Saturday, March 4, 2017


The flight was completely booked with a bunch of falcons. Can you believe it? But I'll be back soon.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Celebrity Apprentice 2016—Week Five

Governor Schwarzenegger finally found his sense of humor and he is actually pretty funny. The two tasks that were chosen are more interesting than the usual ones, and the terminations were somewhat unexpected. But since the stakes are getting higher, anything goes.

Task One:

Client: Steve Ballmer, owner of The Clippers basketball team.
Location: Los Angeles, CA.
Description of Task : Create a high-energy event prior to a game focusing on “Clipper Nation” — a slogan that they use. Design an exciting T-shirt to be given away by using a T-shirt cannon aimed at the fans. And most important of all, get the fans on their feet. The teams will be judged on overall creativity, T-shirt design, and audience engagement.

Team Prima: Lisa, Carson, George
Project Manager: Lisa Leslie

George is in charge of choreography and music. He is tasked with creating an original song that Lisa will rap.

George also brings in some gospel singers.

Carson creates the T-shirt. During the event, he personally hands Arnold a T-shirt, already unwrapped, so it is easy for him to see.

In the Boardroom, Steve Ballmer is one of the judges.

He loved the song, loved the gospel singers and sees a lot of potential for the idea.

He also loved the red T-shirts and the design.

He thought that Lisa should have been hands on with the ball since she is a former WNBA player and Olympic gold-medal winner.

But even with that short fall, they won the task for enthusiastic crowd participation.

Team Arete: Ricky, Brooke, Laila, Matt
Project Manager: Ricky Williams

Ricky chooses black for the T-shirt, because it is the color that he would wear.

Brooke is the creative on the team and is focused on the T-shirt. It has a geometric design on the front and almost nothing on the back.

Laila is under the weather and only participates at the event.

Steve Ballmer stops by the planning session and Matt impersonates him—imitating what he had seen on a YouTube video saying "I love this company." Steve chastises Matt for “pandering” and being “shameless,” but laughes heartily and still likes the idea.

At the event, they create crowd frenzy by encouraging the fans to say: "I LOVE THIS TEAM."

In the Boardroom:
Steve thought the enthusiasm could have been kept going a bit longer.

The graphic on the T-shirt is too non-descript for a souvenir T-shirt.

The Governator was frustrated with the amount of time required to remove the wrapping around the T-shirt before he could look at it.

Boardroom Defense— Ricky, Laila, Brooke

Ricky has lost twice as Project Manager and Laila thinks Ricky should be fired.

Ricky defends himself and says he doesn’t think his team mates are willing to take the risks necessary to win.

Arnold observes that Laila does not appear to be very happy or very supportive of the vision.

Laila objects to his critique, saying that she was very enthusiastic during the event, but was on the other side of the arena from the judges, and thus out of their view.

Arnold comments that when Layla thinks she may be terminated, she shows more fight than anyone has seen from her so far.

Ricky says he would have preferred to see that energy during the task; but with no further defense, Ricky is terminated.

Task Two:

Client: Gold’s Gym
Location: Muscle Beach–Venice, CA.
Description of Task: Choose one item from four pieces of exercise equipment, decide on the price point, and make more money than their opponent by selling the equipment on QVC in front of Gold's Muscle Beach location. Leeza Gibbons, the reigning Celebrity Apprentice champion, returned as advisor and judge.

Team Arete: Brooke, Laila, Matt
Project Manager: Brooke Burke
Brooke has experience with QVC and fitness equipment. Since both she and Laila are fitness experts, and both are in very good shape, she felt they would be the best choice to demonstrate the Obsidian Slide Board in front of the camera. Matt became the producer.

Team Prima: Lisa, Carson, George
Project Manager: Carson Kressley
Carson felt George’s amazing weight-loss story—losing over 90 pounds—was worth telling, and since Lisa is already in shape, Carson chose her to be the producer. Her job was to monitor the number of incoming calls and relay to Carson, any change in the pattern.

