GPS on Natalie's car to see if they can find it.

Joey received a call from Clint about Jessica's surgery.  He tells Aubrey the situation and tells her he is heading to the hospital.  He doesn't want her to go with him because Clint will probably be in a foul mood, and may direct some of his frustration at her.  As soon as Joey leaves, Mystery Man shows up at Aubrey's door and they can hardly wait to be together.

Rex finds Kelly in the hotel gift shop looking for another copy of Maintenant, but only the newest issue is in stock.  However, Rex ordered a copy of the previous issue online and it has arrived.  He shows it to Kelly and she finds the picture of Aubrey and Mystery Man.  Now, she is on a mission to expose Aubrey's secret life to Joey, so she goes to Aubrey's suite in the hotel.  She knocks on the door and insists on seeing Joey, saying she isn't leaving until she does, and even mentioning she will get Renee involved, if necessary.  Aubrey finally comes to the door to see what she wants.  As soon as she tells Kelly that Joey went to the hospital because his sister is having surgery, Kelly turns on her heels and bee-lines it to the hospital also.

Aubrey and Mystery Man are finally alone and feel confident they won't be bothered again; so, now they can get crazy and proceed to do so.

Echo is still babbling to her audience at the AA meeting.  When she notices Dorian in the audience (in a disguise), her "confession" heads down a different path.  She gets Dorian intertwined in her little story until she provokes a screaming fight between them.  Dorian is then forced to take the podium and pretend to have something to say she doesn't get exposed as a "spy."  She brings up her ex-husband, Mel Hayes, who was an alcoholic and blah, blah, blah.  (You know how Dorian can spin just about anything!)

Charlie is in emotional trouble because of Clint's angry words in regard to Jessica's gun shot wound.  Now, he is sitting in Angel Square trying to decide if he is going to take a drink or not.  Just then, Rex is walking through Angel Square and sees Charlie staring at the bottle.  Rex has a long talk with Charlie and eventually talks him back from the edge and they get some quality time together.  Charlie asks Rex to give Echo a chance because she really wants to make it up to Rex.  Charlie says, "Look at me, I'm a walking work in progress."
Joey arrives at the hospital and Jessica does into surgery.  Everyone is desperately worried.  Kelly arrives and tells Joey she has something to show him that can't wait, then shows him the magazine.

Jessica is awake through the c-section, but refuses to cooperate and relax.  She keeps demanding to know what is happening with the baby.  Brody tries his best to reassure Jessica and says some really lovely things to her, but she is freaking out and Dr. Wright is feeling the stress.

To Natalie's surprise, Marty returns to the lodge.  With the contractions only a minute apart, it is too late for Natalie to go anywhere.  Her baby is coming, and Marty is going to have to deliver it.  Marty tells Natalie to push and she screams in pain.  Then, Marty realizes something is wrong with baby—it is not in the proper position for a normal birth.  Natalie's baby is coming breach and now, she REALLY DOES need to get to a hospital!!

John finally gets the information he needs on Natalie's location and rushes to Llantano Mountain. When he arrives at the Buchanan lodge, he hears Natalie screaming.

Dun, dun, da....
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Monday, January 10, 2011

OLTL—Friday–1/7—The Tables Turn!!

Echo presents Dorian with a bill for more than $8,000 in damages:  dry cleaners, chiropractor, masseuse, manicurist, and the hair stylist who had to completely redo her highlights; plus, her boots were totally destroyed and had to be replaced.  The bill does not include the $10,000 she had been promised for the photo shoot.  She demands a check!  Dorian puts up a valiant fight, but writes a check.  As soon as Echo leaves, Dorian calls her bank and puts a stop payment on it.

Brody and Jessica get bad news:

Jessica finds out from Dr. Wright she has a very serious condition called Placenta Accreta that is putting her and her baby at risk.  The condition causes the placenta to have trouble separating from the uterine wall.  Due to the fact that a normal birth could cause a bleed out that would be life-threatening, and also might require a hysterectomy, the doctor is recommending an immediate C-section; and even that will have risks.

It turns out there is scar tissue in Jessica's abdomen that was probably caused by her gun shot wound.  Charlie says, "OMG."  Jessica was accidentally shot by Charlie when he went after Mitch Lawrence, when Mitch
killed Charlie's son Jared, and then kidnapped Jessica.  Charlie excuses himself and leaves the hospital after nearly having a large argument with Clint when he blames Charlie for all of Jessica's problems.

Echo finds Charlie waiting for her at the church and tries to reason with him in regard to his guilt and Viki and Clint.  Dorian is skulking around in the background wearing a disguise and listening to their conversation.  Charlie tells Echo to go ahead to the meeting because he has to get back to Viki.  Echo goes to the meeting and babbles about lying to a friend of hers.

Bo talks to John about his suspicions that he did not really sleep with Inez.  He tells John that Rex suggested she may have slipped something into his beer to knock him out, so she could CLAIM that they had sex.
John:  "The question is why."
Bo:  "To be honest; I have no idea."

John suggests Inez would be a prime suspect in Eddie Ford's murder, and agrees she had motive and opportunity.  Bo was knocked out all night and she had plenty of time to go to the motel and come back before morning.

Tea suspects that Inez is probably the real killer and Nate is covering up for her.  Nate and Inez have a few minutes alone in the back of the courtroom before the judge returns with his decision.  When the judge returns, he is just about to dismiss the case against Nate, when Nate stands up and says, "wait a minute" and then confesses to killing Eddie Ford.  Everyone is completely thrown by this revelation and no one can understand why in the world he would confess, especially when no one can believe he could possibly be guilty.

Natalie and Marty continue to argue at the lodge and she has a couple more contractions.  She pulls herself together, and even though she is clearly in labor, she tries to leave anyway, to get back to John.  As she starts out the door, her water breaks.  Before she can collect her wits about her, she momentarily lets go of the rifle and Marty takes possession of it.  That's when the tables turn....

Marty takes Natalie's boots and coat and tells her she is leaving her there, just as Natalie was planning to do to her.
Natalie:  "Marty, please.  You cannot leave me here."
Marty:  "Watch me."

Brody tries to explain to Jessica that he wants her to consider the c-section as soon as possible because of the seriousness of the risks that will only get worse, the longer she waits.  He doesn't have any luck reasoning with her so he asks Viki to try.  Viki does an excellent job of explaining everything very thoroughly and then, everyone waits for her decision.

Natalie continues to beg Marty, but she leaves anyway, saying, "Good luck, honey."  Natalie collapses on the floor.

Dun, dun, da....
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