Friday, November 26, 2010

OLTL—Wed–11/24—"Don't make me regret coming back from the dead."

Nigel's cousin, Neville is preparing an American Thanksgiving for Kevin and Kelly.  He tells them Joey is on his way home.

Dorian drops in on Viki to tell her "we won!"  Viki wants to know what they won and Dorian tells her Roxy booted Echo out of the hotel, so now, they are rid of her.  Just then Echo comes out of the kitchen wearing a luxurious bathroom with a "B" monogram and gushes "that turkey smells divine."  Dorian is speechless when she finds out Echo has moved in.  Viki confides in Dorian that she can't even imagine how angry she is.  Dorian says, let me guess... she shows up on your doorstep and Charlie begs you to let her move in... "I'm homeless, help me, help me.  Viki rolls her eyes to confirm that was pretty much how it went.  With a common enemy to de-throne, these two are going to make an awesome team and the fans should be treated to an excellent storyline.

Rex, Gigi and Shane arrive for dinner and to meet the new grandparents, just as Dorian is leaving.  Shane is excited his grandparents are going to be living right next door to them.  Viki announces that Echo is only going to be staying at Llanfair for a couple of days.

This decision later leads to a tense discussion between Charlie and Viki about Echo's financial condition and that her credit card had been declined at lunch.  Viki says she is sorry about that, but how is that their problem "sweetheart," she adds.  Charlie is like all, gee whiz, and it's not like they don't have enough room at Llanfair.  Viki, being the Leo that she is, roars back calmly, "Are you actually suggesting she move in with us?"

Langston invites Ford to La Boulaíe for Thanksgiving dinner and he asks to bring James.  Starr doesn't know anything about these arrangements until she receives a message from James asking if he can bring anything for dinner.

Christian brings thank you gifts for Blair—champagne and flowers.  He is feeling lonely with Layla out of town and his mother visiting Antonio and Jamie for the holiday.  He also brings the mysterious box from Eli that Blair thought he threw away, but Chris thinks she should open it. Blair and Christian are still good friends, and of course, he does manage her night club; but she tells him she is glad he has joined them for Thanksgiving.  Later, when Chris offers to get rid of Eli's box, she says "no" and that she will eventually open it. [Looking forward to that surprise!]

Clint invites Inez and Nate over for dinner without telling Bo, Nora and
Matthew, who arrive thinking this was going to be dinner "with just family."  Nora and Matthew are not happy about their dinner companions.  Nigel has set up an interactive video game in the living room where Nate is trying it out.  Matthew goes into the living room and antagonizes Nate by saying his mother is "playing" his uncle.  When Nate says, "She's not playing anyone."  Matthew says, "Yeah right, could that dress get any tighter?"  Nate grabs Matthew by the lapels and they start a small scuffle when everyone rushes into the living room to break things up.  Nate reminds his mother he turned down an invitation from Dani to be with her, but now he has changed his mind.  He excuses himself and leaves.

Eddie Ford is making life miserable for the Ford boys, insisting they take him out for dinner "with all the trimmings."  Taking him to Dorian's is the LAST thing on their minds.  They tell him he is NOT invited and leave without him; but, he follows them.

Eddie shows up at the backdoor of La Boulaíe saying he had been invited.  Dorian escorts him into the foyer where the Ford boys have just arrived.  Unfortunately, an ugly scene ensues, Eddie punches James, and Dorian has to call Bo, who rushes over.  Dorian calls Eddie a vulgarian who is virtually trespassing since no one invited him and then he brutally attacked "that young man," pointing at James.  Bo is happy to cart Eddie off to jail.

Since Bo left Clint's to help Mayor Lord, Nora and Clint are left to fend for themselves so Clint brings up the subject of Bo and Inez.  He continues to put ideas in her head about a possible attraction between the two of them, and even Nora is starting to doubt herself.

Through her "friends" at the courthouse, Téa gets a copy of the restraining order Todd filed against Marty and that he had Starr sign, thinking they were papers regarding Hope's trust fund.  Téa is so upset with Todd she compares him to Eli, when Eli tricked her into signing
custody papers that gave Dani to Ross.  She is incredulous when she gets Todd to confirm, yes, he tricked Starr into signing something that would keep Hope's grandmother from her only grandchild.

Nate arrives at Dani's just as Todd is nagging Téa about that jerk, Nate.  Then he has to apologize to everyone when Tea tells him, "Don't make me regret coming back from the dead."  She eventually gets everyone to join hands and join her in her gratitude for being able to celebrate another Thanksgiving and also for being able to argue with her husband again.

I couldn't figure out where John McBain was going until today, we found out he went to see Michael and Marci and their son Gabriel in Seattle.

Neville announces dinner, but Kelly doesn't understand why they aren't waiting for Joey.  Neville apologies for the misunderstanding.  Joey is on his way "home" to Llanview.  Joey arrives at Llanfair and Viki is more than thrilled!!

After dinner, Clint has an opportunity to talk with Inez alone.  He wants to know the real reason why Inez would not accept the gift necklace from him.  She says the necklace makes her feel like he wants to take the relationship to the next level, but she just isn't ready to sleep with him.  Clint tells her, "I don't want you to sleep with me.  I want you to sleep with my brother." [!!!!]

Dun, dun, da....


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OLTL—Tuesday-11/23—Clint is one happy man

Clint confirms with Vimal that he did the presto chango at the lab as requested.  He also double checks as to whether or not Vimal might have been distracted by the doctor who came into the lab and possibly made a mistake.

Vimal reassures Clint that everything went as planned and the father of his daughter's baby was changed to Brody Lovett.  Just as he says that, Brody shows up, and asks, "Did I hear my name?"  He came by to tell Clint the good news about the baby and Clint says, "You have made me a very happy man.  I consider you to be like a son; not like that Rex Balsom."

Viki goes over to Dorian's and updates her on the DNA tests.  Dorian isn't buying it, and pooh-poohs the excuses Viki gives for Clint's innocence.  Dorian tells Viki to expect Echo to work this new connection for all it's worth.  When or if the relationship with Rex doesn't work out, who do you think she'll turn to—Charlie.

Dorian says she is determined to get the truth out of Echo, one way or another.  Viki wants to know how she will accomplish that, and she says, she is going to become Echo's new best friend.  Viki doesn't want Dorian to get involved.  She wants Charlie to handle it. [Yeah, like that's going to happen!]

Roxy stops by John's apt. with some clean towels and they start to chat, then decide to have a beer.  Roxy is excited about the baby and John says, "Yeah, I guess it is really going to happen."  Roxy tries to get John to commit to putting a ring on Natalie's finger, but he says they are taking things slowly.  Roxy blabs a little more than she should, as usual, and starts talking about Marty keeping Natalie's letter from John and then that Nattie stopped by Brody's on the way to the airport, so that is why she missed her flight, so really he should thank Marty and Brody for getting back together with Natalie.

When Roxy mentioned the part about Brody, you could see John's detective mind click into active mode.  But Roxy also warns John to watch out for Marty, since keeping Natalie's letter got her nowhere and now she has nothing, there is no telling what her next dirty trick might be.

Matthew, Nora and Bo are having lunch at the Buenos Dias Cafe, when Matthew notices Vimal come in. He sees Matthew, ans takes a seat at the counter, trying to be inconspicuous.  Bo and Nora have just told Matthew about Charlie being Rex's new dad and Matthew asks how did they figured that out.  Bo says they used the DNA lab at Llanview Hospital.  Matthew says, "Really," then looks at Vimal.  Matthew goes over to talk to Vimal about the Llanview Hospital card key that he picked up from Vimal and delivered to Clint.  Vimal tells Matthew, "Oh, yeah, I forgot all about that."  He suggests it would be a good idea if Matthew did the same.

Matthew goes to Clint's office and feels him out about the DNA test.  Clint wants to know WHY Matthew wants to know.  Matthew says he is just curious about how accurate something like that is and if you could get the wrong results if the test got screwed up or something.  The look of panic/fear on Clint's face spoke volumes.

Matthew continues, his probe:  "So, Rex didn't turn out to be a Buchanan, so I guess you're a lucky guy."  Clint:  "Yeah, that's what you need to remember about me, that I'm a lucky guy."

Gigi stops by Llanfair to check on Natalie and can see she has been crying, which doesn't make any sense if the amnio test said John is the baby's father.  Natalie confesses that the test results say Brody is the father.  Gigi wants to know if there is any possibility John would accept the truth.  Natalie is not willing to take the chance.  After Gigi leaves, she burns the test results in the fireplace.