George's story was brief. He showed a photo of how he looked before the weight loss. He did make sure to mention that he did not use the DoubleFlex Total Body Gym to lose the weight, but would be using it in the future to maintain his weight.

Even though Team Arete priced their item over $109.99, which is generally discouraged for impulse spending, AND, especially since their item had a one month shipping time; they still sold 156 units for a total of $17,158 and won the task.

Team Prima priced their item at $99.99, but still only sold 88 units for a total of $8,798.

Arnold felt that since Lisa is an Olympic gold medalist she should have been out front, giving women someone they can relate to and a body they could aspire to.

He also felt there should have been more time spent on George's weight-loss story and how their equipment will be perfect for helping him maintain his amazing weight loss.

Since the number of phone calls did not change throughout the entire presentation, Lisa should have made some suggestions for changes to their script. In other words, she wasn't a good producer.

Arnold felt she should have objected to being placed in that position rather in front of the camera where should probably would have been much more effective.

As Project Manager, Carson made a bad decision for his on-air personality. It was Carson's second loss as a Project Manager and Lisa's fifth time in the Boardroom.

Knowing before hand that it was a do or die situation, and knowing that she probably would have been better in front of the camera; Lisa should have strongly objected to Carson's decision. Although George's story was compelling, the objective of the task was to make the most money.

Arnold felt this was a major loss, since Team Arete made twice as much money as Team Prima. As a result, both Carson and Lisa were terminated.

We are now down to the "Final Four" — Laila Ali, Matt Iseman, Brooke Burke, and Boy George. After next week's episode, we will know who the two finalist will be.

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Monday, January 30, 2017

Celebrity Apprentice 2016—Week Four

It’s getting harder and harder for me to write these recaps. I still like the Governater very much and I like the way he plays his part, but maybe after 13 years, the premise is a bit tired. We’re not seeing any behind the scenes drama like we did with Trump. Unfortunately, he’s got his own real life drama going on.

But here goes…

Task One:
Design a promo for a healthy snack that targets Moms on the go. They will be judged on audience engagement, brand messaging, and creativity.
Client: Lorissa’s Kitchen
Location: Hermosa Beach.

Team Prima
Project Manager: Lisa Leslie

Everyone is starting to see that Lisa is not a very nice person. She is making everyone be quiet and won’t listen to any of their ideas. It becomes hard to get anyone to help if you can't be nice.

The group is very disorganized. The team is confused and frustrated that their concept and presentation keeps changing. Chael and Vince are doing the bare minimum. The group feels Lisa is a terrible leader.

When they get to the event, things magically fall into place. Carsen takes over as leader and activator. The client likes the Farm-to-Table concept, but felt there could have been a better use of the space they were given. Vince is thrilled that the roof of the set was perfect for his "dancing girls," but the client felt that aspect of the event was “a bit cheap” and off brand.

Team Arete
Project Manager: Brooke Burke-Charvet

Brooke is a fitness instructor, so they incorporated that into their Food Fitness Philosophy of eating healthy and being healthy. They created a whole wellness and fitness center, with an emphasis on being "snack savvy."

The client is very impressed and Team Arete wins the task.

Boardroom Defense—Team Prima. Vince was riding on his previous victory of winning mega bucks for his charities and wasn't particularly interested in health or fitness. He put his creative energy solely into procuring the dancing girls.

Lisa wants to fire Chael for doing absolutely nothing.

Chael wants to fire Lisa for being a poor leader and for approving Vince's dancing girls, which ultimately lost them the task.

Lisa praises Porsha and Carson for their participation, but admits that Vince and Chael were not very productive.

In the end, Vince took responsibility for the loss and was terminated and sent to the chopper.

Task Two:
Design a celebrity inspired digital brochure to promote the wizarding world of Harry Potter. They will be judged on creativity of theme concept, brand integration and live presentation
Client: NBC Universal Studios
Location: Harry Potter Theme Park, Hollywood.

Team Arete
Project Manager: Matt Iseman

Matt is a Harry Potter nerd, but no one else knows anything about the story, the characters or the language. But that's okay, since he was the Project Manager.

