Friday, April 30, 2010

FlashForward — Please, Fast Forward

Is it just me, or is it just too tedious?!?  Last week, I Twittered that I felt like I was watching the X-Files Redux.  The core characters, the "good guys" get saved just in the nick of time, while a whole cast of extraneous characters, the "bad guys" gets killed off, week after week. 

Biggest issues:  it's always the same formula, it's almost always too predictable and it's not nearly as interesting as the X-Files!!

When I'm watching something play out, and then find myself saying, "I knew that was going to happen,"  well then, what is the point of watching it?

I keep asking myself, "Do I care how this ends?"  My answer:  "Not really." 

The acting is great and the actors are really great, but the plot is too scattered and hard to follow.  It jumps around a lot and there are too MANY characters. 

So, I'm going to create my own ending, and then get on with my life. 

Gabriel tells Olivia that she was supposed to be with Lloyd.  Lloyd is manipulating the future, so that they can be together.  Olivia will figure it all out before the plan can be completely implemented and she will choose her own future.  She will probably choose Mark.  

The End — Good Night.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A LOST Rerun Tonight — What?!?!

This is not news to those of you who keep up, but I just needed to vent. I thought that was the reason they made us wait so long for the season to begin—so they would run all of the episodes in a row without ANY reruns. 

Apparently, that was the general consensus. 

I just checked the web and the LOSTies are buzzing about it.

So here we are, Tuesday night and disappointed.  Well, maybe it is for the best.  We were all dreading the end, so now it has been postponed.  And the grand finale is on Sunday, May 23.  So we still get three new episodes before the end, and from what I can gather, it will be a double.  Woo hoo, and then boo hoo.

I Really like NCIS: LA and I rarely get to see it, so that's a good alternative!  Heard the latest on Bret Michaels tonight and he is still in critical condition.  They are saying it was probably an aneurysm or "like a stroke" and so it is very serious, but they are still hoping for a full recovery.  Really hope so too.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Trump's Celebrities — Bret Michaels

Still watching Trump's Celebrity Apprentice and following the health updates on Bret Michaels.  He seems like such a sweet guy, it's a shame he's experiencing near-death health issues with the brain hemorrhage.  Wow!!  As of this morning, he is still in critical condition, but conscious and able to speak, although not clearly.  He is reportedly receiving the best possible medical care and being monitored 24 hours.  Although, they still do not know what caused the bleeding, the drs are hopeful Michaels will make a full recovery, and an announcement will be made as soon as they know something.

Last night's Apprentice was a fund raising episode which broke all records for money squeezed out of rich celebrities.  The Donald was so moved, he couldn't fire anyone.  What a guy.

So now, even Sharon Osbourne, who was the logical choice for the firing squad, will live to whine another day.

Cindy Lauper will whine regardless.

All's well that ends well.  Holly Robinson Peete's charity got all the loot—$347,000 and she offered to share it with Osbourne's charity.  That's nice.

See ya next week.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

LOST 4/21 — The Last Recruit

With Jack in a stupor from Widmore's rocket attack, he unwillingly becomes part of the Locke Monster's posse and apparently the last recruit.  Jack is not convinced that he has done what he came back to the Island to do (especially since he doesn't know what that is), but he has decided to stick around for awhile longer.

I was impressed with some of the crumbs that were thrown our way.  Sayid is vacillating, Desmond is apparently not dead, Claire is becoming more lucid, and Sawyer has taken charge, although he was surprised to find out he no longer had a "deal" with Widmore.  Duh.......

Of course, I have to mention the Sun/Jin reunion, although I was disappointed it wasn't more dramatic, and did anyone notice that Jin seemed to be just casually wandering around by himself (not under guard) and well, whatever, you saw the rest.

With Desmond manipulating the Sideways reality, our characters are continuing to interact.  Great to see Ilana as an attorney, but too coincidental that her law firm was right next door to the adoption agency.  That's about as contrived as a daytime soap!  At least some of the characters are starting to notice they were on Oceanic 815 together.