John calls Natalie to tell her he is packing for his trip and would like to see her one more time; so she heads over to his apartment.  He tells her about Roxy and that she warned him about Marty, saying, "Hell hath no fury..."

Marty knows the truth about Natalie's baby and has decided to tell John.  She fantasizes about how she is going to give the DNA results to John in a package wrapped up to look like it came from Tiffany's.  When she comes back to reality, she has just finished wrapping the Tiffany box.

Rex, Echo and Charlie come into the Buenos Dias for some lunch.  Echo tries to pay the bill with a credit card that is declined, so Charlie pays.  Then Roxy comes in, and Rex has to tell her the news.  She is VERY upset.  She goes up to Echo and demands her rent money.  Echo says she thought the promotional photos she took for her would cover it, but Roxy says, no. Echo says she doesn't have it, so Roxy tells her to pack her things and get out.

Brody comes into the living room and gets some wood to put on the fire and he pokes around a bit.  Maybe he sees something, maybe he doesn't, but it is a good cliff hanger.  We'll see.....

Echo ends up on Viki's doorstep saying she doesn't have anywhere else to go.

Dun, dun, da.....


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OLTL—Monday–11/22—DNA Double Switch?

The DNA results have been delivered to Llanfair for Jessica and Brody.  Before they read them, he tells her, "Nothing is going to change between us.  I'm going to marry you for better or worse."  They are soon overjoyed to find out the test shows Brody is the baby's father.

Natalie is outside the lab talking to her envelope, and asking for the results to be what she hopes.  Just as she is about to read the report, John shows up and wants to know why she is at the genetics lab.  She gives him her usual snow job, looks at the first page of the report and tells John that everything is normal and the baby is healthy.  She then says if they read any further, the sex of the baby will be revealed to them, and she wants it to be a surprise and she thought he wanted that too.  He agrees to go along with the suspense of not knowing.

Clint's flunky technician, Vimal, comes running into Clint's office, blathering on about not being able to call him, etc., but doesn't realize until the chair spins around, it is Matthew and not Clint in the chair.  Matthew wants to know about the project he is working on for his Uncle Clint that involves the fake ID that he picked up from Vimal's office and brought to Clint the day before.  Vimal says he has to speak to Mr. Buchanan, but Matthew says, he is also "Mr. Buchanan."

Langston wants to see if Ford is relationship material, and proposes a friendship with no sex at all for the next six months.  While they are negotiating the conditions of this challenge, Ford receives a call from Jessica telling him that the DNA test has confirmed Brody is the father of her baby.  He actually acts disappointed and Langston wants to know what is wrong.  Of course, she is thrilled about the baby news, but very surprised by Ford's reaction.

Rex's DNA results confirm that Echo is Rex's mother.  She asks him if there is any possibility she can be a part of his life, so she can get to know him.  He is reluctant, but says, "Sure, why not."  Viki just has to get one last dig in, and tells Echo, DNA results will not even remotely qualify her to be called a "mother."

Todd and Marty argue after he presents her with the court papers banning her from seeing Hope.  Marty wants to know why he would do this and Todd tells her it is because Marty brought Hannah into her home and then she almost killed his daughter.  Marty says, "Ok, so I made a bad call.  But, what would I ever do to hurt Hope?"  Todd:  "How would I know, I'm not a shrink, and if there is any justice in this world, you won't be much longer either."

Marty freaks out and runs out of the door, leaving Todd in the doorway.  Todd calls John McBain and tells him what is going on and that Marty is probably heading for La Boulaíe.  John says he will handle it and takes off, leaving Natalie in the lab with her envelope.

Marty is pounding on the front door when John arrives and convinces her that Todd is merely pushing her buttons because he wants her to violate the court order.  He takes her home, where Todd is still waiting (and has made himself comfortable—LOL).

Marty protests further, defending her son's actions, etc., but Todd says, "Here's the court order:  Deal with it.  I never thought the day would come when you would condone murder.  You really are as toxic and as dangerous as your son."  Her closing remark is:  "If you think I'm dangerous, you have no idea."

Rex is about to read the DNA results for his "father."  Clint tries to stall the reveal because he is still waiting to hear from Vimal.  But, Rex reads the report and says, Charlie is his father.  Boy, oh boy, is Clint happy.  He congratulates everyone and then says he has to go.  Viki walks him out.  She wants to know, "What just happened?"  He says, "What I knew would happen."

When Clint gets back to his office, he tells Matthew he can go home and then lays into Vimal who goes into great detail about his migraine headache, taking the wrong medication, then falling asleep and also the fact that someone saw him in the lab and that was why he got the migraine in the first place.  Clint says he doesn't give a damn about the migraine, but now, wants to know who saw him.  He tells Clint it was a doctor and she was trying to get a print out of some DNA results.  In a flashback moment, we see that it was actually Marty.

Clint just wants to know if he did what he was supposed to do.  Vimal finally says, "yes," he changed Rex's test results to show that Charlie Banks is his father and he also changed Clint's daughter's results to show that Brody Lovett is the father of her baby.  He doesn't, however, actually say the name of the daughter in question, so, we don't know if he might have accidentally changed Natalie's results instead of Jessica's.  What is more probable is the possibility that Marty changed Natalie's results (if they were changed); because in the end, we see Natalie's test results and it says the father of her baby is Brody Lovett.

Dun, dun, da.....


Monday, November 22, 2010

OLTL—Fri–11/19—"...of course, they're lying."

Gigi and Rex in bed—boring
Langston and Ford at Capricorn—boring
Starr and Todd arguing—boring
Blair sings at Capricorn—boring

Moving on to a more interesting story:

Dorian tells Viki about her chance encounter with Clint and seeing him with half of the heart necklace.  Even though Viki tells Dorian, she is not jumping to any conclusions and wants to wait for the DNA results, the story gives her plenty to think about.  She heads straight for Clint's office.  Clint is admiring a counterfeit key card he had made to access Llanview Hospital.  Viki enters the office and asks, "Clint, what are you up to?"

She tells Clint that Dorian just told her something very interesting and she wants to hear his side of the story; and then adds, "And, it had better be good."

Clint expresses surprise that Viki would listen to anything Dorian had to say.  She replies, she found this particular story a little difficult to ignore.  "Ah," he says, "Well then, this should be good.  Let's hear Dorian's latest who ha."

Viki:  "Well apparently, she ran into you at the hospital and you had with you, a particular necklace—a half heart on a chain; which happens to be the mate to the one that Echo has and the exact same one that she left with Rex when he was a baby.

Clint produces the necklace and holds it up.  "This one?"
"Wow, yes."
"Alright, what's wrong?"
"I didn't want to believe it, but she's right.  Dorian's right.  You gave Echo this necklace all those years ago.  She kept half and she left half with her son.  He's your son, isn't he."
"If I'm Rex's father, it's news to me."
"Then why do you have this necklace?"
"I told you.  When Echo blew into town, I had my people do some pre-emptive investigating, just like you did.  And my private investigators hit pay dirt when they found out she hired two con men in New Mexico to send Rex on this wild goose chase.  And that is what led me to that necklace.  Because Rex placed it on the grave of that woman."
"Why didn't you ever say anything?"
"I had no idea what it meant to him."
"And you never suspected that Echo went to all this trouble because she was hiding something?  The fact that she's Rex's mother?"
"I suppose I should have, but I didn't think it was connected to me."
"So, you did NOT give her the necklace?"
"Why would I?  Meeting Echo was the worst mistake I ever made in my life and I have the feeling, before long, poor Charlie is going to be saying much the same thing.

Viki isn't really buying Clint's story completely.  She asks him, "If Echo forged the letters, why would she copy them out of a book written by one of your ancestors?"
"Who knows how Echo's mind works.  Viki, she was infatuated with me—with all of the Buchanans.  She wanted to BE a Buchanan.  So maybe forging the letters was her way of keep it in the family."
"Are you sure that she did this?"
"Do you think that I did?"
Viki shrugs.
"Come on, what makes more sense?  That I'm lying to you or that Dorian got into your head with one of those nutty conspiracy theories of hers?"
"What are you going to do with the necklace?"
"You keep it, by all means.  I never want to see the damn thing again."

Viki leaves and Clint takes a meeting with one of his tech employee's—the one who created the fake key card.  Clint tells him he has a big job for him to do and if he is successful, it could lead to a very big promotion.  Clint wants him to break into the files of the DNA lab and, of course, change the results of Rex's paternity.