They decided on a newspaper style for the brochure and followed a family throughout the day and photographed their participation in the theme park activities.

The audience for the presentation of the newspaper was very enthusiastic. The client loved the newspaper idea and decided they will definitely use the concept in promoting the park.

As far as the Client was concerned, everything was A+ and Arete won the task.

Team Prima
Project Manager: Carsen Kressley

There isn't anyone on the team who knows anything about Harry Potter, so they are already at a disadvantage. They had trouble getting the photos that they wanted due to actual park visitors getting into the shots after they opened the gates.

As their deadline approaches and they are running out of time, Chael decides to do something give them more time. He uses a pair of scissors to cut the cord on the computer! It gave everyone more time, but no one could live with that decision.
As soon as they got into the Board Room, Carsen told Arnold what Chael did. Chael was fired immediately.

Arnold said there is one thing that he will not tolerate and that is cheating.

Boardroom Defense—Team Prima. Now that they have lost the one person that Carsen would have picked to fire, everyone is in jeopardy.

The Client felt that the team missed their mark completely and the presentation was "ordinary."

Arnold told Carsen: "If this had been your first week, I would have fired you, but you have been so good throughout." Arnold then focused on Porsha making the following points:

1.  She had been in the Board Room six out of eight times.
2.  She was in charge of creative and the client hated the creative.
3.  She talked too much and was never able to answer a direct
     question of who should be fired.

As a result: Porsha was terminated.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Haven’t You Left Yet?

The following article is so well written that I wanted to publish it intact and with credit given to the author. From The Washington Post and republished on the Chicago Tribune website.

By Ed Rogers, a veteran Republican strategist and chairman of the lobbying and communications firm BGR Group.

January 27, 2017.

Hey, Celebs for Hillary:  Weren't you Moving Overseas?

Did the phony, hypocritical liberal celebrities who made fools of themselves during the 2016 campaign not get the memo? I am specifically referring to all the useful post-election analysis that should have clued them in to how little their opinions mattered in the political realm, and what their utility might be in the future. Even back in 2014, a CBS News poll showed that 61 percent of Americans thought Hollywood had “too much influence on American politics and social values.”

To remind everyone, celebrities from Beyonce to Leonardo DiCaprio to Katy Perry appeared at Hillary Clinton rallies, held concerts in support of Clinton and produced what they obviously thought were really cute, funny videos trying to get people to vote for Clinton. But, as Maureen Callahan so succinctly wrote in a smart piece for the New York Post’s Page Six titled “Why celebrity endorsements didn’t help Hillary at all,” “Those who have money, fame, privilege and status and have no cause to worry — and fail to do so — can only further divide the country and alienate those who, rightly, feel unseen, unheard and looked down upon.” And, Callahan wrote, after Clinton lost, “those celebrities who reacted publicly often did so with a pungent brew of self-pity, condescension and didacticism.” Sarah Jones, writing in the New Republic, may have said it best: Clinton’s “campaign employed a candy-colored brand of female empowerment seemingly based on the assumption that white women’s political priorities are influenced by the pop culture they consume.”

Anyway, the wasted efforts of celebrities gave us such memorable performances as Lena Dunham’s cringe-worthy “Sensual Pantsuit” video and Jay-Z’s big concert, aimed at mobilizing the young African-American community in the swing state of Ohio. After Clinton lost the election, there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth, and the celebrities who had vowed to leave the country if Donald Trump won came down with the requisite amnesia. Unfortunately, they were not also struck dumb.

Rather than learn their lesson, it appears that the self-centered and tone-deaf celebrities who were supposed to know something about the American zeitgeist and appealing to their audiences have doubled down, engaging in more self-righteous rhetoric and overblown, fashionable-on-the-left social media freak-outs about Trump’s inauguration. Maybe I shouldn’t have expected any self-reflection or understanding of the post-election analysis, since I don’t think of many of them as being particularly politically literate or as being avid readers, especially not when the news is critical or questions their own public appeal.