Did Sun and Locke interact on the plane, because she recognized him when they went into the ER together, but she acted as though she was afraid of him?  Maybe it is the near-death moment that triggers the window into the Island experience.

It's all very exciting and I wouldn't even venture a guess as to what is going to happen next.  But, I feel confident that, since the series creators knew the desired ending before they started, and since they've done an awesome job so far, we will be rewarded with a worthy ending. 

Stay tuned, fellow Losties!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

LOST 4/13 — Everybody Loves Hugo

I didn't write anything last week.  I had several personal issues that took precedence and couldn't be ignored.

But I thoroughly enjoyed the last installment of our favorite mystery.  Still wishing it didn't have to end, but really wanting to know all the answers.

Really interesting stuff going on with Libby and Hugo!!

Yea--Tuesday is almost here again!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

LOST 4/6 — Happily Ever After — WOW

Last week's episode was interesting, but it was also ho-hum.  This week's episode, in contrast, was WOW!  Maybe we just love Desmond and can hardly wait to see what plans his father-in-law has for him.  Seeing how he first met Penny, filled in a lot of gaps.  (Was that the same stadium where Jack first met Desmond?)

Here's our question to ponder this week:  Why is a near-death experience the catalist for "feeling it?"

How great was it to see Daniel (Witmore) Faraday again.  I for one, was very happy to find out that his "love at first sight" is after all, Charlotte—at least in the flash sideways realities. 

I want to get this posted, for now, but I may add more to it later.  Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

FlashForward 4/1 — Better Angels

More violence and threats of violence.

We knew that none of the main characters would be executed without blinking an eye, but the extraneous or expendable characters were easy victims.  That was beyond disturbing!

Since it was just bullet holes and not slashed throats and severed limbs, it didn't seem as hard to take, but still I have to say again:  AT 8:00 PM?!?!?! 

A room full of human skeletons who were either exterminated or left to starve to death, was seen as a huge clue in the big mystery, but more than likely, just more expendable humans in the flash forward experiment.

Same opinion as last week, BOR-ING.  I keep giving it one more chance, but each week I'm more fidgety and impatient and, hardly what I would describe as riveted.

The story could get more interesting now that the video tape of D. Gibbons has surfaced, so, I'll tune in again; but I really do have many other interesting things that I could do with my time. 

Until next week...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

LOST 3/30 — The Package

This week was a sideways flash for Jin and Sun, which was a pleasant surprise and hopefully a prelude to the actual reunion which should be in a week or two.

OK, so now we know why Jin was in the refrigerator. That was pretty clever. But what else did we learn?

(1) That Jin and Sun are not married yet, and their affair has been discovered by her father.  He has set up Jin for assassination.  (2) That Keamy is apparently an assassin for hire and involved with several clients.  (3) That Desmond is “the package.”

That was about it. 

When we first saw the very, scary, Keamy, he was a mercenary, hired by Charles Widmore and aboard the freighter Kahana. He came onto the Island and killed Carl, Ben’s adopted daughter Alex’ boyfriend and Danielle Rousseau her biological mother. He then executed Alex, in front of Ben during a stand off. Now in the Flash Sideways, Keamy works for Sun’s father, Mr. Paik!

We know that Widmore and Paik have a business relationship, so it makes sense they might share a mercenary with an extensive resume. But why did Sayid’s brother borrow money from Keamy (how does he even know him?) and as a result, that relationship brought Sayid to the restaurant kitchen where he killed the mercenaries and inevitably rescued Jin, who was a complete stranger. Whew....too many questions.

Unfortunately, for Jin and Sun, Widmore doesn’t stop until he gets his revenge and there are a lot of people he wants to avenge. You may remember that after the Oceanic Six received their settlement money, Sun bought controlling interest in her father’s company and named herself as Managing Director. When she went to visit Widmore in London, she let him know she knew of his involvement with the Island and held him responsible for her husband’s “death.”

Since Widmore now has Jin, he will most likely try to use him as leverage in some way. Finally, where has Desmond been since we last saw him in L.A., and how will he help unravel the mysteries that elude us?

Oh, I almost forgot—the war is on!!

See you next week.