Echo drops in on Chuckles.  He tells her she cannot keep dropping over like this and she says she really needs to talk to him—alone.  He takes her outside to be sure no one hears whatever she needs to say.

She tells him she thinks about him a lot and that maybe she made a mistake leaving Atlantic City.  What if she had kept Rex?  Maybe she and Charlie would have stayed together and made a life together and maybe it would have been good.  She asks him if he ever thinks about that.

They are interrupted by Viki's return.  She says she is just leaving and so Viki says she has something she can take with her.  She gives her the half-heart necklace.  Viki tells Echo Clint's story about the private investigators, etc., then takes Charlie by his leash and drags him into the house with her.

She tells Charlie about talking to Clint and that she asked him every possible questions she could think of and he had an answer for everything—just like Echo.  Poor naive Charlie asks, "Do you think they're lying."  "Sweetheart, of course they're lying."  Viki will get to the bottom of it soon.

After Brody leaves Marty's, she begins talking to Cole's picture and is trying to decide what she needs to do next.  She calls John and asks him to come over.  It didn't turn out the way we thought it might.  She merely apologized to John for the way she talked to Natalie, and asks for his forgiveness.

Natalie talks to Brody and he explains to her what he said to Marty and that he thinks he scared her into leaving them alone.  Natalie is like, are you kidding me?  Marty is not afraid of anything because she has nothing left to live for.  She blames ME for her son going to prison and the only thing she cares about is revenge.

Marty is at home when the doorbell rings.  It is Todd.  He hands Marty the papers he asked Starr to sign, which he told her were in regard to Hope's Trust Fund.  But it turns out they are a court order to keep Marty away from Hope!

Clint's tech guy enters the DNA lab.  He is at the computer looking up Rex Balsom's records when someone else enters the lab and turns on the lights.  In the morning, Clint keeps calling him to find out what is going on since he didn't hear anything at all.

Natalie goes to the lab and she is handed her results by a lab tech. She goes out into the hall and opens the envelope.

Jessica and Brody are together at Llanfair when her test results are delivered.  They kiss, and say they love each other and she opens the envelope.

Clint is the last one in the group to show up at Rex's apartment where everyone is assembled.  It looks like a gathering from an Agatha Cristie novel, just before the investigator reveals the murderer!!  Rex opens the envelope to his DNA results.

Dun, dun, da.....


Sunday, November 21, 2010

OLTL—Thursday–11/18—"...I Always Have a Plan."

— Past Lovers
— Current Commitments
— Future Complications

Clint questions Matthew about Dorian breaking into his office and wants to know whether or not she saw the necklace.  Matthew says she didn't.  Clint confides in Matthew and asks him to keep quiet about the necklace, saying, "You never saw this necklace.  Can I depend on you?"  Matthew asks, "Can I depend on YOU?"

Matthew is still upset that Clint is dating the mother of his arch rival, Nate Sallinger.  Clint explains that his main objective is protecting his family and their future, namely Buchanan Enterprises.  Matthew stills wants clarification, so he continues to probe, "So, you don't like Nate's Mom?"  Clint says, "Asa always said, 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.'  I have a plan, Matthew.  I always have a plan."

Clint tells Matthew he has decided to promote him from apprentice to salaried employee.  Matthew suspects Clint is trying to buy him off, but Clint says that along with the promotion will be added responsibilities.  Matthew says okay.

Dorian goes from her encounter with Matthew to Llanfair to talk to Viki about the necklace and her theory about Clint being Rex's father.  She tells Viki all of the details of how she saw Clint with the other half of the necklace when they were both at the hospital.

Viki wants to know WHY would Clint have the necklace.  Dorian spells it out:  Because, there was a baby, Clint didn't want it and there was a cover up.  Viki is still convinced that Echo is the one who forged the letters from Rick and Lilly and then shows Dorian the book.  Dorian peruses the book and realizes it is a "vanity book" published by Asa's grandmother and probably there are not very many copies of it around.  Viki agrees.  Then Dorian says, what do you want to bet Clint has a copy of it.

Viki does appear to have a light bulb moment, but decides she wants to wait until the DNA results come back before she jumps to any conclusions.  However, after Dorian leaves, she heads straight for Clint's office, to hear his side of the story.

Kelly flies to London to see Joey, but finds Kevin at home instead.  Joey is off on a photography adventure.  Kevin convinces her to stay for dinner and she decides she can probably stay for a couple of days.  They both decide to drop by Zane's school for a visit.

Gigi gets home and goes straight to Rex's apartment.  Rex tells Gigi Echo is his mother and Charlie is his father.  Then, after they finally settle the matter of who kissed who and it didn't mean anything, they get back to the relationship they had more than a year ago, or however we've been going through this.

John drops by Capricorn with a mysterious box that was Eli's.  Since Blair is his widow and only surviving relative, it now belongs to her.  The police found a key in Eli's personal effects that led to a safe deposit box.  The lab checked out the box to make sure it was safe.

Christian returns from Paris and comes straight to work at Capricorn.  Later, Blair and Christian stare at the box, but she doesn't want to open it.  She tells him to just throw it away, but he puts it under the bar instead.

Natalie is at Llanview and in total panic over what Marty might do next.  Brody does his best to calm her, and then tells her, he has a plan and is going to go talk to Marty.  John comes by Llanfair and sees Natalie looking at Brody's file and wants to know, what's up with that.  She covers her **** as usual.

Meanwhile, Marty calls the DNA lab pretending to be Natalie.  They still don't have the results yet.

Brody visits Marty and she says, "Brody, what a nice surprise.  He says, "Cut the crap,  Marty. You've been torturing Natalie for days with all your hints.  And whatever it is that you think you know, you're going to keep your mouth shut."

He forces his way into her home.  She denies knowing anything, but he tells her to spill it.  She says she knows he slept with Natalie, that the baby she is carrying might be his, and she thinks John deserves to know.  She picks up the phone and says she is going to call him.

Brody says he doesn't think she is going to do that when she sees what he has.  He then produces a photo taken from video surveillance tapes at the hospital showing Marty in Dr. Wright's office making copies of Natalie's file.  He threatens to expose her.  Since stealing medical files is a federal offense, she would lose her license, go to prison and never work again.

He continues by saying she needs to get over her sick need to hurt other people instead of facing the fact that your son made a mistake.  "I won't let you hurt Jessica; do you understand me? I'm a cop, former Navy Seal and I can make things happen.  I don't like threatening you, but you aren't giving me any other choice."

After he leaves, she calls John.

Dun, dun, da....


Thursday, November 18, 2010

OLTL—Wednesday–11/17—"Is She in a Wall Somewhere?"

Flashing Lights — Flaring Tempers — Flying Accusations — Unpredictable Consequences

Todd and Téa are enjoying their "honeymoon" at the Palace Hotel, when she starts to get a headache; probably from too much champagne the night before.  When she gets out a bottle of aspirin, she suddenly has a flashback of her time at the hospice and she nearly faints.  Todd gets very worried, but she seems to be okay after that.

After Natalie tells Brody, Marty is at Llanview with Jessica, he rushes home.  Dr. Wright happens to be passing through the station on her way to the Court House.  Natalie tells Dr. Wright that her personal medical files were delivered to Marty's office by mistake. Dr. Wright says that is impossible, but then remembers that Marty had been in her office saying she wanted to leave a note and was looking for a piece of paper.

Greg Evans is in court for sentencing.  He has confessed to all of the charges and awaits the judge's decision.  Destiny has been staying with Shaun instead of her grandparents, so when she shows up at court, Mrs. Evans says, "Your father and I were so worried."  Destiny points at Greg and says, "That's my father."  Mr. Evans says, "...and he is very glad you're here."  Destiny says, "He shouldn't be.  I'm just here to make sure he gets what he deserves."

The writers rehash most of the same story we already heard when Greg was in the hospital (after Eli's two attacks).  Greg tells Destiny her mother, Charlene, died when she fell and hit her head after they had been arguing.  He did not, however, call the police and instead, hid her body!!  Destiny freaks out and wants to know if she is in a wall somewhere or what?!?!?  [We never got an answer because the judge entered the courtroom.]  Destiny runs out into the hallway.  Mr. and Mrs. Evans follow and try to talk to her, but she tells them to leave her alone.  She then goes to see Téa and tells her she wants to divorce her parents.