And the whining, panic and tantrums have only amplified since November. In the last week alone, we’ve seen theatrical outbursts from celebrities that remind those who voted for Trump exactly what they don’t like about celebrities gratuitously inserting themselves into their political decision-making. Kate Rich, a B-list wannabe from “Saturday Night Live,” took a stand by writing a tweet picking on Trump’s 10-year-old son. During the extremely vulgar and militant women’s march in Washington, no less than washed-up singer Madonna mused about blowing up the White House. When will she relieve us of having to witness her now more than a decade-long, “I swear I’m still relevant” tour? Don’t even get me started on Ashley Judd’s delusional rant at that same protest march. And finally, we have Chelsea Handler, the self-absorbed, unfunny, tries-too-hard “comedian” who says she’s too good to interview Melania Trump and makes fun of the first lady’s accent. Really? I suspect the Trumps haven’t lost any sleep over the fact that they will not be appearing on Handler’s show. I didn’t know she still had a show until I read about her refusal to grant the first family the privilege of appearing on it. It’s pathetic.

Everybody has a right to his or her own opinion and everybody has a right to speak out, blah blah blah. But in the case of American celebrities, they should start asking themselves whether or not it is wise for them to do so. The answer should be clear, but the fact that they don’t get it and won’t accept Trump as president says a lot about who they really are and what they really know.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Inaugural Fashion

Now that we have gotten through the pomp and ceremony of inaugurating a new president, it is time to get down to work. Hopefully, we elected the right person, and we can turn the responsibilities over to him, and wait for a miracle. We’re going to need it. I still remember “the good old days,” so it’s going to take a lot to impress us 1950s kids. Like I said before, I’m one of the old timers who still remembers the 1950s and I miss it.

I refuse to be discouraged by the naysayers who say we can’t make this country great again. If Trump had believed that, he would not have gotten into the race. He only plays to win. He knew he could win the votes before he even got started.

Since Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, has taken a position as Senior Adviser to his father-in-law; the family has packed up and moved to Washington DC. The family is moving into a $5.5 million colonial built in 1923 and renovated to have a modern staircase, five fireplaces, and crown molding. It is located in the same prestigious Kalorama neighborhood as the Obama family's incredible new home. Ivanka Trump left NYC wearing a beautiful Oscar De La Renta, Kelly green dress and jacket.

The night before the Inauguration, Trump hosted a very private Candlelight Dinner. Tiffany wore a heavily embroidered gold and cream Anne Bowen gown. It fit her perfectly and was, in my opinion, her best selection of the weekend. Ivanka wore another Oscar De La Renta gown that was white with a huge black bow flowing down the back. Melania wore an outstanding, gold sequined, form-fitting, long-sleeved custom Reem Acra gown that looked absolutely stunning on her.

For the Inaugural ceremony, Hillary’s cashmere suit and coat; and Melania’s cashmere dress and jacket were both designed by Ralph Lauren. Wow! Both outfits would probably be considered couturier and cost a minimum of $20,000 with all of the personal fittings and customizations required. Hillary’s suit was very slightly pink/beige colored. Her shoes had little princess heels (instead of the big chucky heels she usually wears), and matched the suit. That’s why the shoes looked slightly off with the white coat. But when the coat was unbuttoned, it all made sense.

Melania’s powder blue dress and jacket were tailored to perfection and the outfit held its own for the entire day, attending prayer service at St. John's, tea with the Obamas, the Inauguration Ceremony (where it endured a sprinkling of rain), attending the Congressional Luncheon, reviewing the military marching bands, accompanying the Obama's to their waiting helicopter, walking in the parade, and watching the entire parade from the grand stand until after dark.

I heard that Hillary was not thrilled that both Ivanka and Tiffany Trump wore white suits to the inauguration. She can't get a break. Plus, her hound-dog husband humiliated her during the inaugural ceremonies by ogling one of the Trump beauties!

Ivanka’s asymmetrical white pant suit was designed by Oscar De La Renta. Tiffany’s white coat was designed by Taoray Wang. Her $800 British Boots were designed by Aruna Seth, who “has previously made shoes worn by Pippa Middleton for Katherine and William's Royal Wedding, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez and Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice (Prince Andrew’s girls).”

Kellyanne Conway’s military-style coat was designed by the House of Gucci and cost $3,600. Unfortunately, I thought it was hideous. To me, it is more of a costume, and something that can only be worn one time; but it certainly has gotten her A LOT of attention.

The gorgeous gold dress Ivanka wore to the Balls was designed by Carolina Herrera. Tiffany wore a strapless metallic pink sequined ball gown with mermaid flared skirt designed by Hollywood designer Simin Couture. Melania wore a cream, off-the-shoulder Hervé Pierre with a high slit and a crimson ribbon belt.

In other gossip—you knew the ex-wives were going to come out of the woodwork. Both of them attended the Inauguration and Marla attended the balls as a guest of her daughter, Tiffany. Ivana ducked out early when she heard Marla was there!

Donald Trump’s first wife Ivana, and the mother to his three oldest children, wants to be the ambassador to her native Czech Republic; saying she’s well known worldwide and she’s ready to serve the United States.

“I have written three books,” she told The New York Post. “They were translated in 40 countries and into 25 languages. I’m known by the name Ivana. I really did not need the name Trump.”

Marla Maples, who does need the name Trump and a job, wants to be a UN Ambassador to a country in Africa. She was spotted at Trump Tower a week before the inauguration, smiling as she exited the elevator; but there was no indication as to what was discussed. Now that Tiffany has graduated from college, they have both been tossed off the Trump gravy train. We shall see what happens next.

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Help!  I’ve Fallen, and I Can’t Get Up!

I haven’t felt like writing anything lately. There has been so much “news” on the TV and Radio, I’ve been doing a lot of listening instead.

I have never told my readers the reason why I have so much time on my hands to be able to write this blog again. It’s because I have nothing but time. I have been diagnosed with a very serious liver disease, that may or may not improve. When I was first diagnosed, I was considered “end stage,” but there has been some improvement. On top of that, I fell down the stairs to the basement laundry room and fractured my tail bone. The fall also caused nerve damage in one foot.

The medication that I was taking at the time of my fall, was for my illness; but, it made me very weak and slightly dizzy. I lost my balance climbing the stairs and since there is no handrail to grab onto, I fell down the stairs to a concrete floor. I was unable to move for about 20 minutes, it was February, and I was exposed to the weather. I didn’t have my cell phone with me, so I was on my own. Great! I was finally able to turn over and get on my knees, but it was awhile before I could stand up. I made it back upstairs and I thought I was going to be okay, but within two days, my legs were paralyzed! The EMTs had to carry me down four flights of stairs to the ambulance. I was in the hospital for a week and then they transferred me to a rehab facility and I was there for three weeks. By the time I went home, I was able to walk with a walker, and then I graduated to a cane! They sent me home with two different opioid pain killers and after those were gone, I realized I wasn’t doing as well as I thought—I just didn’t feel the pain.

It didn’t take long and I was in constant pain, and only comfortable when lying in bed. I sleep a lot, but the sleep is good for healing. My doctor finally hooked me up with a pain management specialist. The pain meds make everything better, including my mood, but now, I’m dependent on the pain meds. I can see why people get hooked, because after a while, the pain is so unbearable, you’ll do just about anything to make it stop.

I have switched to a diet that is 95% organic and it seems to be helping. I’m also taking every possible supplement that is made for liver health. My doctors feel that my diet has been the greatest contributor to the improvement of my condition and now they are hopeful I will be able to improve more and more over time—a very long time, it seems.

It has been three years since I fell down the stairs, but the injury is still very debilitating. My liver doesn’t function properly and I accumulate blood serum fluid in my abdomen. That becomes very heavy and causes pressure on my back. Every couple of months I have to go into the hospital and have the fluid tapped off with a giant needle—like they use to do an amniocentesis. If it is done properly, by an experienced doctor, it doesn’t hurt except when they insert the needle. Unfortunately, my hospital is a teaching hospital, so I don’t always get someone as skilled as they will be someday with more experience. So, I’m beginning to dread the procedure.