Nora tells the judge there were many extenuating circumstances involving Dr. Evan's crimes and her office has worked out a plea agreement with his attorney.  She recommends a six-year sentence with the chance of parole after four; and, the judge agrees to it.

After everyone has arrived for the DNA tests, Rex decides he doesn't want to know the truth.  Charlie tries to impress on Rex, "This is not the kind of secret you want to keep.  We're talking about your parents."  Rex isn't convinced he will be better off knowing.

Viki tries to talk to him.  Finally, Clint says he will have a private conversation with Rex and he takes him out in the hallway.  Clint reminds Rex of what he has to lose if the truth comes out and threatens that he will NEVER see a dime of Buchanan money, etc., etc.  He tells Rex to go back out and say, that even though Clint tried his best to talk him into the test, he has not changed his mind.  Clint asks him if he understands, and Rex says he does.

When they go back to where everyone is waiting, Charlie asks, "Well?"  Rex says, "Ok, let's do it."  Clint is beyond stunned!  They all have swabs and leave.  Charlie tells Echo he is very excited that he might have another son.

After Dorian returns to Clint's office, she finds the key to the desk drawer and starts to open it.  Alarms and flashing lights start going off and the office door locks so she can't get out.  Matthew Buchanan comes to the rescue, but not so fast.......

Dorian is very grateful he opened the door for her, but soon realizes Matthew is now a mini-Clint clone and he is not going to let her off so easily.  He wants to know every detail of what she was doing in Clint's office and finally accepts a large bribe from Dorian not to tell Clint she tried to unlock his desk.  Matthew counts his cash while Dorian slinks out.

When Clint returns from the lab, Matthew is waiting and says, "You will never believe what happened."  He appears to be playing both sides because he says, Dorian didn't see what was in the drawer, but he did.  He pulls out the half heart necklace, holds it up and asks Clint, "Is this what she was looking for?"

Marty starts to tells Jessica something about Brody, but then says, maybe she shouldn't say anything.  Jessica wants to know what it is.  Marty says she thinks Jessica has a right to know.  Jessica:  Is something wrong with Brody?  Marty:  No, but, I'm being investigated because of the Hannah O'Connor case and the Medical Board is reviewing all of my patient files.  Jessica:  I'm so sorry.  Marty:  So am I.  I don't want Brody's file to end up with them, even though they have promised to be discrete.  I would feel terrible if something came out.  Jessica: I don't understand.  Marty pulls out Brody's file and says she doesn't think Brody would want his secrets to be made public.

Brody arrives to find Marty still there.  Jessica casually mentions something about still waiting for the results of her amnio test, and Marty says, "Oh, you had an amnio too?"  Jessica:  "What do you mean 'too'."  Marty:  "Well, Natalie had hers yesterday."  Jessica:  "She did?"  Marty:  "Oh, I thought you knew.  Well, John didn't even know."  Brody:  "Until you told him."  Jessica:  "You knew too?"  Brody:  "I was here when John and Natalie were discussing it."

[Susan Haskell as "Crazy Marty" is her best performance since she returned to the show!  I hope the writers keep it up for awhile.  Regular Marty is way too boring.]

As Marty is leaving Llanfair, Natalie is just returning home and she calls Marty a few choice names.  She tells her she knows that her personal files did NOT end up in her office by mistake and that she did in fact steal them out of Dr. Wright's office.  Marty says she doesn't know what she is talking about.  Natalie threatens Marty.

Jessica goes upstairs to rest and Brody and Natalie have a chance to talk.  They now know that Marty has figured out why Natalie had the paternity test.  Natalie:  "The question is, what is she going to do next?"

Dun, dun, da.....


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OLTL—Tuesday-11/16—DNA Drama

My Two Dads vs. "Champ of the Tramps"
Madam Mayor vs. Clint the Jerk
Scary Dad vs. Keystone Cop
Hot DA vs. Hot Assistant
Psycho Marty vs. Everyone

Natalie and Jessica are at Llanfair, separately waiting for their test results, but nothing yet.  Viki enters the living room, happy to see the two of them together because she wants to tell them both something.  She tells them what was revealed at the party about Echo and her son; and that the father in question might be Clint.  They get all excited when they realize they might have a half sibling and what to know "do we know this person?"  Viki drops the bomb that Echo's baby is Rex!!  Both girls are thrilled.  Natalie talks about how they always thought Roxy was their mother and now, they might REALLY be brother and sister.  She adds, "How fantastic is that!"  Viki goes to the lab to meet Charlie.

Echo is at the clinic to do the DNA tests, but no one else is there yet.  She calls Clint, but he says he is too busy; and besides, he is positive he is NOT Rex Balsam's father.  He tells her to stick with the original story.  She tells him she already feels guilty about what she is doing to Charlie.  Charlie arrives just then and overhears her conversation.  He wants to know what it is that Echo feels guilty about.  She continues to spin the story about her pregnancy. When she came to Llanview (to supposedly tell Charlie about the baby) and found out Charlie had lost his son Jared, she didn't want to get his hopes up until she could find out if her son was even still alive.  Charlie says he can understand that, but he is already getting his hopes up.  He tells Echo about when he pretended to be Rex's father as a favor to Roxy and how he actually started to get very attached to Rex.  Even though he knows that no one can replace Jared, he is hoping that Rex really is his son.  Echo says she understands and she hugs Charlie.  Viki arrives just then and has to witness their intimacy.

Dorian drops in on Clint at his office to needle him about the DNA test.  Clint reiterates his side of the story about Echo's son and that he believes Charlie is Rex's father.  Dorian wants to know why Echo would keep half of the heart necklace and leave the other half with the abandoned baby, if it were really Charlie's baby.  Clint says he doesn't know anything about the necklace, but Dorian reminds Clint she SAW him with the other half of the heart necklace.  He tells her, no, she saw him with a necklace he was planning to give to Inez and he shows it to her.  She says, she knows what she saw.  Dorian leaves Clint's office and Clint leaves for the lab.  But Dorian knows Clint is lying, so she doubles back, and enters Clint's office to look around.

Bo goes over to see Eddie Ford.  Eddie assumes Bo is Inez's boyfriend.  He explains she is his assistant.  Eddie says, well, he hasn't broken any laws.  Bo suggests that "someone" gave his son, Bobby one hell of a beating.  Eddie says he doesn't have any beef with the boys.  Bo says, "That's good."

Eddie tries to put ideas in Bo's head about his ex-wife and the stories she keeps telling about him and that he shouldn't believe a word of it.  He just can't leave things well enough alone though, and just before Bo leaves, he asks him how Bo's wife feels about Inez.  That pushed the situation too far.  Bo tells Eddie, the next time he is driving around Llanview and he looks in his rear view mirror, he will see HIM or one of his men; because he is going to be watching every move he makes.  If he does ANYTHING, from speeding to double parking, he is going to be SO sorry he came to Llanview.

Nora drops by Bo's office and sees Inez putting a plant on Bo's desk.  She is not happy to keep running into Inez like this.  Nora tells Inez she is allergic to plants and since she is in there quite a bit....  She really wants to tell Inez to stay away from Bo, but she just can't.  Inez says the plant is just to thank Bo for talking to Eddie.  Nora explains that Bo is very kind and generous, and that it is important not to read too much into it.  Inez wants to know if Nora thinks she is trying to steal her husband.  Nora tells her that is such an out-dated concept, and anyway, her marriage is solid.  She does not see Inez as a threat; but, what she has been doing is annoying.

After Inez leaves the office and closes the door, Nora has second thoughts about what she said to her and feels really sorry.  Inez comes back into the office to get the plant and get it out of there, but now, Nora tries to apology and says it is okay and she should just leave the plant, but they both grab the plant at the same time and it gets knocked to the floor and the pot breaks.  Bo has observed part of their interaction through the window, but now comes in through the side door and wants to know, "What's going on here?"

John sees Brody in the squad room and says he would like to have a conversation with him about Natalie.  John tells Brody he heard about the possibility that Ford might be the father of Jessica's baby and that he thinks Brody is handling it very well.  He doesn't think that he could be that generous.  Brody wants to know if John could raise another man's baby and John says he doesn't know.  He is just glad he doesn't have to make that decision.

Rex is the last to arrive for the DNA test, but at the last minute decides not to go through with it.  He says he doesn't really want to know.  [That decision should be filed under, "To be continued."]

Marty is at home going through some of her patient files and comes across Brody's.  After reading her notes and then recalling several situations where she has seen Brody and Natalie in very "friendly" situations, hugging, etc.  She finally puts two-and-two together about Natalie's paternity test.  She realizes, Natalie slept with her sister's fiance!  She asks herself, "Who am I going to tell first?!"

Natalie opens the front door of Llanfair and Marty is standing there.  Marty gives Natalie a phony apology about telling John about Natalie's amnio at the party.  She goes on to says she understands Natalie was only concerned about the health of the baby and didn't want to worry John, since he had already gone through the grief of losing THEIR baby.  Natalie says, okay, she accepts the apology, so, goodbye.  Marty tells her she came over to see Jessica.

Natalie directs her to the living room.  Natalie goes to the station to see Brody.  She tells him Marty is up to something and there is no telling what she is going to do next.  She tells him she just left Marty at Llanfair, alone with Jessica.  Brody's eyebrows go up and they both go into panic mode.

Jessica uses Marty's visit as an opportunity to try to smooth over the problems Marty has been having with Natalie.  She defends Natalie's actions in regard to Cole, and says she doesn't believe Marty was really serious when she said she was planning to get back at Natalie.  But Marty is getting more and more heated as Jessica continues to talk.

Marty tells Jessica she did not come there to talk about Natalie; she came to talk about Brody.

Dun, dun, da.....


Monday, November 15, 2010

OLTL—Monday–11/15—Maybe I'm your Daddy, or maybe not.

Drunk Dialing—Comic Relief—Admissions—Denials—Stunned Disbelief

When we last checked in with the Who's Who of Llanview at the Palace after party, Echo was admitting to all; SHE is Rex Balsam's mother.  Rex comes into the room at the end of the announcement and is stunned by what he is hearing.

Echo takes out her half of the heart necklace and shows it to Rex.  Dorian has a flashback of Clint at the airport and she remembers that HE had the other half of the necklace.  [Dorian knows!]  But Echo also has a flashback of Clint's threat:  if she reveals to anyone that he is Rex's father, he will have Rex sent to prison for corporate espionage for breaking into his office (when he was looking for clues to David Vickers' disappearance).

Viki tells Rex there is a possibility Charlie could be his father.  Charlie explains his connection to Echo, but Rex hasn't forgotten when Charlie pretended to be Rex's father as a favor to Roxy; so he is not buying the explanation easily.  (Roxy was convinced Mitch Lawrence was Rex's father and she didn't want to tell him the truth.  But like I mentioned before, it turned out Mitch is Schuyler Joplin's father instead.)

Everyone wants to know WHO IS REX'S FATHER?  Echo is pushed to reveal the answer, so she says, yes, Charlie is Rex's father.

Bo realizes there are still some unanswered questions about Rex's paternity, especially since Echo was involved with Clint BEFORE Charlie.  Bo wants to know why would Echo bring her baby back to Clint's hometown and leave him at the hospital, if Charlie was the father.  Clint interjects with his explanation:  She was planning to pass Charlie's child off as his, in order to get Buchanan money, but when she saw how solid his relationship was with Viki, she lost her nerve, then just left the baby and got out of town as fast as she could.

Echo says it's all true.  Viki says she doesn't believe the story.  If it were true, then why would Echo forge the letters from Rex's parents and send him on a wild goose chase?  That was just cruel and doesn't make any sense.  Viki insists the only way to know for sure is through DNA tests.

Dorian calls Kelly and tells her to get back to the ballroom because things are really heating up, but Kelly is still on the roof "drunk dialing" Joey Buchanan.  She keeps leaving crazy messages for him and each one, just gets worse.

James is doing his best to distract Starr from her pain and continues to paint a bright future for her with her daughter.  He is hoping she can get some rest, but she says she can't sleep.  He promises to stay up all night with her if necessary.  Then he creates a surprise for her—a "beach" scene where they can pretend to relax on the beach, and try to escape from her problems.  It works for awhile, but finally, she asks James to leave because the whole situation doesn't feel right to her.

James heads home.  Bobby returned to the apartment earlier, to find his dad with a "date."  Eddie doesn't have enough money, so he makes Bobby cover the "entertainment fee" as part of what James owes him.  Bobby agrees to his demands in order to avoid another situation, but he tells him that is the last time he is to have in-home entertainment.  It is a definite that his dad is only going to be trouble.

Back at the Palace, Dorian inquires about the time schedule for the DNA tests.  Viki tells Dorian she is not invited.  She says that's fine and makes her exit from the party saying she looks forward to finding out who is going to win the "Rex Balsam Sweepstakes."  But, she doesn't really leave.  She hides in the shadows waiting until everyone is gone except Clint and Echo.  She watches and listens as Clint reiterates his threat to Echo!!

Dun, dun, da.....


Saturday, November 13, 2010

OLTL—Thurs 11/11–Fri 11/12—T and T's Party

The Party—The Characters—The Drama.

Todd and Téa thank everyone for coming to the party and joining them in their celebration.  Todd says "... I know 'the miracle' is more than I deserve, but I'll take it."

Rex arrives at La Boulaie to pick up Kelly for the party.  Dorian is beside herself when she realizes what is going on.  Rex tries to explain that "it is NOT a date," but she still goes on and on.  When Rex leaves the room to see what is keeping Kelly, his cell phone rings.  Dorian answers the call and it is Gigi.  She tells Gigi that Rex has a date with Kelly!

After drinking more than they should, Christian and Gigi are both feeling neglected.  Rex is with Kelly, and Layla has chosen Milanese male models over him!  Christian impulsively kisses Gigi and she kisses him back.  Then she realizes—wait a minute.  Chris tells Gigi he paid extra to get the large room, the king-sized bed and hot tub, etc. and it would be a shame to let it go to waste.  He suggests they go up to the suite, rip off their clothes and have wild sex, and just forget about everything else.  Gigi is almost going for it, but realizes that tomorrow, they will both be very sorry, so they decide to call it a night, alone.

Todd and Téa thank Kelly and Rex for their help in following up on all of Eli's suspicious activity, which was more than anyone imagined—the death of Kelly's mother and her therapist, the suspicious disappearance of two of Eli's wives, murdering the court clerk in Boston, his role in Tea's "death" and kidnapping, blackmailing Greg Evans, and murdering his own brother.  There's probably more I've forgotten about.

Rex is looking for Echo at the party to ask her about his parents and Kelly is tagging along.  Someone tells them, she was last seen heading for the rooftop, so they try looking there.  Since no one is up there, one thing leads to another and Kelly kisses Rex.  He kisses her back and then Kelly says, hey wait a minute, what's going on here?  In the end, they decide they are best staying just friends.  Kelly confesses to Rex that Joey Buchanan was her first love and she thinks he probably still is her true love.

Starr is inconsolable.  Blair tries her best to help her feel better by bringing her macaroni and cheese.  But Starr turns it down.  She just stares at her photo album and of all the photos of her and Cole when they were happy.

Natalie is getting ready for the party and John tells her she looks beautiful.  I'm not a huge fan of Natalie's, but I thought she was absolutely glowing.

In the meantime, Marty goes into Vivian Wright's office looking for Natalie's files.  Vivian and Shaun interrupt her, but she covers by saying she wanted to leave a note and was looking for something to write on.  After they all leave, Marty doubles back and continues looking through the files until she finds what she wants.  She arrives at the party with a smile on her face.  She is really becoming a psycho!!

Marty zeros in on John and tells him she has the proof that his girlfriend is a liar.  John is worried she has the results of the test and something is wrong with the baby.  But, no, she says it is only the reason WHY she had the test.  John says Natalie told him the reason why she took the test.  Marty just keeps saying, he doesn't understand, but John says he does understand and Marty needs to accept what it is—that Cole's finger prints are in the system and the lab would have figured that out and there is no way Marty could have taken the blame for the murder.  He knows she has had a rough day and she is frustrated by what has happened, but this is not the way to go about things.  He asks her if she is okay to get herself home, and she says, "I'm always okay."

After John takes Natalie home, she is still upset about Marty, but John tells her, "Nobody is going to spoil what we've got."  Marty is at home by herself looking at Cole's picture.  She is talking to herself and wondering how it could be possible for Natalie to cheat on John?  She vows that since Natalie is the reason she lost Cole, she is going to see to it that Natalie loses John.

Clint reiterates his threat to Echo about not wanting her to blab about him being Rex's father.  She wants to know how it is that he is so sure he is Rex's father.  Clint tells Echo, that when Shane needed a bone marrow transplant, everyone in Llanview was tested including him.  It turned out he was a perfect match!  He didn't come forward, however, because Gigi's sister was also a match.  [But, she really wasn't.  She pretended to be a match, but the blood actually came from Mitch Lawrence, who Roxy thought was Rex's dad, but as it turned out, Rex isn't even HER son (Schuyler Joplin is)--SO, now I'm confused!!  How did that work?!?!?]