Using the cane definitely helps with my balance, and I always take it if I know I will have to ride on the Subway, as it assures me a seat. Ha-ha. But it is unwieldy when trying to carry bags of groceries back home; and since I’m eating organic, I have to shop and then cook. In NYC, we mostly walk everywhere and carry everything. I always have to remember that, whatever I buy, still has to be carried up to my apartment—and with one hand—because I need the other hand to hold the handrail and pull myself up the stairs. Luckily, there are some very nice people living in my building and, even though they don’t know me, they offer to carry my bags since they are going upstairs anyway. They are helping me more than they know. There are only so many ways you can say “thank you,” so I hope they know how much I appreciate it.

But, that’s enough about depressing stuff.

My next post is interesting. I’m working on it, so check back tomorrow. I’m also working on a post about this week’s Celebrity Apprentice–Week Four.

Thanks again for being a reader!!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Celebrity Apprentice 2016—Week Three

Arnold Schwarzenegger tells the celebrities that he LOVES cars, but he also loves motorcycles. The client for the first task is Kawasaki motorcycles. The task is to create an advertising photo presentation. The focus of the ad is that, motorcycles appeal to everyone—not just the usual stereotypes.

The men’s team shoots every diverse personality possible. Carson Kressley rides the motorcycle nude, and they bring in “the best drag queen in the world” to pose on the bike. Chael Sonnen poses with his wife and daughter. Ricky Williams is shirtless, his upper body is covered with tattoos and he is smoking a cigar—reminiscent of a photo taken by Annie Leibowitz of Arnold shirtless on a horse. Vince Neil strikes a macho pose holding his little dog. An older, very attractive grey-haired woman sits on the bike ready to ride off.

The women’s team worked well together and came up with some great ideas. Brooke Burke wants to drive the bike with her husband behind her; but he’s not having any part of it; so she caves. Porsha Williams and Lisa Leslie pose together as though they are going on a road trip with their bikes. Lisa is very tall and Porsha is very tiny, so it shows in interesting contrast. Layla Ali is photographed doing a macho stride toward her bike. They all used their celebrity images very well.

In the boardroom, the men are told their presentation was edgy, and all inclusive, but maybe too close to the edge. The women are told they nailed it, with their photo shoot, but it was ordinary. The client would have rather seen Burke’s husband riding behind her.

In the end, the men won and received $25,000 for Carson’s charity. Kawasaki felt that the competition was so close that they also gave $25,000 to the losing PM. However, Kyle Richards had been brought into the boardroom three times prior to this, so this time, she was terminated.

The client for the second task is See’s Candies.

They are to create a celebrity candy package which they will have to sell. They will actually create the recipe and design the candy. As it turns out, Warren Buffett is part owner of See’s; so, one rep from each team will fly to Omaha to meet with Mr. Buffet and have him taste their samples. The candy that he likes the best will be worth an extra $25,000 as a bonus and it will be added to the team’s total earnings.

Since the women lost again, for the fourth time; their team is getting smaller and smaller, so the players are redistributed. Carson reacts somewhat emotionally, commenting that he feels like they were a bunch of puppies and three of them just got whisked away.

The new team project managers are Ricky Williams vs. Vince Neil.

It came down to who could raise the most money through contributions from their friends. Vince Neil’s team raised over $300,000 and they won the bonus from Warren Buffet, so they were the winners.

Ricky’s team also raised over $300,000, but someone had to be fired. Jon Lovitz only raised $500, so unfortunately, he was terminated.

I still feel like this season is a watered down version of what Trump used to do. It barely holds my interest and is just a tired routine of the same old, same old. So far, there hasn’t been any behind the scenes drama; but maybe they are saving that for later episodes. Arnold is doing a very good job, but there isn’t any Wow Factor. The previews look as though they are leading up to something, so, we'll see what happens.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thanks for the memories.   Bye. Bye.