Viki and Charlie have brought their Echo argument with them to the party.  Even I would be telling her to take a break!  Viki confronts Echo again about Rex and the possibility Charlie might be his father.  Echo doesn't want to talk about anything while she is working.

James drops by La Boulaie to see if Starr is okay.  Blair decides it might be a good idea for him to see Starr and possibly cheer her up.  Starr is out of her mind with grief and just wants to be distracted.  She tells James that Cole broke up with her and he wants her to be with James.  She kisses him and begs him to make love to her.  James goes along with the kiss, and tells Starr he wants her, but not like this.  She tells him to leave and she never wants to see him again.

For those of you who have been asking, "What happened to Destiny?" she is alive and well and was also at the party with Shaun, Matthew and Darren.  She and Shaun are still very upset with Shaun's parents and Destiny's grandparents.  Destiny has confided in Matthew about Greg being her father, but she didn't tell Darren, so he is feeling left out, to say the least.

Ford tries to talk to Langston, who, by the way looked amazing!  In my opinion, she had the most beautiful dress at the Party (well, I did like Kelly's dress also).  Dorian threatens to have her security guards break Ford's jaw if he doesn't stay away from Langston.  Now, Langston thinks it was Dorian who had Ford beat up; but he says, no, it wasn't Dorian.

Our Friday cliffhanger:  Viki pushes Echo until she finally says, "You're right Viki, I AM Rex Balsam's mother."  Rex is just returning to the ballroom from the rooftop, and hears her announcement!  He stares in shocked amazement.

Dun, dun, da.....


Thursday, November 11, 2010

OLTL—Wednesday–11/10—Your career, or your boyfriend.

Today's action was mostly in Paris.  There were some "steamy" scenes, some heated words, and several tearful goodbyes in Llanview.

Chris and Layla are spending some time together in the lobby of the hotel, but are planning to go out tonight.  Chris made dinner reservations for the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Gigi and Adriana are still bickering in the dining room.  Gigi has really had enough of Adriana's bullying and interfering in her relationship with Rex.  Adriana says something catty and leaves.  Gigi follows her into the lobby and punches her in the face.

Adriana tells Layla their flight is leaving for Milan in an hour.  She suggests she choose between Stephan and her career, or her boyfriend and the Llanview PD.  Layla promises Chris, she will come to Llanview soon.  After they leave, Chris invites Gigi to dinner at the Eiffel Tower.

In the meantime, Kelly accidentally enters the men's steam room instead of the women's and Rex is in there.  Naturally, Kelly gets her towel caught in the door as she comes in, can't get the door open again, and in the struggle, loses her towel.  Then she accidentally knocks Rex off balance when he comes up behind her to help.  He falls on the floor and out of HIS towel. Oh-No!!  It's all too ridiculous.  After they regain their composure, they sit down and talk about Gigi and Rex and Adriana, etc.  Since both of them were invited to Todd's party, but neither of them have dates, Rex offers to escort Kelly.

Cole says goodbye to Langston and Markko.  Then he must say goodbye to Starr and Hope.  After they leave La Boulaie, Langston and Markko have a few minutes together at the Buenos Dias Café, but Markko tells her, he is on his way back to UCLA.

John confronts Natalie about what he heard from Marty about Natalie's procedure at the hospital.  He asks her if she had an amniocentesis.  Natalie wants to know why he is asking that question and tries everything she can think of so she doesn't have to answer him.  John tells her to stop stalling and answer the question.  She finally admits to having the test.  John gets very angry that he was shut out of the decision and excluded from the actual procedure.  She tries to say it was because he is always so busy and she didn't want to bother him, but he isn't having any of that.  Brody intervenes and puts his hand on John's shoulder saying "Calm down, John."  John tells Brody to take his hand off of him.  Brody tells John he cares about Natalie and she is going to be his family very soon and besides, she is pregnant!  Natalie tells Brody she wants to talk to John alone.  John finally calms down and tries to understand how she could have made that kind of decision without him.  He tells her, next time, he wants to be there. 

Before he leaves, he tells Natalie he is on his way to pick up Marty.  He is driving Cole to Statesville himself, and invited Marty to ride along.  Natalie tells John that is very kind of him.  After he leaves, Brody comes back and they both put on their worry, worry, worry faces again.  This is really going to turn ugly if Brody is the father of Natalie's baby.  John showed us his temper today, and I wouldn't want to be on the wrong side of that.  No wonder Natalie is afraid to tell him the truth!!

Inez and Nate bring food to Bobby and James' apartment, since Bobby just got out of the hospital and is still recovering from his injuries.  When James opens the door, he tries to get them to run away, run away, before Eddie Ford comes back into the room, but it's too late.  Eddie sees Inez and is immediately rude to her, saying that the years haven't been kind to her!  He actually thinks that Nate is her boy-toy boyfriend and she has to tell him, Nate is their son.  Eddie doesn't believe it and everybody starts shouting.  Bobby forces Inez and Nate into the hallway.  He explains to her that he and James are going to deal with their father since he has already threaten to have James arrested for stealing the $50K from him.  Inez is very worried and says she is going to talk to Bo.  Bobby begs her not to, and for her to let them handle it.  We'll see how this turns out.

Cole, Hope and Starr have their final moments together before John arrives to take him to Statesville.  There was a montage of scenes from their four-year relationship and happier times, that was very well done.  In the end, there were lots of tears and it was sad, sad, sad for everyone.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OLTL—Tuesday-11/9—"When in Paris..."

Gigi is humiliated by what Adriana tells her.  Dorian tries to jump-start Kelly's love life.  Marty is determined to get her revenge.  The judge decides Cole's fate.  John wants the truth.

Kelly is on the phone with Adriana, who is telling her about her "hot" sex life with her new Parisian lover.  Dorian enters the room and interrupts the call to introduce Kelly to a handsome masseur she has hired.

Nora and Téa confer before Cole's hearing.  Starr assures Cole he is going to be home with them that night.  [Good luck with that.]  Cole pleads guilty, but Téa moves to dismiss.  The judge reminds Téa he has a signed confession in front of him.  Téa offers the extenuating circumstances regarding this "crime of passion." The judge adds, "thus, the 2nd-degree murder charge." However, he doesn't agree with the justification offered in regard to shooting someone who is handcuffed and unable to run or defend himself.  He calls for a recess to consider his decision.

Marty tells John she is surprised Natalie isn't there to gloat.  He said she wasn't feeling well.  Marty:  Oh, that's right, she had to rest up."  John:  "How so?"  Marty:  "From her doctor's appointment yesterday.  I told you I ran into her at the hospital." John:  "Yeah, she needed to get some vitamins."  Marty:  "Oh, is that what she told you?"

Marty can't let it go, and pushes John to ask himself the question of, why was it that Natalie didn't tell him she had an OB appointment.  Now, John wants to know what is going on with Marty.  She says she is just surprised Natalie didn't tell him herself.  He asks if she is saying, she knows something that he doesn't know?  Marty says,"I just know she didn't see her doctor to pick up vitamins."

Natalie tells Jessica about how Marty has been acting and that she blames her for Cole's arrest.  Jessica tries to defend Marty and suggests maybe Natalie misunderstood or is reading something into it.  Natalie tells her about the slap and Jessica is shocked.  They have a long heart-felt discussion and then Jessica decides to take a nap.  She is having a hard time waiting for the amnio test and finds being unconscious an easier alternative. She tells Natalie she is the best sister ever, then goes upstairs. After that, Brody comes home and Natalie starts to get all worked up about "what if" and what are they going to do "if....?"

Gigi is in Paris to help Christian with a presentation and runs into Adriana in the restaurant of the hotel where she is staying.  These two have a long history of conflict.  Adrian and Rex were engaged when Gigi first came to Llanview and Adriana found out Shane is Rex's son.  Adriana did whatever it took, including bringing Brody to town to pretend to be Shane's father, so that Rex wouldn't find out the truth; at least not until after they were married.

Gigi is studying the menu and her French to English dictionary trying to figure out how to order.  Adriana tells her she needs to eat like she is in Paris and orders something for her in French that turns out to be frog legs.  She also suggests she should dress like she is in Paris, and says she might be able to find something for her to wear from her designer sample dresses.  Then, she asks Gigi about her relationship with Rex and tells her Rex confided in her about their current celibacy.  Gigi calls Rex to confirm that he has been talking to Adriana and we he tells her it is true, she hangs up on him.