Michelle Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday night for her last talk show appearance as First Lady. Jimmy is crazy for Michelle, so he went all out. She had the entire hour.

Before the main part of the show started, random audience members had been asked if they wanted to record a thank you tribute to Michelle while looking at her portrait. They communicated amazing, heart-felt stories of inspiration that they attributed to her caring and sincere dedication to her “duties” as First Lady. Then while they were in the middle of talking to the portrait, Michelle would emerge from behind a curtain and surprise them and they recorded their reactions. It was very entertaining.

She is beloved to a lot of people. Although she has been committed to her husband’s political career, she seems to have a bigger more existential purpose.

Then for the main part of the show, she changed into a more formal dress designed by Hubert Givenchy and she looked great.

She sat behind the desk with Jimmy and wrote “thank you” notes. She looked particularly lovely. Her hair and dress were perfect. She is very photogenic and looks like she belongs in front of the camera. Maybe, when she eventually gets tired of being the “Former First Lady,” she will do something more interesting.

During the “game” portion of the show, two mystery guests showed up to play a game with Michelle and Jimmy. Amazingly, the guests were Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld!!

Steve Wonder performed two of his songs that he had rewritten for Michelle: Isn’t She Lovely and My Michelle Amore.

A good time was had by all.

Michelle is great at public relations, but falls short on actually accomplishing anything except having a good time. She and Barack did a bang up job of bringing some amazing contemporary culture to the White House. Their parties and special events were renown.

On the down side: They really socked it to the American people, entertaining themselves like royalty and spending money that could have been better spent. Over the eight years of their reign, their Hawaiian Christmas vacations, Martha’s Vineyard summer vacations, and other personal trips/vacations, have cost hard-working Americans over $96 million.

Barack was a terrible president, but there is only so much you can do if you don’t have what it takes. He gave it a try in the beginning, but eventually got bored with it, ran out of ideas, and just gave up. He relied too much on his "advisers" who were not necessarily the best choices. He just wanted to get as many of his friends as possible onto the gravy train for as long as it lasted.

Sorry folks, but I had to bring us back to reality. I wish them both well; but I am hoping they will step aside and allow the country to get back on track.

Now, we need to give Trump a chance. He works hard and takes care of those he loves; and he actually loves the people of this country. When he says he wants to make this country great again, he means the great life that we enjoyed in the 1950s and 1960s. I was there and he was there and people were actually happy. The war was over and there were plenty of jobs. People bought cars and their first home. He wants to give this generation the chance to experience that kind of greatest.

He has picked the best and the brightest advisers to guide him to make the best decisions. He just needs some cooperation.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

She's Either Really Smart, or Really Crazy

You'd probably look like this too, if someone just gifted you with $2 million of other people's money! Jill Stein is not going away quietly.

Green Party presidential-candidate Jill Stein’s efforts to force a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania were called a "scam" by President-elect Donald Trump and a “ridiculous fundraising and publicity stunt” by House Speaker Paul Ryan.

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Stein will receive $2 million in refunds after initial estimates overestimated the final costs of the failed presidential recount. Stein said on Tuesday that any remaining money from her efforts would be channeled to a group called Count My Vote, which would review the Wisconsin recount before it released a report. A rally was held on the steps of the Wisconsin Capital building. (See details below.)

According to Wisconsin Public Radio, Stein said, “When we asked for a full recount we only got a hand recount in about half of the precincts for about half of the voters. So essentially what we got was half a recount. We also want to include in this, assurance that we have a right to vote and that we put an end to voter ID laws to this interstate cross check that has taken millions of voters off voter rolls."

Stein raised $7.3 million for her presidential campaign, spending roughly $600,000 for consultants and staff working on the recount. The recount in Wisconsin found 131 more votes for Donald Trump, while the recount efforts in Pennsylvania and Michigan were blocked by federal courts.

Wisconsin had estimated that the recount would cost $3.5 million, but the final cost for 70 of the 72 counties in the state was $1.8 million. Finishing the recount could raise the total to $2 million, so Stein would be reimbursed $1.5 million.