When the judge returns to the court room, he summarizes Cole's previous convictions and stresses the seriousness of this third strike.  However, taking into consideration the circumstances of the crime, he is willing to render the minimum sentence.  Cole must serve 10 years in Statesville Prison.  Cole and Starr go back to La Boulaíe so Cole can say goodbye to Hope.  Cole breaks up with Starr!

Marty loses it completely after the sentencing and blurts out to John that Natalie was at the hospital to have her baby's DNA tested.  Brody and Natalie are in the study at Llanfair still fretting about "what if" when John arrives and asks Natalie if she had an amniocentesis.

Dun, dun, da.....


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OLTL—Monday–11/8—"... a lot of drunken sex."

The Cramer women have a meeting.  Todd and Téa deliver invitations.  Clint threatens Echo.  James and Bobby come face-to-face with a nightmare.  Inez is getting on Nora's last nerve.

Todd is finalizing his plans for the belated wedding reception/welcome back from the dead party.  Téa wants to postpone the party so she can help with Cole's defense, if needed.  Todd says it is all too much, but she says, if she can party then she can work.  She agrees to do both.  The two of them, and Dani leave the house and drop in on everyone they know delivering invitations to the big party, which is "tomorrow" night.  [It does appear that every single character in Llanview will be invited in one way or another, either personally or as someone's guest.]

Dorian tells the rest of the family, Langston is spending time with Robert Ford again and she is not pleased.  A discussion ensues, but nothing is resolved and then Todd and Téa deliver their invitations.

The Ford brother's very scary dad shows up at James and Bobby's apartment.  He wants his $50K that James stole, "or else."  Bobby tries to intervene, but dear old Dad punches him in the stomach a couple of times until Bobby starts coughing again.  Just as things are starting to escalate, Todd and Téa deliver their invitations.

Inez brings Bo homemade cookies as a thank you gift for helping her with James.  Nora pastes a fake smile on her face and agrees with Inez about what a great guy her Bo is.  Bo inadvertently refers to Nora's lack of cooking skills when he tells Inez how delicious the cookies are and he can't remember the last time he had homemade cookies.  Nora is still smiling.  LOL.  Todd and Téa arrive with invitations for everyone.  Nora takes Inez aside and suggests she might want to bring a date to the party, since it is not the kind of party you would want to go to alone.

Viki and Charlie are STILL arguing.  Charlie is being beyond reasonable when it comes to listening to Viki's theory about Echo.  He is becoming completely exasperating in his defense of Echo.  Viki tells Charlie she thinks Clint could be Rex's father, and if not him, then it is likely, Charlie is his father!  Viki wants to know if Charlie and Echo were a regular item or if it was just one or two nights together.  Charlie said they drank a lot and yes, "we had a lot of drunken sex."  Just then Todd and Téa barge in to deliver their invitation. Todd asks, "Are you guys having drunken sex?  Come on, don't keep us in suspense."

Clint is threatening Echo about Rex and finally admits to her that he DID know that Rex is his son.  She wants to know, why he acts like he hates his own son; and Clint says, "Because he's a gold-digging piece of trash, just like his mother."  Just then, Rex knocks on the door and insists on talking to Echo, saying he is not going to leave until they talk.  Echo lets him in, and Rex is surprised to see Clint.  As they are going back and forth about what Echo might know about Rex's parents, Todd and Téa deliver their invitation to Echo.  She mentions that Rex had quite a bit to do with the investigation that led to Tea's return and she thinks he should be invited.  He is handed an invite, but they do not extend the courtesy to Clint.  However, after Nora's suggestion, Inez calls Clint and invites him.  He is thrilled to have an excuse to show up also.

Rex leaves Echo and goes over to see Viki.  Viki immediately tells Rex about the book, "The Love Letters of Rick and Lili."  Now Rex is even more confused than ever.  "So, if Rick and Lili aren't my parents, then who are?"  Viki and Charlie look at each other.  Rex tells them he is going to the party tomorrow night and plans to get Echo to tell him the truth, one way or another.

When Clint leaves Echo, he tells her he will be watching her at the party and she had better not do anything foolish, or she will be sorry.

Dun, dun, da.....


Monday, November 8, 2010

OLTL—Friday–11/5—"that little bastard, Rex..."

Viki and Charlie are arguing about Echo.  Clint and Echo are arguing about everything.  Bo and Nora come to an agreement on the charges to file against Cole.  Natalie is playing cat and mouse with John.  Brody is in between Natalie and Jessica.  Starr and Cole are at the crossroad.

Cole turns himself in and John lets James go.

Rex talks to Bo about Echo and the necklace.  Bo tells Rex he needs to pursue the mystery of the necklace.  He offers to help Rex by bringing her in for questioning, but Rex tells Bo how he actually got into Echo's room to see the necklace in the first place; and that Echo threatened to press charges.  [You can imagine Bo's reaction to that bit of news.]

Ford runs into Jessica and Brody as he is checking out of the hospital. They are there for the paternity test.  Jessica keeps Brody from getting completely in Ford's face about who the father is going to be, no matter what; but Ford expresses concern for the risk involved for the baby, in doing the amnio-test, especially if the paternity doesn't matter.

Natalie is also at the hospital for her paternity test.  She runs into Marty who is just as hostile as she was before.  The Chief of Staff passes by and reminds Marty she has a hearing scheduled for noon with the Review Board in "the Hannah O'Connor matter."  She replies, "Ill be there."  Marty tells Natalie she might actually lose her job over Hannah and Natalie says, "Oh!"  Marty's response:  "Oh? Is that all you've got?"  Then Marty receives a phone call.

When Brody sees Natalie's name on the sign-in sheet, he goes into her examine room.  Natalie tells the doctor Brody is a friend, and it is okay for him to stay.  They look at the baby on the monitor during the ultra sound and he holds her hand during the procedure.  Then, he goes into Jessica's exam room and does the same thing!  [Can you even imagine what Dr. Wright must be thinking?!?]

As Cole is being handcuffed and John reads him his rights, Starr comes rushing into the station and says, "Cole, you can't do this."  Starr gets on her knees and begs Cole to reconsider.  When they are preparing to take him to his cell, she doesn't want to leave him.  It is a very sad day for these two young parents.

Nora asks John to hold off on the booking, until she can figure out a charge that won't send Cole to prison for the rest of his life; then she calls Marty to let her know Cole has turned himself in.  When Marty arrives, she tells John she's surprise Natalie didn't trip over herself getting to the station to see her suffer.  John wants to know where she saw Natalie, and she tells him, at the hospital.  John calls Natalie to see if everything is okay and she tells him she just stopped by to pick up vitamins—same story she gave when she ran into Jessica.

Marty gets Cole set up with an attorney, but she has to get back to the hospital for the Review Board meeting.  Just as she is passing the OB exam rooms, she overhears Natalie asking the nurse how long it be before she will know the DNA results, and you can tell Marty is making a mental note of that information.  [You know it won't be long before she blurts out that tidbit to John!! Either that, or she will deliberately alter the DNA test in some way, so that it will show Brody to be the father instead of John.  Oh-oh!  Look for a new drama to develop soon.]

Bo and Nora discuss Cole's charges, and they both feel they have to go for the maximum; otherwise the judge could see it much differently and refuse to accept the charges.  She concedes that if the defense attorney argues for other consideration, she won't object to it.  Bo is in agreement.

Viki talks to Charlie about Echo.  He starts to get on her case again, but she asks him to at least hear her out.  She tells him about the book and the love letters, and explains that Rick and Lili are fictional characters in an old western novel.  Charlie is still not getting the connection and wants Viki to "just let this go."  Viki persists and Charlie wants to know what her theory is.  Viki concludes that it is possible Echo is Rex's mother or she knows his mother.  Charlie asks Viki, "Well, if Echo is Rex's mother, then who is his father?"  Viki just looks at Charlie.

Clint and Echo continue their conversation, but Clint isn't really interested in hearing about Echo's son until she says, "Clint, my son is Rex Balsam."  Clint doesn't believe Rex is Echo's son and wants to know WHY she would think that.  She says, "Viki, of all people."  She told her about the Rick and Lili letters and it all came together.