A spokesperson for Michigan’s Department of State confirmed that Stein paid in full for 3,050 of the state’s 7,786 precincts before the courts halted the recount; but Stein will receive a refund for the remaining 4,736 precincts totaling $592,000.

January 3, 2017.
There were more Journalists than voters who showed up for Dr. Jill Stein’s “big” Count My Vote rally on the steps of the Wisconsin Capital Building. The crowd count estimate was 19 or less. The time and effort spent on the rally will be funded by the original suckers, I mean donors.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

The Celebrity Apprentice 2016—Week Two

Task One
Promote Welch’s grape juice as heart healthy and create interest in “tastes good and good for you.”

Leila Ali (former boxer, current fitness and nutrition expert) is the project manager for the women, but is very intense and serious in her role. We’ll see if she is as capable as she thinks she is. So far, she is sucking the creativity out of the creative process by constantly telling everyone to “wait a minute, wait a minute.” Porsha Williams is complaining there isn’t any humor or fun in the process and she needs to laugh.

They create a “talk show” format with a cooking segment and demonstrate making a healthy blender drink using grape juice. The client didn’t feel there was enough audience participation even though they also included exercise as part of the “show.”

The men’s team, under the management of Chael Sonnen (mixed martial arts), seemed to be totally focused on entertainment with a theme song, written and performed by musicians Boy George and Vince Neil, the host with a personality, Carsen Kressley, the comedian, Jon Lovitz, the fitness specialist, Eric Dickerson and a real medical doctor, Matt Iseman who talked about the healthy heart.

The men’s team took a risk and they lost. Everyone turned on each other. Chael Sonnen, picked his two weakest team members, Eric Dickerson (football) and Ricky Williams (football). His picks were very interesting. During their athletic careers, all three were at the top of their sports.

Eric Dickerson made a comment that he didn’t care whether he got fired or not. The Governor felt he was too detached from the game and didn’t have the “fire” necessary to fight for the win. He was given the standard farewell, “You’re terminated, get to the chopper.”

I can’t believe the women’s team won!

I was not personally attracted to the women’s presentation, but apparently the client (Welch’s) was looking for something specific. They went with the tried and true rather than risking thinking outside of the box.

Task Two
Design a commercial for King’s Hawaiian BBQ sauce.

Matt Iseman, who is also the host of an NBC obstacle course competition series “American Ninja Warrior,” is the project manager. The men create a football game with the bottle of BBQ sauce substituting for the football. Carsen thinks it would be funny if he tackles Ricky Williams, a Hiesman Trophy winner, and he fractures his elbow and winds up in the Emergency Room. Jon Lovitz wants complete creative control over directing the shoot and editing the video. No one is happy with that arrangement, so now they are bickering and teaming up against him. Despite everything, their video had more “viral” potential.

Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi volunteers for project manager. The women are having major dramas during shooting of the segment. “Lose the drama and leave it with yo’ mama.” Nicole is unable to manage a group of strong decisive women. They created two, short videos. The first one was a huge hit, but the second one didn’t make any sense at all and was horrible. In the end, it cost them their win.

The men’s team deserved the win.

Nicole tries to justify their disastrous loss, but she knows it is pointless. They lost fair and square. The biggest problem for her is picking two teammates, one of which will be terminated. The accusations go back and forth with Lisa Leslie (WNBA legend and the first team sport athlete to win four consecutive Olympic gold medals) the director of both shoots and Porsha Williams (entertainment news correspondent on “Dish Nation”) the video editor; both blaming each other.

Nicole can’t bear to see them fight knowing full well that she can’t and doesn’t want to compete against these strong, aggressive women. She tells The Governor that she just can’t do it; that she doesn’t fit in there, and so, she quits.

He tells her he is very proud of her and how hard she worked and that he knows the game is very difficult. He accepts her decision. You could see it coming because she was just in over her head. All is well. Now, we will definitely see some cat fights, because the women don’t get along that well. Leila Ali is beyond aggressive. She just wants a fight. Undefeated, professional boxer, remember?

To be continued…

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