She tells Clint the story and then says, "How can you be so dense!"  Clint wants to know why Echo left Llanview in the first place instead sticking around to try to get her hands on some Buchanan money.  She says she didn't know she was pregnant.  She tells the story about her ex-boyfriend and how he wanted to get money from Clint, but she was more interested in coming back to Llanview to share the joy with Clint.

When she went to Llanfair, she overheard Clint and Viki reconciling and knew she could not tell Clint.  So she left the baby at the Llanview Hospital, drove out of town, and never looked back.  Clint says "That is the biggest load of crap I ever heard."

She confronts Clint about forging the letters and he finally gives in and admits he did.  Echo wants to know why, and Clint says, "I did whatever it took to make sure that little bastard, Rex, didn't find out he was my son."

Dun, dun, da.....


Saturday, November 6, 2010

OLTL—Thursday–11/4—:"Looks like she blew you off, old man."

Most of the story lines are on slow simmer at the moment.  Yesterday, we got a few questions answered; today, Echo revealed something to Clint.  There was a happy beginning and a sad ending.  The new story lines and mysteries are about to take off soon.  I think on Friday we will get some answers about Rex's parents and also Jessica had an appointment with Dr. Wright for her own paternity test.  AND, Natalie makes a decision of her own.

Echo has been trying to get Clint to come over to see her so she can tell him something she says is important, but he tells her, he is busy and refuses to meet with her.  He is at the police station, waiting outside Bo's office, hoping to have a moment with Inez who is having a conversation with Bo.  Bo is telling her, James won't tell them where Cole is and that he could be charged with obstruction of justice if he doesn't tell the police what he knows.

Rex needs to talk to Bo, so when he arrives, he must also wait outside Bo's office.  He gets into a verbal push and shove with Rex.  Clint threatens to interfere with Gigi's job at L.U. and Rex counter threatens to tell Bo about David Vickers Buchanan.  So, that is the end of that.

Inez wraps up her meeting with Bo and decides she needs to find James.  As she is leaving the police station, Clint greets her.  She asks why he is there and he tells her he was hoping he might take her to lunch.  She thanks him, but says she has to take care of something important and she needs to go.  He offers to go with her, but she says "no," this is something she needs to do herself.

Rex is within earshot, and as he leaves the squad room, he says to Clint, "Looks like she blew you off, old man."

James visits Bobby in the hospital and they argue about him covering for Cole and Starr.  Inez goes to the hospital and finds James and tells him what Bo said.  James agrees to tell the police where Cole is.  James calls Cole and gives him a heads up.

Cole and Starr had the entire night together and Starr is planning their future.  She had decided they are going to run away together and live happily ever after.  Not to worry.  When Starr goes to take a shower, Cole receives the call from James.  It is only a matter of time before he will be arrested.  In the end, Cole decides to turn himself in.  He leaves a note for Starr explaining that he killed a man, and he has to take responsibility for what he did.

Viki goes to see Echo and shows her the book from her library "The Love Letters of Rick and Lili."  Viki accuses Echo of copying the letters from the book and passing them to Rex as letters from his parents.  Echo denies knowing anything about what Viki is suggesting, especially because it involves someone that she didn't even know.

Echo finally gets Clint to come by her room at the Angel Square Hotel.  When he demands to know what this is all about, she says, "My son."

Natalie calls Brody to tell him she has decided to have the paternity test after all, and John overhears part of the conversation.  Natalie tells John it was about Jessica's baby.

Téa and Todd get some alone time.  Todd is such a doll when it comes to Téa.  He tells her he wants to get married again and this time, he wants a really big wedding.

Starr finds Cole's note and she is heartbroken.  She lays down on the bed and sobs.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

OLTL—Wednesday–11/3—Making a fresh start

John tells James he is going to have to spend the night in a cell if he doesn't tell him where Cole is.  James finally says Cole went to Pine Valley, to the Pine Cone Motel.

John has someone check out the Pine Cone Motel, but, no Cole.  John keeps threatening James, but he keeps saying he doesn't know anything. Finally, he just tells James to go.

Cole and Starr have some time together.  They argue over what Cole should do next.  She professes her love and committment to him.  James leaves the police station and goes directly to Cole and Starr to warn them about the police are looking for them.  Cole tells Starr she needs to leave, but she doesn't want to leave him.  He says, "Hope needs you."  She says, "I need you."

Greg Evans is leaving the hospital in handcuffs with a police escort, just as Téa is leaving her room with Dani and Todd to go home.  She implores him to tell her how he could do such a thing to her.  Shaun joins them and says he wants to know the answer to that also.  Shaun tells Téa how glad he is to see her and gives her a huge hug.

Shaun confronts Greg about what happened to his old girlfriend, Charlene.  Greg said she had the baby and then she died.  Shaun wants to know HOW she died.  Greg says, Charlene didn't want to give up the baby and they argued.  She was about to storm out of the apartment when she tripped and fell and hit her head.  She died instantly.  Rather than get the police involved, he "disposed" of her body.  Greg confided in a psychiatrist about Charlene's death, and somehow, Eli found out about it and blackmailed Greg.

After the police take Greg away, Shaun and Vivian have a heart-to-heart about Charlene, Greg and Destiny.  He is just so heart broken and she comforts him.

Greg's parents are waiting at the police station and tell Bo and Nora all of the extenuating circumstances regarding the poisoning of Téa.  They plead for some understanding in his case, but Nora says she can't make any promises.  They are there when Greg is brought in.

Destiny stops by to see Dani and apologizes for what Greg did to Téa.  Dani says they will always be best friends.

The Mannings go home.  Téa sees the urn of ashes on the table in the living room.  She is horrified and asks, "Is that supposed to me?"  Now, she is angry and she smashes the urn with the fireplace poker.  Todd and Tea sit down on the floor and just look at the urn and the ashes.  [The problem as I see it is, those are supposedly someone else's ashes—someone from the morgue in St. Kitts, so, show some respect for the dead, thank you very much.]

Todd vows his commitment to Tea and promises to do better.  He tells her, he realizes now, he can't do it without her.  Then he tells her to clean up the mess she just made and she laughs.  Dani comes in and sees them cleaning and Todd explains they are making a fresh start.  [And they all lived happily ever after—yeah right. LOL]


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

OLTL—Tuesday-11/2—Marty's head spins around

Todd is in heaven, now that he has his family back.  Starr is pretending like nothing is wrong, even though she knows about Cole.  Marty has suddenly become part of an exorcist movie and Clint is playing games with everyone, including Viki.  Now, Gigi is flying off to Paris with Christian.  What?!?!?

Téa is recovering in the hospital, but Todd hasn't left her side.  Dani and Starr are thrilled to see each other alive and well.  When Todd tells Starr Cole killed Eli, she pretends she hasn't seen Cole.  Téa offers to defend him, but Starr says, it's too late.  Then she covers by saying, because he already has a record, they will put him away.

Marty does her best Linda Blair impersonation and calls Natalie a ..."selfish little whore."  She blames Natalie for ruining her life and says she hopes that someday Natalie's heart will break the way hers is breaking, because, then, "I will be there to laugh in your face."  [Whoa, way to go writers!  Now, Marty can be committed to St. Ann's for a nice long rest, and they can bring her back into the story if they want to.]  Dorian is planning to have Marty investigated by the medical review board since she was completely hoodwinked by Hannah's road to recovery.

Christian was accepted as a presenter at a conference that will be held in Paris, France, and he needs Gigi to go with him to help set up and take care of all the details.  Rex tells her to go for it.

Echo finds out from Roxy that Rex has a son and she is surprised.  Roxy shows her a photo of Shane and she is very happy to see it.  It is obvious there is some kind of connection between Rex and Echo, but whether or not she is his mother or just KNEW his mother, we will soon find out.

Yesterday we saw Cole run out of his apartment when James told him the police were on their way.  We learned today, he is staying in a room at the Minuteman Motel.  There is a knock at the door and he opens it to see Starr standing there.  He says, "I was so afraid you wouldn't come."  Starr says, "Of course, I would come."

Clint is in the study reading, "The Love Letters of Rick and Lili" when Viki drops by to discuss Echo.  Clint closes the book and discretely puts it to one side, so Viki won't see it.  Clint tells Viki he does not think Echo is in town to interfere with Viki and Charlie's relationship, and she should just let it go.  They both know she is in town for some reason, but that mystery is yet to be revealed...

Viki can't put those love letters out of her head.  When she gets home, she looks through her library for a book she remembers, and when she finds it, it appears to be the same book Clint is reading!

Dun, dun, da.....